Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For December 2020

Published on December 2, 2020.

How will Theo exit Genoa City? Will the Shey wedding go as planned? Any unexpected returns on the horizon? Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans just love to speculate! On the cusp of the holiday season, and all the drama that goes along with it, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for December 2020.

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12. Theo Leaves Genoa City A Rich Man

Yes, Theo is being a little greedy wanting all of Dina’s fortune; however, he does have a strong case. He’s not been given the same opportunities as the other Abbotts because his father was given up for adoption. Plus, Dina’s condition before she passed on does mean that there’s a good chance he could spin things and win his legal case against Jack and the others. Could this be Theo’s exit story? Actor Tyler Johnson is on his way out and announced his departure from the Y&R in early November on social media.

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11. Theo Loses, Sneaks Out Of Town

Then there’s also a good chance that Theo loses. If he does, he could sneak out of town without letting anyone know, vying for revenge. This could also leave a door open for Theo to return to the show. Actor Johnson is out, but the soap opera could be looking to recast. Just because Tyler is departing doesn’t mean that Theo could be gone for good.

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10. The Shey Wedding

Will Sharon and Rey end up saying, “I do?” Sadly, the cards are stacked against them. With the busy schedules between Rey and Sharon, there’s a good chance they could delay the wedding. With that said, what if they go through with the wedding, and Adam interrupts it? He’s locked up now, but a lot can change in a month. He could get released and head straight for the Shey wedding, looking to stop it.

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9. Arturo Returns

Actor Jason Canela hinted at an Arturo return on his social media recently, sparking ideas that Rosales may be headed back to Genoa City. Could Arturo come back to be a part of his brother’s wedding? What if Arturo is returning to the show for an entirely different storyline? What if this has to do with Abby?

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8. Chabby Honeymoon

Chance and Abby’s honeymoon will take an unexpected turn in early December. Without knowing exactly where they are going, could they end up in Miami? What if the “unexpected turn” is running into Arturo, regardless of where they go? Abby was very much in love with Rosales and was hurt by him tremendously. Could seeing her ex dampen her honeymoon?

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7. Arturo Returns Long-Term

Then there’s the idea that Jason Canela’s comeback to Genoa City could be a permanent one. What if he and Mia didn’t work out, and he’s decided to come back to the little town since his brother and sister are there? Could Arturo place a wedge between Abby and Chance’s happily ever after?

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6. Sally’s Plan

Sally will be looking to do all she can to undermine Summer. She wants her job, and in some ways, she wants Newman’s life, too. Sally will likely work overtime to get to Summer this month. Not only by trying to sabotage her work at Jabot Collective, but also by trying to ruin her personal life. But will Kyle take the bait?

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5. Love Triangle

With Kyle and Summer moving towards a reconciliation, and with Lola out of the picture, plus Theo exiting soon, too, Sally may gravitate towards Kyle, creating a new love triangle in Genoa City. She’ll look for ways to “run” into him, and she’ll feed off Summer’s insecurity around Kyle’s wandering eyes. She may even be able to seduce him at some point, with enough alcohol involved.

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4. Jill’s Plan

Y&R spoilers imply that Jill will have a dire plan that she’ll reveal to someone in early December. She may have had enough with Adam, and all that he’s done to Billy; especially with evidence pointing to the fact that her son may have been behind shooting Chance (Adam was the target). What kind of dire plan could Jill have concocted? Is it to get Billy out of down so that he doesn’t face any charges, or could she have something more in mind for Adam? He did run over her granddaughter and is now targeting her son. She may have had enough with Newman’s antics, and be looking to ax him, once and for all.

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3. Lily’s World

Lily and Billy are about to hit the sheets, and it seems as if their working relationship will transform into a romantic one very soon. Could Billy get arrested right after they hook-up? Could Lily start to question his innocence, especially if evidence pops up that is undeniable? Will this investigation place the Li-Bi romance on hold?

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2. Adam Tries To Escape

Adam is resisting therapy, and it doesn’t seem as if he’ll change his mind anytime soon. Could he try and escape the facility at some point in December? Could Chelsea try and help? If he does this, the good idea would be to leave town forever; however, this is Adam, and he’s not one to make “good” life choices, especially as of late.

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1. Victor Defends Himself

Y&R spoilers for December suggest that Victor will be forced to “defend” himself. Could Adam escape the facility, and instead of heading out of Genoa City, he decides to make a pit stop at the Newman Ranch? Could Adam sabotage freedom for a taste of revenge on his father? Could he try and inflict physical harm on the Moustache?

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