Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For Fall 2019

Published on September 23, 2019.

It’s officially sweater weather for some out there, and with the fall season comes crisper air, pumpkin fun, and tons of drama in Genoa City! What should fans of the Young and the Restless (Y&R) expect in the coming weeks and month? Some unexpected developments, potential returns, and a lot of plot twists! One can only speculate, so, below are some interesting Y&R plotline predictions for the fall of 2019.

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12. Fen Returns      

Fenmore’s name has been dropped more than a couple of times over the past few weeks, and with actor Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) posting a picture on his Instagram with actor Zack Tinker (Fen) recently, could his onscreen son be making a return soon? Sounds like it could be a huge possibility!

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11. Devon’s Inheritance Woes

When it comes to soaps, things only get worse before they get better for all of our favorite Genoa City heroes! Therefore, it only makes sense to speculate that Devon could lose his inheritance in the coming weeks. New lawyer Amanda Sinclair seems pretty confident she can win this case, and she just may rock Devon’s world, financially speaking that is.

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10. Chance Chancellor Comes Back

Much like Fen, Chance’s name has been dropped quite a bit, so there’s a good chance we may see Chancellor return to Genoa City. How could this affect storylines moving forward? Chance was a good guy the last time he was seen in town; however, that could have changed over the years. Plus, with Chloe back on the Y&R, Chance returning could not only be interesting for Devon, but Kevin and Chloe as well.

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9. Alliance With Adam

Could Chance be in an alliance with Adam? Or could Adam even be behind all of this business? Amanda seems to be on the phone a lot since she’s landed to the little town, talking to someone unknown. She could be talking to Adam, or Chance, but regardless, fans know that Adam and Chance did mingle a tad in Las Vegas. If Chance lands in Genoa City, it isn’t a far stretch to believe that he’d be in an alliance with Adam.

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8. Amanda’s Link To Hilary

It’s also hard to ignore the fact that lawyer Amanda Sinclair, the person representing this inheritance lawsuit, bears a striking resemblance to Devon’s late wife, Hilary. Could the two be related? Twin sisters? Or was Sinclair given orders to get plastic surgery done to look exactly like Hilary? This seems more than just an innocent coincidence.

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7. Jack and Traci’s Book

On to some feel-good plot predictions, the very idea that Traci and Jack will be working together on a book about their family’s memories will make any avid Y&R fan’s heart melt. Not hard to predict that while the two may get into some arguments here and there, it will probably prove to bring them even closer together as it is being written.

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6. Jack and Sharon?

Hard not to see that there is a good chance that Jack and Sharon may reunite. He seemed more than fond of her during their time together at the spa. Having said that, Sharon is very preoccupied at this moment, bouncing from Rey to Adam. Perhaps she just needs to stay single for the time being. But will she be able to?

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5. The Truth About The Moustache

Despite the fact that Victor seemingly died, no true Y&R fan believed it. After all, Newman has been known to pass on, only to return to the little town very much alive. Seems as if most within the family are in “the know” about Victor’s status, and it’s all a plan to get back at Adam. But, will they succeed? The truth is bound to come out, and when it does, there will be some backlash.

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4. Chelsea Leaves Nick

Chelsea has been quite upset over the death of Victor, and the repercussions this has on her son Connor. When Chelsea learns the truth, and the fact that Nick was in on it all, she may very well dump him on the spot. After all, not only did he keep a secret from her, but the entire scheme may seem a little too dark or her liking.

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3. Chelsea Turns To Adam

While the Newmans are desperately trying to pin a medicine-switch scheme on Adam, what they may have forgotten is that he can be pretty handy when it comes to covering things up. After all, he still has Sharon convinced that he’s a decent guy. Chelsea has always had a soft spot in her heart for Adam. She knows what he is capable of, but has always seen past it, and does believe he would never cross that line. If she breaks things off with Nick, she could very well gravitate towards Adam.

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2. Nick & Phyllis?

Now that actress Michelle Stafford is back in the Phyllis role, many fans can feel the chemistry that Red once had with Nick Newman. Nick is still skeptical about trusting his ex, especially due to her recent business dealings (and alliance) with Adam; however, the tension between this former super couple can be cut with a knife whenever they are in a scene together. If Nick and Chelsea break up, then they could hook up.

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1. Kola Cracking

The honeymoon can’t last forever! Summer and Kyle make a great team in the boardroom, and working those late nights might equal out into something romantic. Y&R fall spoilers indicate that Lola will be concerned about this, and it makes complete sense, considering Kyle and Summer’s past. But, Summer working closely with Kyle might not be the reason Kola cracks. It could simply be Lola’s jealousy and insecurities that do the job, plus the added stress for Kyle, which comes with being Jabot’s CEO.

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