Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For Fall 2021

Published on September 16, 2021.

Will Victoria continue to fall for Ashland’s “stories”? Will Phyllis and Jack reunite? Where does that leave Nick? What will happen between Abby, Mariah and Devon? As fall approaches, it seems like the drama will continue to rise in the land of Young and the Restless (Y&R)! What’s in store for the months ahead? Below are some Y&R plotline predictions for fall 2021.

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12. Vic’s Onto Ashland

Every time a piece of Ashland’s past is revealed, he seems to come up with a nifty little story to settle things down. As they get closer and closer to their October wedding, Victoria will see the light. She and the Locke-Ness Monster will not get married; however, things could get sticky when it comes to the Newman/Locke merger.

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11. Billy’s Suddenly Single

Lily isn’t thrilled over Billy’s unhealthy obsession with Ashland Locke. While some of it seems to be the need to “get a good story” for ChanceComm, Abbott’s motivation also comes from wanting to protect Victoria. Lily’s on the verge of breaking things off with Billy for good. With that said, if Vic suddenly becomes single, will Abbott be so disappointed that his relationship with Winters doesn’t work out?

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10. Billy and Vicky Reunion…

Could Billy and Vicky reunite this fall? Anything is possible in the land of Genoa City! This would complicate things for Victor as he has his sights set on ruining ChanceComm. It won’t deter him from doing so, but Vic may find herself on #TeamBilly and against her father, once again.

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9. Nick Has Doubts

Any fan watching the Y&R this week can see that Nick has some doubts about his relationship with Phyllis. Sure, they have awesome chemistry, but do they lack the “it” factor? This concept has laid heavy on Nick’s mind as of late. Could he find himself breaking up with Red?

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8. Jack Swoops In

If Phyllis and Nick end their romance, Jack will grab the bull by the horns. He’s recently admitted that he still loves Phyllis, and all his flashbacks indicate that she is the one and always has been. But will his Red jump from one relationship to the next? If Nick dumps her, she’ll be devastated. Jack may end up in the friend zone this fall, helping her pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

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7. Things Will Get Complicated Between Abby, Mariah and Devon

Things are already overly complicated between Abby, Mariah and Devon! With Mariah’s fears about Stitch, plus her separation anxiety over Dominic, poor Copeland is a walking ball of nerves. Sadly, in the mix of all this, Abby seems a bit concerned over the bond that Mariah has with the baby. Will these two ladies start to resent each other? This seems to already be happening.

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6. Mariah Questions Every Move

Mariah may start to question every move and decision Abby makes as a mother. She’s kind of already doing this. Of course, Abby would find a nanny for the child. It’s how she grew up, after all. Mariah may worry about Dominic and his new nanny, once the caretaker arrives. While there’s a good chance that Copeland will move out of the mansion at some point soon, she’s bound to run into the nanny during visits, or while she’s out and about in Genoa City. Abby may start to put Mariah “in her place” if she questions everything she does. Copeland carried the child, but Abby is Dominic’s mother.

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5. Mariah Steals Dominic

Could Copeland’s mind play tricks on her? Could she take the baby while Dominic is with the nanny? Could she feel as if the child’s life is in danger? Mariah might never go “on the run” with the baby (although anything is possible on a soap opera), but she may take the infant somewhere “safe” and not tell anyone where they both are. This would send Abby, the Newmans, the Abbotts and Devon into a panic.

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4. Abby Gets Some Bad News

Abby is set to get some bad news this fall. Could Chance be MIA? This would throw Abby for a loop. She’d be devastated; however, this might open a door for a new romance once she’s able to process the information. She and Devon are getting closer and closer by the moment. Once Mariah and Tessa move out, Hamilton may continue to pop by the Chancellor Mansion to help support Abby and keep an eye out for Dominic.

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3. Noah Newman Returns! 

Actor Rory Gibson has been recast as Noah Newman and is set to return to Genoa City, sometime in October. What will bring Newman back to this hometown? He will likely want to be closer to family. With that said, could someone catch his eye? What about Amanda Sinclair? If Devon gets caught up with Abby, she might find herself looking for another romance. Sally Spectra could also be an interesting option.

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2. Adam Juggles 

There’s a lot that will be going on in Adam’s world over the coming months. He’s still hung up on Sharon and won’t be able to shake that off. Plus, his baby momma Chelsea is sure to return at some point. Then, there’s Sally Spectra. She’s keen on winning him over. The two have a ton of sparks, but will lingering feelings for his exes get in the way and become too much of a distraction?

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1. Chelsea’s Return

Will Chelsea Lawson return to Genoa City wanting Adam back? Or will she still seek some sort of revenge? If Nick finds himself single, could she zero in on him? Nick has always had a soft spot for Lawson, so he would jump at the chance to be a friend to her and even more. After all, he loves Connor, and Chelsea was the one who dumped him (for Adam) the last time around.

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