Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For Fall 2022

Published on September 14, 2022.

How will Trevor St. John’s new character shake things up in Genoa City? Will Adam concoct a plan to break up Sally and Nick? Will Nate and Devon ever land on the same page? The Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for Fall 2022.

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12. New Character Speculation

Y&R has been hush-hush about actor Trevor St. John’s new character. Despite that, spoilers do imply that he’ll debut in the fall, have links to many people in Genoa City, and have his hands in a lot of storylines. How will he shake up the little town? Could he be the person texting Diane? He may be a recast of an older character, too.

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11. Possible Love Interests

It’s hard to say if St. John’s new character will be a good or bad guy, but he’ll likely pique the interest of some single ladies in Genoa City! Phyllis could use a distraction from Jack, who’s likely not going to be interested in a reunion with her anytime soon. Then there’s Victoria! Her love life could use a jump-start after everything she has been through recently with Ashland.

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10. The Ashley Abbott Factor

Could St. John’s character dive into a storyline or romance with Ashley? Fall spoilers for Ms. Abbott hint that her alliance with Nikki and Phyllis will open a door that is both painful and unexpected. Plus, it’ll be linked to her past, and she’ll stick around in Genoa City because of it. Could St. John be a former lover of Abbott’s or linked to someone she once loved in her past?

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9. Sheila Carter’s Involved

Y&R spoilers for the fall also imply that the alliance between Nikki, Red and Ash will land Mrs. Newman in an “interesting place”. She’s about to head to L.A. to confront Deacon in the hopes of gaining some “dirt” on Jenkins. Could she run into Sheila? If she recognizes Ms. Carter, could she become a victim of Sheila’s insanity? Sheila has been known to have no limits and no conscience. Will Nikki land in a dangerous situation?

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8. Adam and Victoria Form An Alliance?

Y&R spoilers hint that Victor’s meddling could push Adam and Victoria in an unexpected direction. Does this mean that the two siblings could form an alliance? The word “unexpected” in the teaser could be hinting at this. Could they also land on the same page about another issue?

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7. Breaking Up “Nally”

Sally and Nick have just hooked up. While Vicky is okay with Spectra in the company, she’s not overly enthusiastic about it. If Victoria finds out that Nick and Sally are romantically involved, she may want to nip that in the bud. Could she and Adam team up in the hopes of crushing “Nally” before they get in too deep?

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6. Adam Will Go Insane

Y&R spoilers imply that Nick and Sally being a thing will drive Adam insane. Just how crazy could Adam get? Will he keep his cool or lash out? Will he get manipulative and turn to Sharon? As much as seeing Nick and Sally together romantically will drive him nuts, Adam knows that Nick seeing him and Sharon together would make his brother go ballistic.

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5. “Skyle” Wedding Ends In Disaster

It’ll be great for Y&R fans to see Summer and Kyle renew their vows. After all, they didn’t get to see the super couple say their initial “I do’s”. But knowing the guest list, and knowing the animosity between Kyle and Summer’s moms, will this party end in disaster? Will Diane and Phyllis re-enact the wedding cake fight that Jill and Katherine did so flawlessly back during Chloe and Billy’s wedding? Something big is bound to happen.

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4. Things Are Going Great, But For How Long?

Y&R spoilers imply that the opening of Noah’s nightclub at the Grand Phoenix will be a smashing success, and he’ll have Allie by his side for the entire ride. Sounds great! However, most fans know that when a soap character’s life is going well, disaster is on the horizon. How long will Noah enjoy the glow of both a happy career and romance?

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3. An Ex-Lover Strolls Into Town

Actress Zuleyka Silver will join the soap opera as high-powered executive Audra Charles very soon. She’ll land at one of the major companies in Genoa City, and could be a potential love interest for anyone, really. But what if she’s Noah’s ex-girlfriend from Europe? The one who messed him up terribly and broke his heart? This could throw a wrench in his “happily ever after” with Allie.

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2. Nate’s Bad Decision

Across town, the tensions will continue to rise at Chancellor-Winters as the rivalry between Devon and Nate heats up. Y&R spoilers note that Lily will feel stuck in the middle, and Hastings is set to make a terrible decision that will not only affect the company but his relationships with his family. Could he sign a contract without running it by Lily or Devon? Will he sign something that moves the company toward going public, without anyone else’s knowledge? Will he do something that loses a large amount of money for Chancellor-Winters? Will Imani be in on the scheme?

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1. Nate Betrays Elena

If Imani’s in on Nate’s “bad choice”, will this drive the two colleagues to cross a line? Will they share a passionate night together, or engage in a full-on affair behind Elena’s back? Could this affair with Benedict be the “bad choice” Nate makes that affects his status at Chancellor-Winters and his relationship with his family?

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