Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For February 2020

Published on January 29, 2020. Updated January 31, 2020

February is just around the corner, so it’s natural for Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans to speculate on what will come down the pipe in the next four weeks! Will Chance gravitate towards Abby or Phyllis? How will Sharon cope with her breast cancer condition? Will viewers learn more about Amanda and her past? Check out some Y&R plotline predictions for February 2020 below.

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12. Amanda’s Ex

Y&R February spoilers tease that Amanda’s ex (the one that she has a restraining order against, and the one who has one against her too), is due to show up in Genoa City very soon. What will have him swinging into town? Victor has been doing a ton of digging on Amanda, and on Billy for that matter, so perhaps he is the one to bring her ex to GC.

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11. Two Very Different Stories

Amanda does seem like a decent person; however, people in Genoa City are still quite skeptical of her. As she and her ex both have restraining orders against each other, so it seems like their toxic relationship is a “he said/she said” affair. When Ripley Turner shows up to town, he is sure to relay his side of the story, which will continue to shed doubt on Amanda’s integrity. In the end, he may be the person everyone should keep an eye on. Especially if he is cohorts with the Moustache.

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10. Chance/Abby/Phyllis

There is an interesting love triangle going on right now, but it’s clear that Chance is pretty smitten with Abby Newman. While he’s giving Phyllis a chance (pun intended), and going out on a date with her, as February rolls in, he may make more of a commitment to Abby by deciding to exclusively date only her. They seem like a better pairing.

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9. One-Nighter

Sure, Chabby may become a “thing” in February, but not before Chance slips up a bit. He and Phyllis could very well have a one-night stand this month, and perhaps the two get carried away during a date. This may happen before Chance brushes Phyllis off for Abby; he may also refrain from telling Abby what went down, which is sure to complicate things in the long run.

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8. Villy Officially Break Up

As one couple begins a romantic journey, another one comes to a close. Seems like the end is near for Victoria and Billy, and by the time February is in full swing, Villy just may be breaking up and filing for separation. One big thing they can’t hurdle over is Billy’s (potential) relapse, and Vicky’s “judgmental” ways. While he recently packed up to leave the house, in the coming weeks, they are sure to break up for good. Where will this leave Billy and Victoria? Vicky will dive into work, and Billy may try to further pursue Amanda.

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7. Sharon’s Cancer Storyline

While the news around Sharon’s breast cancer diagnosis has been devastating, she has been so strong about it all. It also helps that Faith has decided to return home from boarding school, and Sharon’s family, plus Rey and Nick have really rallied behind her. Sadly, it won’t be smooth sailing from here on out, and fans should expect to see some bumps in her road to becoming cancer-free.

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6. Nick Continues To Be A Pillar

Nick’s been an extremely supportive ex since Sharon received her diagnosis. While the two are friends, in many ways, Nick has tried to take on the role of Sharon’s hero once again. He means well, and all his help is coming from a good place, but is he also letting some feelings show a bit? He clearly has deep feelings for Sharon; they aren’t only friends and co-parents, but they’ve had a roller coaster ride when it comes to their romantic history. But, at the end of the day, she does have a boyfriend.

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5. Nick Crosses The Line?

There’s a good chance that Nick may cross the line when it comes to his support. He won’t pull any “moves” on Sharon, but as he desperately wants to support her and help her in any way he can, he may end up doing things a partner should do versus a friend/co-parent. Now that there is a chance he could lose Sharon, he may even realize that he has deeper feelings for her.

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4. Kola On Shaky Ground

Kyle and Lola have been on shaky ground for some weeks now, and with Kyle sharing a kiss with Summer recently, things might only take a turn for the worse. Kola will slowly start to spiral, and both may find their eyes wondering even more. It’s only a matter of time before Kyle lands in bed with Summer. What will Lola do?

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3. Lola Turns To Theo

Theo has been pursuing Lola for a while now. Sure, she’s committed to Kyle right now; however, he hasn’t been the best husband as of late. Lola has always just thought of Theo as a friend, but Kyle’s behavior could cause her to cross a line with him. Plus, Theo has been around Lola a lot. It could simply take him manipulating a situation to have her do something in the spur of the moment, something she may regret later.

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2. Adam’s World

Adam is on top of the world, for the most part. He’s scored back Chelsea, and along with Connor, he finally has his family back. But, there’s a woman that seems to connect Chance and Adam, a woman from their past who has gone missing but finally has re-emerged. It’s hard to predict who this woman could be, but she could be an ex during Adam’s time away from Genoa City. Could this woman also have a child with him that no one knows about, another little Newman running around?

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1. Temptation For Mariah

Mariah has a ton of time on her hands right now, with Tessa away on tour. Could someone swoop in to create a temptation for her? New Society employee Lindsay is joining the Y&R cast in late January. Could she cause Mariah’s eyes to wonder? Maybe they start off as friends and thenthey  both feel a spark as February comes to an end.

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