Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For February 2022

Published on February 1, 2022.

Has Ashland been lying about his cancer this entire time? Does he have a bigger scheme up his sleeve? Will Michael and the Moustache figure it out? Will Chance, Abby and Devon experience a smooth transition in their shared custody agreement? The Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for February 2022.

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12. Victor Looks For The Truth

Ever since Ashland came out with having cancer, many fans have speculated that this is all a lie around a bigger scheme. After all, merging Newman Enterprises with Locke’s company has sounded sketchy from the get-go. Victor will launch an investigation on Ashland this month, with Michael relentlessly searching for the truth.

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11. Ashland’s Done This Before…

Y&R spoilers hint that Ashland still has some secrets he’s keeping from Victoria. They’ll likely be revealed in February. Perhaps Locke has been faking his sickness all along. Maybe he’s done this before? If Baldwin digs up any evidence on either of the above (or both), the Moustache will launch a plan of attack.

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10. Victoria’s In The Dark

Maybe this is why Victor sold Newman Media to Newman Enterprises. He might want to show Victoria he has all the faith in the world when it comes to her corporate savvy. However, he’ll keep her in the dark around his investigation on Locke for most of February. He won’t bring Vicky into the loop until he can provide her with concrete evidence about her hubby’s misdoings. Will Vic be grateful to her dad when all is said and done, or resent him?

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9. Adam Turns To His Dark Side

Adam’s on the verge of spiraling. He’s not happy with his dad selling Newman Media to Victoria, but he’ll continue to play the Newman family game. There’s a very good chance that Adam will keep his role as CEO but decide to sabotage Vic’s success at Newman-Locke. He’ll start scheming to ruin Vic, the Moustache, and the rest of them.

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8. The Sally Spectra Factor

The only highlight of Adam’s February will be Sally. Once his father has screwed him over, there will be no reason for him to resist Spectra’s charm. The two will become a bonafide couple this month, rubbing it in the Moustache’s face. Sally will also become Adam’s right-hand gal for scheming at Newman. Fans should gear up for some explosive scenes between these two.

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7. “Chabby”, Devon And Dominic

Chance, Abby and Devon are already on shaky ground with their shared custody agreement, and things are about to explode in February. Y&R spoilers reveal that the baby will have a medical emergency this month that pits Devon and Abby on opposite pages. This situation may also re-affirm Abby’s feeling that shared custody is a bad idea.

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6. Amanda Will Moderate

Y&R spoilers for February indicate that Amanda will try her best to guide Abby and Devon to the same page. After all, the reason for shared custody was to ensure Dom got all the love and support of everyone who wants to be involved in his life. But if Abby feels as if Sinclair is being biased, she may fluff off any type of negotiation.

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5. Abby Crosses A Line

Could Abby cross a line and try to edge Devon out of Dom’s life? What if the baby needs a transfusion from a biological family member (or something of that nature)? If another person (outside of Hamilton’s family) becomes an eligible donor, and Devon isn’t a match, she may feel like this could be an opportunity to oust Hamilton for good. She may put it out there that it’s “weird” Devon wasn’t a match, and she could ask for a paternity test. Abby could easily manipulate these results to make it look like Hamilton isn’t the baby’s real sperm donor and that things may have been “switched” during the procedure.

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4. Chance Struggles

There’s no end in sight for Chance’s struggles unless he decides to help himself. He’s currently in denial, and that will continue for most of February. What if Chance is behind Dom’s medical crisis? Could he accidentally neglect the baby while the child is in his care? Could he get lost in his trauma again? Chance may also know he’s the reason for Dominic’s medical emergency and try to keep it a secret.

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3. Noah Spirals

Noah continues to struggle with hiding his true feelings for Tessa, and he’ll downright spiral in February. Sharon and Nick will work hard to support their adult son during this hard time, but in doing so, could they catch some feelings and realize they aren’t over each other? Noah’s never gotten over Tessa… could Nick have an epiphany and see he’s in the same situation with Sharon?

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2. Chelsea And Rey

While Sharon and Nick spend more time together helping out their son, Chelsea and Rey could get friendlier. The two are quite the buddies as of late, but could this lead to more? February can be a wintry month in the land of Genoa City. Could a snowstorm have them trapped overnight somewhere? Could the two realize there’s an attraction between them? Could they cross a line?

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1. Phyllis And Jack’s Mystery

Y&R spoilers for February indicate that Jack and Phyllis will stumble upon a mystery they want to crack. Added teasers state there will be some huge adventures ahead for the two. Sounds like there’s also a reunion in the works, which sister Traci will help move along. A certain group of fans has been waiting a long time for Phyllis and Jack to reconnect! #TeamPhack

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