Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For January 2021

Published on January 7, 2021.

A new year brings new opportunities, but in the land of Genoa City, it also means new drama! Will Chelsea be okay? What’s up with all this “marriage” talk between Phyllis and Nick? Will Victoria try and sabotage the Bi-Li relationship? Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans just LOVE to speculate! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for January 2021.

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12. Chelsea’s In Bad Shape

Y&R spoilers indicate that Adam will get some bad news in early January, and Chelsea will have to adapt to a “new” normal. As she has a brain aneurism, this could mean that Lawson is left wheelchair-bound. She may also be unable to talk or even feed herself. She may have to be re-taught the simplest of tasks. This could take a toll on the Chadam relationship.

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11. Adam Turns To Sharon

If Adam turns to Sharon for support, these two could be on a dire path together. There’s always been chemistry between them, and while Sharon is a married woman now, she’s always had a soft (and weak) spot for Adam. With Chelsea’s state though, how can Sharon refuse to offer some support to Adam? It’ll be hard of Rey to even protest them hanging out, considering the circumstances.

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10. Sharon and Adam Cross a Line

If Sharon and Adam are constantly seeing each other in January, as “friends” of course, could they cross a line? Absolutely! They’ve done so in the past, and this time around would be no different. Chelsea would be way out of the loop, but if Sharon and Adam do engage, Rey will notice right away.

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9. Victor Takes The Reigns

Y&R spoilers state that Victor will take control of a situation, so there’s a good chance he offers Adam a hand when it comes to taking care of Chelsea. The Newman Ranch has a ton of space, so does Chadam move in with Nikki and the Moustache? Ge either does this or offers to pay for Lawson’s medical bills. He’ll go above and beyond, which won’t sit well with the rest of the family, as Adam and Chelsea have rejected them all numerous times.

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8. Nick Proposes

Phyllis and Nick have been talking a lot about marriage, so it only seems right that Nick pops the question soon. Just in time for Phyllis to ruin everything by scheming against his sister Victoria. She’ll lie to him about what she’s doing, and continue to manipulate until the wedding day arrives and the entire thing will blow up in Red’s face.

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7. Vicky’s World

Speaking of Victoria, she won’t have a very good January. Phyllis will knock her off her block with her scheming, and Y&R spoilers also hint that a wedge will be placed between her and Nick, thanks to Red. With that said, Vicky will still also be bitter about Billy and Lily hooking up. She’ll continue to try and shake it, but she won’t be able to.

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6. Vicky Uses Katie and Johnny

Sounds like Vicky will continue to dangle Johnny and Katie, and use them as pieces in a chess game to try and throw a wrench in the Bi-Li relationship. Billy’s already on to her, but Vicky will also manipulate the children when they are with her. By late January, it will eventually come out that Victoria still has feelings for Billy.

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5. Summer and Spectra

Jack is working very hard to try and bring Summer and Sally together. After all, there is no reason these two ladies can’t get along! Unfortunately, despite Spectra trying to clear the air, Summer will scheme and do something underhanded. She’ll head over to L.A. in early January, Sally’s former stomping ground, to gather dirt.

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4. Summer’s Trip

Summer’s L.A. road trip might unleash some past demons. Spoilers indicate that not only will Summer appear on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), but the B&B’s Flo and Wyatt make a trip to the Y&R. Spectra will eventually learn what Summer did, and will launch a full-blown war on Summer moving forward.

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3. Sally Wants It All

Playing nice with Summer will be out the window for Spectra. She’ll officially be after Summer’s job and men by mid-January. There seems to be a special bond brewing between Jack and Sally, and Kyle doesn’t seem to see anything manipulative about Spectra at this moment. Could Sally not only take Summer’s CEO title but Kyle (and Jack in tow), too?

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2. Devon’s Second Thoughts

Y&R spoilers indicate that Devon may second-guess his decision to break-up with Elena. Now that Elena and Nate are “together,” could Hamilton swoop in for the snatch back? Elena will feel very conflicted if Devon decides to give their relationship another go. Plus, where would this leave Amanda and the budding “thing” that’s going on between them?

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1. Nikki Shelters Faith

Nikki will learn about Faith’s drinking this month and take control of the situation. She’s always had a very special relationship with her granddaughter, and perhaps Nikki’s wisdom is exactly what Faith needs right now. But the real question is, will Nikki share what she knows to Sharon and Nick, or keep it to herself and act as Faith’s “confidant?” She may decide that she’s got a handle on things.

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