Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For June 2022

Published on June 1, 2022.

What kind of drama can Genoa City residents stir up in June? Will Phack last this time around? Will Shick reunite? Who’s Victor’s new ally? Will Noah and Allie make a love connection? Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for June 2022.

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12. Victor’s New Ally

Y&R spoilers indicate that Victor will gain a new ally next month, so who could this be? He’s looking to get Ashland Locke out of town, but he’s also got his eye on Diane. Could Newman and Phyllis bury the hatchet and decide to scheme together? She and Jack want Kyle and Summer to stay put in town and with the Moustache’s help, they may be able to achieve this.

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11. The Deacon Sharpe Factor

Deacon’s name has been thrown around like confetti since Diane emerged back to the land of the living. Could Deacon return to become Victor’s new ally in an attempt to screw over Jenkins, and possibly Locke too? Actor Sean Kanan recently said he’s open to a Y&R return; however, Deacon currently is on The Bold and the Beautiful, so he may have to pull double duty.

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10. Phyllis Screws Over Her Umpteenth Chance With Jack

Things are going well for Phack right now, but Phyllis’s motives for the reunion seem a tad tainted. She clearly loves rubbing it in Diane’s face. With that said, Y&R spoilers hint that Phyllis’s “dark” side could come out in the weeks ahead, which may end up ruining things for her and Jack. Abbott’s always accepted Phyllis for who she is, but when she overly schemes, this can be a turn-off.

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9. An Alliance With The Moustache

Jack and Victor are on civil terms, but if Phyllis were to have a secret alliance with the Moustache and IF she kept it from her beau, this could ruin her romance with Abbott. Phyllis needs to stay focused on her family and her relationship and worry less about Diane Jenkins. Sometimes she’s her own worst enemy!

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8. A Baby Makes Three

Summer’s super focused on her career right now, but she’s been an incredible stepmom to little Harrison. With Skyle’s move back to Genoa City pretty much in the bag, could Ms. Newman-Abbott end up expecting this month? This could complicate things for Diane, as Summer isn’t overly fond of her mother-in-law and could use her new condition against Jenkins. Nobody would want Summer stressed while expecting!

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7. Victoria Takes Ashland Back

Just like Sklye moving back to GC is pretty much guaranteed at this point, so is Vic taking Ashland back. It’ll complicate things with her family, her work, and her life – but the heart wants what the heart wants! Victor will be outraged, and Adam will get exactly what he’s wanted all along: Victoria’s comfy Newman CEO spot.

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6. Sharon’s Shift

Y&R spoilers imply that Sharon’s life will take an interesting turn soon. Will she change careers? With Chance bent on solving all of Rey’s open cases, could she decide to help her hubby’s old partner? Could she decide to become a police officer, in honor of Rey? Anything is possible!

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5. Sharon Gets Closer To Chance

All Y&R spoilers hint that Nick will continue to be a huge support for Sharon, which seems like a Shick reunion may be in the works. However, if Sharon decides to help Chance with Rey’s unsolved mysteries, could she and Chance bond? Could they navigate through uncharted territory? Could sparks fly between the two?

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4. A Baby = A Blessing

Sharon talked a bit about being an empty nester soon, and how lonely it may be, so what if Sharon finds out she’s expecting in June? Could that be the shift in direction that her life takes? That would surely flip her world upside down! She’d have the child, although the entire thing would be bittersweet. Rey never had a baby of his own and would’ve made an incredible father. Nick would also likely step in and offer her all the support she needs.

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3. Noah and Allie

Noah and Allie will likely get closer in June. Allie’s been through a lot and has a bit of a wall built up, not only for possible romances but when it comes to relationships with the Abbotts. However, she is trying to bring it down and give her new family a chance. Will she do the same for Noah or could this be the first obstacle this couple deals with?

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2. Billy Connects With Someone

Y&R spoilers imply that Billy will make an unusual connection with someone soon. It’s hard not to think that this may be a woman, but it also could mean a male friendship. After all, he was recently taken back when Chance made a nice comment about his podcast. Noah was also listening to it, so could these two form a bromance?

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1. Diane Jenkins Squirms In

Then again, Diane’s looking to get closer to Kyle and the other Abbotts. Billy has always had a thing for Jack’s exes, after all, he not only bed Sharon at one point but also stole Phyllis from his older brother while the two were still married. Could Billy form a friendship with Diane that turns into more? Getting closer to Jack’s brother would fit into Diane’s agenda.

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