Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For March 2021

Published on February 25, 2021.

Will Kyle decide it’s time to confirm whether or not he’s a father? Will Chelsea do something extreme to get back at Sharon? Will Sally and Jack take that extra step in the relationship? Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans just love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for March 2021.

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12. It’s A Boy!

Tara Locke, Kyle’s ex, is set to debut on the Y&R the first week of March. She could come to Genoa City, or Kyle could go visit her. He may feel the need to confirm whether or not her three-year-old is in fact his child. She will probably tell him that he is the father of little Harrison. But will that be enough for him?

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11. Kyle Demands A DNA Test

Kyle may not simply take her word for it. He may decide to look into a DNA test. It’ll take a week or so to come back; however, the test results will confirm what Tara has said. Kyle will struggle with the idea of telling Summer about his son. The entire concept of her hubby Ashland finding out is intimidating, but will Kyle be able to stay away from a child that is his?

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10. The Sparks Will Fly

Not only is Kyle torn about having a child, but he may be conflicted about his feelings for Tara. When the two see each other, sparks will fly. There will be undeniable chemistry between them, one that should worry Summer. If there is love there, adding a child into their history will complicate things for the Skyle relationship.

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9. Ashland Locke Comes To Genoa City

No word yet on who would be playing Ashland, but Mr. Locke has to arrive in the little town at some point in March. Both Victor and Chancellor Communications are vying to acquire his company, so he may come to Genoa City to be courted by Newman and Billy/Lily. He’ll inevitably cross paths with Kyle, and it’ll be after Abbott finds out that he’s Harrison’s father. It’ll be awkward for Kyle, and scary, all at the same time.

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8. Victor’s Revenge

Speaking of the Moustache, there’s no way he’ll be able to lose out on the Locke media deal. He’ll outbid Billy-boy and Lily and do all he can to snatch the company up before Abbott even realizes what happens. He’ll place Adam in charge of the division and the first project on the go will be an exposé on Billy and all his past indiscretions.

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7. The Vicky Factor

What if Vic helps Billy score the acquisition? This could not only change the dynamic between Victor and his daughter at work, but also between Billy and Victoria. She may catch wind about her dad’s plan to add Adam into the fold and head up this new division and be determined to ax it. Helping Billy will push Victor away, and bring Abbott closer.

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6. Shey Breaks Up

Across town, Rey may decide that enough is enough with Sharon. He loves her, but Adam has been a thorn in the couple’s side since he returned to town in 2019. With some characters potentially leaving the show due to added COVID-19 costs and budget, perhaps Rey chooses to file for a divorce and leave the little town in March. Lola could join him, too. After all, actress Sasha Calle (Lola) just scored the part of Supergirl in the new Flash flick. Filming for the movie should be set to start soon.

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5. Something Terrible Happens

Could Rey pass away? Y&R spoilers indicate some dire circumstances for Chelsea and Rey, as a result of the Shadam lip lock. Could Lawson set something up to get back at Sharon, only for Rey to get caught in the crossfire? Could she try and shoot her, or organize an explosion in their house? Rey may suffer the consequence and exit the Y&R as a result. Lola may leave town devastated and join Arturo and her mom in Miami.

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4. Adam Is There For Sharon

With Rey out of the picture, Adam wouldn’t hesitate to turn things up with Sharon, especially with Chelsea locked up in a wheelchair. Shadam could get caught up in a heated moment. If something happens to Rey, or he leaves town, Sharon will run to Adam without batting an eyelash. She’ll need some support and Adam will be more than happy to accommodate.

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3. Jack and Sally Turn Up The Heat

Speaking of “turning up the heat”, things have turned romantic for Jack and Sally, so Y&R fans should gear up for steamy scenes between these two. They’ll take their relationship to the next step and hit the sheets sometime in March. This won’t make Summer or Phyllis very happy, but Jack and Sally will be on cloud nine!

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2. Moses Arrives

While no word yet on who will be playing Moses, there has been a lot of talk around the young man arriving in town. He’ll be Devon and Nate’s responsibility, and he’s sure to learn a lot from his cousin and brother. But will Moses be a good kid or a wild child?

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1. Faith and Moses

Faith and Moses might be around the same age. Faith is spiraling right now and could use a good influence in her life. With Shadam’s kiss going viral, the cyberbullying she’s been receiving is bound to get worse. Could Moses be a good friend and influence she needs? Or will he be someone who brings her down even more?

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