Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For November 2020

Published on October 30, 2020.

How will Sally Spectra fare in the land of Genoa City? Will Adam let go of his obsession with Sharon? What’s on the horizon for the Abbott Family? Will Kyle and Theo calm their rivalry down, or will it heat up? There’s nothing Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans love to do more than speculate! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for November 2020.

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12. Summer Versus Sally

Y&R spoilers hint that Sally Spectra and Summer won’t exactly hit it off when the newcomer gets to town, so expect some animosity to quickly develop between these two strong-willed young women! Nothing like a man to add to that hate-on, and it’s hard not to wonder whether or not Kyle will get involved in this.

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11. Sally and Theo

Sally may take a liking to Kyle, and she may even flirt with him, which will leave a terrible taste in Summer’s mouth (regardless of whether or not Sklye stay broken up). With that said, Y&R spoilers are teasing a connection between Theo and Sally. Will these two come together, or will they also have an underlying hate-on for each other from something that occurred in the past? This might make Kyle that much more intriguing to Sally if both Summer and Theo dislike the idea of her getting closer to him.

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10. Team Abbott, Team Theo

Kyle and Theo’s rivalry will continue to heat up in November. Add Sally into the mix and things could get ugly; however, it’ll mainly stem from Theo’s next move. According to Y&R spoilers, Theo is set to contest Dina’s will. There may even be “two” wills in circulation. It’s about to get ugly between Theo and his “new” family.

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9. Domino Effect

Ashley and Traci are bound to remain calm around Theo’s legal actions against Dina’s will, while Jack will also stay level-headed and try to negotiate with him. Sadly, it’ll be a full-out war for Kyle. Theo may make certain demands that Kyle will believe to be outrageous, further causing conflict between these two cousins.

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8. New Love For Lola

While Lola is still hung up on Kyle right now, could a fresh romance help her to move on in the coming weeks? No word on any new characters or old returns; however, Lola moving forward and away from Kyle might be her best bet. She deserves a fresh start. Could Fen return to help stir things up and offer a new romance opportunity for her? American Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

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7. A Very Chabby Wedding

There’s a good chance that Sharon and Rey won’t be the only two planning a wedding this month, as Chance will approach Ashley with approval around something next week. Sounds like Chance may pop the big question, and Abby will say “yes.” November should prove to be a good month for this couple.

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6. Nina Returns

But could a boy mom ruin it all for this happy couple? Nina Webster, Chance’s mom, is set to return to the land of Genoa City this month, and while she’ll catch up with old friends (looking at you, Christine and Paul), she may also cause some trouble for this happy couple. Nina is always wary of her son’s girlfriends, so Abby better watch out!

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5. Chelsea’s Abduction

Chelsea’s going to go missing next week, and it’ll be clear that she’s been kidnapped and held against her will. Could Adam be behind it? Victor? Someone that either man hired? Or is there a major plot twist to this all that will leave fans taken aback? Seems like there will be far more to this story than meets the eye.

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4. She’s In It With Adam

What if she and Adam have come up with a plan to really stick it to Victor and the Newmans by framing one or all of them for her abduction. Chelsea is a con artist at heart, so it’s hard to believe that she’s really been kidnapped at this point. This may all be part of the scheme.

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3. Chelsea’s Partnered Up With Vicky

Then, there’s the idea that this is a scheme against Adam. Could she frame him? Could she be partnered up with Victoria to bring Newman down? Lawson was scorn over his words for Sharon, and she wants to get back at him. She’s wasted plenty of time supporting him, and she may want him to go down. Then there’s the idea that Victor hired someone to kidnap her to keep her quiet about Adam’s “plans.”

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2. Adam’s Losing It

Adam’s spiraling in the worst kind of way. He’s sad Chelsea’s gone; however, he also wants Sharon. Adam will have childhood flashbacks again during the week of November 9th. The last time he did this, he was remembering a disturbing childhood memory. Could he hold Chelsea captive, and have bad memories of terrible things he’s done as a child? Could he slowly be losing his mind?

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1. Lily and Billy

There’s a good chance that Lily may place on the brakes to any potential romance with Billy come early November. Working together and having a relationship can place a massive strain on the office environment, and it could get messy. Lily is great about keeping a level head. Abbott will pull out all the stops to get her to cave in with his charm, and she’ll stay strong for a couple of weeks and then break. Expect these two to have more passionate scenes come late November.

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