Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For October 2019

Published on October 1, 2019.

A new month in Genoa City means new reasons to keep tuning in! Will Victor’s plan against Adam work? Will Nick and Chelsea make it through the long haul? How will Devon cope with all that is going on in his world? Time to dive into what might be with some Young and the Restless (Y&R) plot predictions for October 2019.

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12. Victor’s Tries To Drive Adam Out Of Town

Y&R spoilers suggest a confrontation between Victor and Adam, and very soon. Victor will make it clear that he knows what Adam has been up to (with his meds), offering up some leverage around all the schemes his son has been doing as of late. The Moustache won’t retaliate too much against Adam, as he wants his family to on peaceful terms, but he won’t back down. Victor may give his son an ultimatum: leave town, or suffer the consequences.

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11. Chick Break Up

Y&R spoilers suggest that Chelsea isn’t too pleased that Nick hid Victor’s fake death from her. She probably isn’t too happy about the scheme in general. Does this mean the end for the Chick super couple as fans know it? Seems so. The two will probably break up, and move on to others.

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10. Nick Turns To Phyllis

Speaking of, with the sparks flying between Nick and Phyllis lately (now that actress Michelle Stafford is back in the role), perhaps Nick will turn to his ex-wife … again! This is an ugly pattern for Nick, and a road he’s traveled before. Maybe this time they’ll be able to communicate better.

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9. Shey Can’t Make It Work

While Y&R spoilers tease that Sharon and Rey will feel as if they have unfinished business together, it seems odd that the two would try and get back together again. After all, they’ve tried so many times before and have failed, which isn’t a good sign considering they are such a new couple. They won’t be able to make it work again.

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8. What’s Old Is New Again

Remember way back in the day, when Sharon was with Jack and Nick and Phyllis were together? What if that happened again? Jack’s little spa vacation with Sharon was an interesting one, although nothing has really happened since. What if Jack and Sharon made their way back to each other in October?

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7. Cane Turns On Devon

Y&R spoilers suggest that Devon believes Cane is helping Chance when it comes to his inheritance lawsuit. What if that is true? It is hard to believe, as it does seem out of Cane’s character. Even though Cane isn’t really part of the family now thanks to his separation with Lily, he has always been close to Devon. Having said that, maybe Cane turns on Devon.

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6. Things Get Awkward

If Cane is involved, then things should get awkward and fast. Add Lily coming to town soon, and it seems this situation might get very complicated, especially for Matty and Charlie, Lily and Cane’s kids. How will Sam be placed in things as well? Will Lily and Cane continue to co-parent peacefully with everything that is going on?

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5. Devon Is Drawn To Amanda

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that, despite the fact that Devon wants nothing to do with Amanda Sinclair right now, he will inevitably be drawn to her as the weeks go by. She looks exactly like the love of his life, and it will be very challenging for Devon to differentiate this when it comes to his feelings.

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4. Elena Turns To Nate

Devon won’t cross any lines with Amanda in October, but an attraction may be there. Elena will notice this and begin to feel very insecure in her relationship. She’s already befriended Nate; however, if Devon is drawn to Amanda, these two may decide to turn a friendship into something else down the road.

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3. Chelsea & Kevin’s Plan

Speaking of friendships, Kevin and Chelsea have always been pretty tight. Y&R spoilers suggest Lawson will turn to Fisher in hopes he can help her to launder the money she got hubby Calvin passed on. This smells like trouble, but will it also bring these two together in a romantic capacity?

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2. Billy & Kyle Run Jabot

According to Y&R spoilers, Jack is stepping away from Jabot. While Kyle is interim CEO, could the powers that be decide to pair up Billy and Kyle to run the company, side-by-side? Billy’s doing a lot better mentally, and diving into work may just be what he needs to distract him right now. But, will Billy see eye-to-eye with Kyle in terms of the direction Jabot should go? Sounds like there would be a ton of friction between the two.

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1. Theo & Lola Get Closer

While Lola has been worried about Summer working so closely to Kyle, should Kyle be worried about Lola warming up to Theo? She is slowly, but surely, befriending him, and Theo certainly has a charming (yet, slimy) way about him. Could he fool Lola into becoming friends in hopes that it could turn into something more in the future?

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