Young and the Restless: Plotline Predictions For October 2020

Published on September 30, 2020.

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! Things are getting good in the land of Genoa City! What will October bring? Some romance, adventure, and a ton of drama! There’s nothing viewers love to do more than speculate on storylines, and below are some Y&R plotline predictions for October 2020.

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13. It’s War Time

The Moustache pushed Billy too far recently, throwing Delia’s passing in his face during a standoff between them. That low blow caused Billy to react, and now Adam’s story is out there for everyone to see. With Abbott pressing the button on the story too early, there are sure to be major repercussions. Victor may unleash his legal team on Chancellor Communications, or retaliate in other ways.

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12. Victor Threatens Jill and Lily

Victor could approach Jill and Lily and request for Billy’s immediate firing. After all, Adam and Chelsea have a recording that proves both Lily and Billy were on the fence about publishing the article because of the legal implications. That could be Victor’s first line of offense, amongst other things. He may simply launch a libel suit.

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11. Chaos In The Newman Family

Victor completely disagrees with what Billy has done. He knows Victoria conspired with Abbott and has been trying to recruit Nick to Team Adam; however, Nick is taking some pleasure in the fact that the karma train has finally hit Adam’s stop. Nick may side with Victoria, or just stay out of it. Abby will be quick to align with her dad because of Chance’s friendship with Adam, and any implications the story has linked to her boyfriend. Regardless, this will be a family divided in October.

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10. The Sharon Factor

Once Sharon catches wind of the story being published, she’ll want to reach out to Adam. Sure, she needs to focus on her health, but what Billy has done will have devastating consequences for Adam’s mental health. This will bother Rey to no end. Once again, they’ll find themselves on separate pages of this “Adam” issue.

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9. Sharon Gets Better

As October progresses, Sharon will go in for another surgery. While she’s had a roller coaster of a ride with her breast cancer condition, this last surgery will be hard to recover from, but lead her into remission. It’ll be great news for the entire family, especially for Mariah, Noah, and Faith.

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8. Billy and Lily Move Five Steps Back

Back to Billy, while Victor may threaten Jill and Lily, but Lily will refuse to back down. She’ll be mad at Abbott for what he’s done; however, she won’t like the idea of being blackmailed by the Moustache. She stood her ground with Nikki – she’ll stand her ground with Victor. This doesn’t mean that Billy won’t be in her bad books. The two will take major steps back in both their working relationship and potentially a romantic one.

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7. Lily May Soften

If Lily finds out “why” Billy pressed the button on the story, she may soften up to what he has done. In fact, it may make her that much more standoff-ish herself when it comes to Victor. This could unit Billy and Lily on another level. She may stand by what he’s done and willing to let the chips fall as they may. They could work together on the aftermath of the scandal, and be that much stronger as work partners. Maybe even start to catch some feelings for each other.

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6. Lola and Kyle Keep Crossing Paths

Lola and Kyle will keep crossing paths in October. Their split was never truly resolved, and Lola is clearly not over Kyle, despite pretending to be. Their run-ins will be very innocent but expect to see a little spark or tension between the pair. Things aren’t over between these two, not by a long shot.

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5. Summer Starts To Scheme

Fans saw Summer get bit by the jealousy bug this week when she saw Lola and Kyle together, and who could blame her? After all, the last time she was engaged to Kyle and married him, Lola swooped in and stole her man. Their relationship has changed, but Summer won’t see that. She’ll start scheming like her old ways to make Lola look bad. Kyle will eventually see this and get turned off, but not until November hits.

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4. Gloria Causes Chaos For Chloe and Kevin

Grandma Gloria is returning to Genoa City, just in time for Baby Fisher’s arrival. She’ll come to stay with the couple under the pretense that she “wants to help out,” but she’ll end up causing more drama for Chloe and Kevin. From new mom advice to waking up the baby from its nap when being too loud, Gloria will cause chaos for the new parents.

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3. Long-Lost Daughter For Phyllis?

Actress Courtney Hope is set to join the Y&R cast soon, and information around her character is extremely hush-hush. Hope played a spitfire redhead on the Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), so could she have the same look in Genoa City? If so, could she pop up as a long-lost daughter for Phyllis?

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2. Shows Interest In Theo

Could Hope’s new character end up being the same one from the B&B? Y&R and B&B are infamous for swapping characters between shows. Could Sally Spectra emerge in Genoa City, where Theo catches her eye? Now that he and Lola have split up, Theo could use a new love interest with flare. They may even be exes? This is the land of soaps — anything could be written up (or made up) for a connection to exist.

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1. Dina’s Dark Past

Now that the story behind the emerald necklace has been told, will this end in a feel-good way, or turn dark fast? Could Dina be reunited with a long-lost love before she passes, making a lifetime wish come true? Or did Dina steal the necklace from someone, simply because she wanted it for herself? The storyline could also have a plot twist where murder is involved. While everyone wants to have fond memories of Dina, the truth is, she wasn’t the nicest character during her younger years.

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