Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (April 5 – 16, 2021)

Published on April 6, 2021.

Is Shadam headed for a reunion? Will Chelsea and Nick team up? What will happen when with the Locke-Ness Monster and the Abbotts? What will Lauren’s role be in all of this? It’s hard not to speculate! As such, below are some Young and the Restless (Y&R) plotline predictions for April 5 to April 16, 2021.

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12. Shadam Reunion

Sounds like fans are headed for a Shadam reunion in the next couple of weeks. The two will meet in the coming days, and Sharon will commit to helping her ex prove his innocence around the poisoning. She’ll also lie to Rey about where she’s been. If these two don’t share a kiss (or more) at some point between April 5 and April 16th, then it’ll be a miracle. Also, expect to see cracks in the Shey marriage, too.

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11. Chelsea and Nick

A major plot twist in all of this! Nick is set to be stunned in the coming days. Sounds like he’ll visit Chelsea and see that she’s been lying about her rehab all along. Nick might be upset, but if Lawson explains why she did what she did, he just might keep her secret. He may even team up to help her that much more. But will she tell him the whole truth or just half?

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10. Nick Will Help Chelsea

Lawson may come clean to Nick. Her plan was devised perfectly, and Adam (in Nick’s mind) might deserve all this. With that said, will Nick “forgive” what Chelsea did to Rey? His friend was placed in a very dire circumstance thanks to her “scheming”. Nick may fluff that all to the side, just to get back at Adam. Plus, Rey ended up being okay, so all’s well that ends well; especially if Adam goes down.

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9. Phyllis Catches Wind

Phyllis will offer up a warning to Nick this week. Will this have to do with his worry over Chelsea, or will he fill her in on what Lawson has done? In other news, Y&R spoilers for the week of April 12th imply that Victor will have the last laugh. Does Red go to the Moustache with what she knows? This would upset Victor to no end. He could blow Chelsea’s scheme out of the water. But does Phyllis have it in her to betray Nick’s trust? No, but her hate-on for Lawson could drive her to that point.

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8. Eyes On The Prize

The above plotline prediction could unravel; however, Victor has been focused on getting back at Billy Abbott, more recently. Does Victor get the “last laugh” on Billy? Abbott has been trying to convince Ashland Locke to give ChanceComm another go and leave Adam and Victor in the dust. The Moustache’s revenge the week of April 12th could be targeted at Billy.

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7. Locke-Ness Monster Revealed

Y&R spoilers hint that Ashland will corner Kyle this week. There’s a good chance that Kyle spills all about his affair with Tara, especially if Locke intimidates him enough. This will unleash a rivalry that will not only include Kyle, but Jack, and Jabot. Ashland could place Billy into the mix of all this. He’s an Abbott, and Locke is known for being “no holds barred” when it comes to revenge. Therefore, it would be no shocker if Ashland turns Billy’s second proposal down, too.

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6. Jack and Kyle

Y&R spoilers hint that Jack and Kyle will start to conspire this week, so it seems as if the proverbial “cat” will be out of the bag when it comes to Tara and Kyle’s affair. Does this include Harrison’s paternity, too? Regardless, seems as if Jabot will also come into the mix of everything.

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5. Lauren Gets Involved

If Ashland has his eyes set on Jabot, Kyle and Jack could be scrambling. Y&R spoilers reveal that John Abbott’s legacy will be at stake this week, and it seems as if Lauren will swoop in for the save. Could Jack place Jabot in Fenmore’s hands with hopes that this will take Jabot off Locke’s revenge list? He may not be so interested if Lauren’s in charge.

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4. Lauren’s Relationship With Jack

Could Lauren leading Jabot, even in the interim, cause issues between Fenmore and the Abbotts? She and Jack have always been close friends; however if she’s given the reigns, will she take direction from Jack, or do things her own way? Could this cause early problems between these old friends?

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3. Lauren Is Now On Ashland’s Radar

Then, there’s the idea that this major move places Lauren on Ashland’s radar. He isn’t someone that can easily be fooled, which is why he will be able to “out” Kyle so easily for an affair with Tara, this week. Could Locke see right through Lauren and Jack’s plan? Could she now be on Locke’s radar?

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2. Locke and Victor Team Up

Victor could get the last laugh on Billy, Jack, and Kyle if he teams up with Ashland Locke. Victor has never gotten along with any of these Abbott men, and aligning with Locke might not only help him gain a win over Jack and Billy-boy, but strengthen power around the media company he has just acquired. The Moustache + Locke-Ness would be a force to reckon with in the land of Genoa City.

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1. Amanda Agrees To Help Her Family

Across town, Amanda will get a visit from her grandfather, in the coming days. He’ll come to her in hopes that he can convince her to join his legal challenge. She’ll let him have it around all he did to Hilary and her, plus his abandonment; however, he’ll surprise her by telling her he kept tabs on her and Hilary all these years. The idea that he cared so much to at least get updates on her and her twin, will soften Sinclair enough to agree to take on his case.

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