Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 2 – 13, 2021)

Published on August 3, 2021.

Will Tara get exposed? Will Skyle have the reunion fans have been waiting for? What will Ashland and Victoria be up to over the next couple of weeks? There’s nothing Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans love to do more than speculate! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for August 2 to August 13, 2021.

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12. This Week IS THE Week!

Tara and Sally forced Summer to head to Milan and leave Kyle and her family behind. A Y&R weekly preview video and spoilers seem to hint that the week of August 2nd will be THE WEEK everything gets exposed. Phyllis will work overtime to gain some credible evidence and finally nail Tara for what she’s done.

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11. Jack and Kyle Are Suspicious

Jack and Kyle have both been on the fence about Tara; however, as the coming week progresses, they’ll both have more questions for Mrs. Locke. Tara will scramble in the coming days as she sees her scheme finally come to the surface. But how exactly will this all unfold? Phyllis is sure to be at the helm of everything.

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10. Summer Confesses

Y&R preview video reveals that Summer will be on a video chat with both Phyllis and Nick when she admits that Tara blackmailed her into accepting a job in Italy. After that, Red will “see red” and be focused on revenge. Phyllis has been in full momma bear mode to expose the truth to both Jack and Kyle for a while now, and she will not quit. She’ll recruit Nick to help, and it sounds as if they’ll either gather the evidence needed to offer “proof” to the Abbott men, or trick Tara Locke (or Sally) into a confession.

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9. Kyle’s Bold Move

Y&R spoilers hint that Summer will be apologetic and Kyle will make a bold move by the time this weekend hits. Could Summer apologize for taking the job in Milan and not telling Abbott what Tara was up to? Could Kyle decide to hop on a plane, head to Italy and throw all caution to the wind by marrying Summer?

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8. Michael Mealor’s Exit

There’s been a buzz that actress Hunter King (Summer) might be leaving Y&R; however, nothing has been confirmed. Meanwhile, actor Michael Mealor (Kyle) has stated he is leaving the soap opera shortly. Could this week be Kyle’s last week in Genoa City? Maybe Kyle decides to elope with Summer in Italy and the two take an extended honeymoon. When the happy couple returns to Genoa City, the role of Kyle could be recast.

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7. Skyle Exits Storylines

Then there’s the chance that both Summer and Kyle decide to stay in Italy for the time being. Perhaps Abbott can take Harrison along for the jaunt. Seems far-fetched that Tara would allow this to happen; however, with all she’s done, she may be pushed into a corner. Things are overly sticky in Tara’s world right now with Ashland’s custody case, but this is also a soap opera, so it’s entirely possible that Kyle and Summer exit this week, taking the little boy with them.

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6. Billy’s Looking For A Story

Y&R spoilers for the week of August 9th imply that Jack will keep a close eye on his little brother, Billy. Could Billy-boy smell a newsworthy story in the aftermath of Tara’s scandal coming out? Despite what Mrs. Locke did to Skyle, she’s still Harrison’s mother. Jack will not want this story coming out for all to see, simply because he’ll want to protect his grandson. He’ll warn Billy to stay out of it, but will Billy listen?

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5. Vicky and Ashland

There’s a lot going on with Vic and Ash over the next two weeks. Y&R spoilers imply that Vicky will help Ashland with a difficult decision over the coming days, and as the week of August 9th approaches, she’ll have some unexpected news for her parents. Could Ashland move forward with experimental treatments? Could Vicky decide to take an extended leave of absence from Newman to join and support him in this endeavor?

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4. Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Or could the unexpected news be that Victoria has decided to tie the knot with Ashland? Vicky has fallen hard and fast for the Locke-Ness Monster. She may want to try and bring joy to the man’s life as he slowly fades away. Perhaps his difficult decision is to “live life to the fullest” rather than spend months on a treatment that could fail. Maybe the two decide to get married and enjoy a wonderful honeymoon together? Here’s hoping she drafts up a prenup before she says “I do”. Something still feels “fishy” about Locke’s health condition.

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3. The Moustache’s New Partner

Y&R spoilers hint that Victor will approach someone with a business partnership in the coming days. This might sound sneaky or manipulative, but perhaps it’s rather innocent. The Moustache helped Amanda nail Sutton, so perhaps he sees value in her legal skills? Could he recruit her for Newman Media? Maybe he decides to collaborate with Devon on a project?

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2. Mariah’s Still Missing

Mariah will still be missing over the next two weeks. As time wears on, Sharon will go from “concerned” to “upset”. Tessa and Sharon know Copeland better than anyone, and they will both feel as though something is off. Will Abby feel the same way? She has the resources to investigate Mariah’s whereabouts. Being part of the Newman and Abbott families means she has the money and power to look for Copeland. But will she?

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1. Abby Has A Theory

Y&R spoilers hint that Abby will tell Devon she’s concerned that Mariah’s “taken” off with the baby. It’s completely normal for Abby to be more worried about the baby than she is about Copeland; her “momma bear” instincts are kicking into gear. With that said considering Mariah has been kidnapped and knowing Copeland’s heart — Mrs. Abbott-Newman-Chancellor’s theory comes off as a tad heartless. Will the kidnapper ever be revealed?

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