Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 31 – September 11, 2020)

Published on August 31, 2020.

Will Adam be okay? Will Sharon put her health at risk to help a friend? What exactly is Amanda’s link to Hilary? Will Victor and Vicky resolve their differences? There’s nothing fans love to do more than speculate! As such, below are some Young and the Restless (Y&R) plotline predictions for August 31 to September 11, 2020.

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12. Nate’s Interesting Discovery

According to Y&R spoilers, Nate will somehow discover that Hilary and Amanda have the same blood type and that their birthdates are the same. This will undeniably cause Amanda to leap forward and find out more about her past. A link will certainly be revealed between the two women, but will it be confirmed?

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11. Amanda Is Hilary

While it’s likely they are twins, what if there is more to the story. What if Amanda is Hilary? Sure, she’s a lawyer, has an established past, but what if the two ladies were twins and a weird switch occurred right before Hilary passed away? Like when she went missing during her honeymoon or something along those lines? While Y&R tends to have more a more realistic tone within their storylines, compared to other soaps (looking at you, Days of Our Lives), the land of Genoa City can still get pretty outrageous.

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10. Devon’s Attraction

Devon can’t help but feel somewhat attracted to Amanda, after all, she does look a lot like Hilary. When the connection between Amanda and Hilary is revealed, this will send Devon’s world upside. What could have him spinning so much? Sure, being Hilary’s sister could do it – even simply being related to Hilary could do it. But there seems to be so much more to this storyline than meets the eye. Having an unknown twin is far too typical, there needs to be more here.

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9. Baby Switch

Another thing that could mess with Devon’s mind would be a baby switch storyline. If Amanda digs into her past, which it seems she will, it could be revealed that Amanda was supposed to live Hilary’s life and vice versa. Maybe the wrong baby ended up being adopted. If Amanda was meant to grow up with her mom versus being adopted, Devon may wonder what life would’ve been like if Amanda was the twin that ended up in Genoa City. Maybe he might wonder if Hilary would still be alive today if things were different.

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8. Elena and Nate

Devon and Elena are doing well, but a storyline is on the horizon that will involve this couple, as well as Amanda and Nate. There’s an interesting dynamic between these two couples, as Nate and Elena are close friends and colleagues, and all four are pretty chummy. Could the next two weeks have Nate and Elena concerned over how Devon acts when he hears the news about Hilary and Amanda’s connection? Could Devon gravitate towards Amanda in an unhealthy manner?

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7. Chance Covers For Adam

Y&R spoilers tease that Chance will cover up for Adam this week. What could Chance be covering for? Could Adam do something illegal? Perhaps he gets drunk and crashes at Chance’s place? Maybe, Chelsea is looking for him, and Adam is with Sharon. The possibilities are endless; however, it seems like Chance will be covering up for something big, as Abby will be brought into the loop.

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6. Adam’s Announcement

Adam is expected to have a major announcement the week of September 7th, and what he says will shock everyone. Does he announce that he’s turning himself over to the police in Kansas? Could he simply decide to leave town, and brush Chelsea and Connor aside? Adam is spiraling into a dark hole right now, and all these new memories that are surfacing are really messing with his head.

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5. Rey’s Warning

Rey will issue out a warning to Sharon in the coming days, and it seems as if he could be worried about her health. Will Sharon heed his words, or just ignore them? Rey may see signs of Sharon’s condition worsening, something she won’t want to see for herself. She probably won’t take his advice to slow things down, which will only make things worse.

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4. Noah’s Return

Noah is back this week, and he likely wants to help support her with what she is going through, but could there be more to his story? Could he be back to help Victoria with a project at Newman? Perhaps to further complicate things for Victor, or to prove he is on Team Vicky while she battles the Moustache?

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3. Victoria and Theo Cross A Line?

Y&R spoilers indicate that Victoria mixes some business with pleasure this week, and there will be a little flirting going on between Theo and Vicky. But do they cross a line? Could a couple of drinks during a business meeting mixed with some flirting equal out to a one-nighter between these two?

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2. Theo Lies

Y&R spoilers for September indicate that Theo will be his own worst enemy when it comes to his relationship with Lola, therefore, the idea that he has a one-night stand with Vicky and then tries to lie about it would make perfect sense. The two will get caught up in some passion and quickly realize the situation was a mistake. They’ll decide to pretend the entire thing never happened. But it did, and while they won’t get found out this week, it’s only a matter of time.

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1. Lola In the Dark

Lola has a busy two weeks ahead, so she’ll be in the dark about Theo and Vicky’s affair. She’s set to establish some independence (she could buy a house or move somewhere new in town), and play a little hard to get. Theo will cover up his affair with Vicky, and for the next couple of weeks, Lola won’t be the wiser. The truth will eventually surface; however, not any time soon.

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