Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (December 13 – 24, 2021)

Published on December 14, 2021.

Chelsea’s back in Genoa City this week, so what does this mean for Adam, Connor, Chloe and Sally? Will Nick continue to struggle with being an “outsider” in the Newman family? Can Billy continue to dupe the Moustache and Adam? The Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans just love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are Y&R plotline predictions for December 13th to December 24th, 2021.

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12. Chelsea Makes The Rounds

Chelsea will return this week and bring a flurry of activity with her. She’ll spend time with Connor, Chloe and Adam. Plus, Y&R spoilers reveal that she’ll “size up” her competition, which means she’ll likely come face to face with Sally Spectra. As Lawson makes her rounds over the next two weeks, what kind of drama will surface?

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11. She Wants Adam Back

This week’s Y&R preview video makes it crystal clear that Chelsea wants Adam and their little family to reunite. Adam doesn’t seem “sold” on the idea; however, from his facial expression and recent behavior, he still has feelings for his ex and baby momma. Adam will feel torn right now when it comes to Chelsea, or any other romance on the horizon.

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10. She’ll Get Connor’s Help

Chelsea is sure to use Connor a little in her plan to get Adam back. It’s the holidays and the young boy will likely want to do things together with both his mom and dad. Connor can get Adam to do anything, and some family fun will not only be good for the three of them, but it will also bring back memories of better times when Chelsea and Adam were on the same page.

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9. A New Rivalry Emerges

Just when things have settled down between her and Phyllis, Sally will have to battle a new rival in Chelsea. Lawson will pick up on the chemistry between Spectra and Adam and do all she can to squash any possible romance between the two. Looks like a rivalry is on the horizon for Sally, so does she have what it takes to battle the number one con artist in Genoa City?

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8. Christmas Episode Dedicated To Nick

Y&R typically has a character-centric episode in and around the holiday season, and in years past, the soap has focused on fantasy-type episodes with a Christmas theme. Victor played the pseudo role of “Scrooge” one year, while Michael Baldwin dreamt that he had never been born, just to name a couple of examples. Spoilers seem to tease that Nick Newman might have a special episode during the week of December 20th.

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7. Newman’s Epiphany

Nick’s struggling with being an outsider in the Newman family right now, so what classic Christmas tale could Y&R remake to help enlighten Nick? Maybe he’s left Home Alone at the ranch while everyone jets off to Paris? All joking aside, whatever comes of this special episode, Newman will likely have an epiphany. Could it center around the fact that Sharon has always been by his side, through thick and thin?

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6. Billy’s Plan

This week, Billy will continue his plan to dupe the Moustache and his son. It’s interesting because Y&R spoilers hint that Victor and Adam will rub salt in Abbott’s wounds over the coming days, which may make this ruse that much sweeter for Billy. Looks as if Victor will fall for this, hook, line and sinker; however, what will the repercussions be for Newman, when all is said and done?

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5. Victor Questions Sally’s Intentions

Back to Sally, Y&R spoilers for the week of December 20th indicate that Victor will question Sally’s intentions. Could this be about her spying on Billy? Could something happen where she reports back to Adam and Victor, but the two slip up by reacting to her news? Will Victor accuse Spectra of working with Abbott? He does not trust the redhead at all.

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4. Chelsea Thinks Of This As An Advantage

Chelsea may learn about Sally’s spying and believe that the Moustache’s doubt about Spectra’s intentions is a good thing. However, while Adam and Victor are on good terms, this might not last too long. Adam may be drawn to Sally because of his father’s disdain. Sometimes kids love going against what their parents want, even as adults.

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3. Christine’s News

Christine will have news for Chance this week. Will this be about his last mission? Did the bad guys get caught, or did they escape? Is there a need for her to gather more information from Chancellor? Will this news impact Chance in a good way or a bad way? If the bad guys haven’t been nabbed or perhaps got off scot-free, he may feel as if all his time away from his family was for nothing.

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2. Chance Worsens

Chance’s mental health will probably continue to worsen this week and next. While being with his family this holiday season should make his days merry and bright; it might have the opposite effect. He may even have a blowout with Abby on Christmas or Christmas Eve. He could even disrupt the family dinner.

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1. Christmas Without Dominic

Both Devon and Mariah will miss Dominic on Christmas day. While the holidays are a fun time of year for anyone at any age, there is a certain feeling in the air when a child or children are around during Christmas. There’s nothing like seeing the holidays through a child’s eyes. As such, both Mariah and Devon will feel a space in their hearts, not being able to spend time with that special little boy as the days lead up to Christmas.

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