Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (February 14 – 25, 2022)

Published on February 15, 2022.

Sally and Adam are about to solidify their romance, so how will the people around them react? Will Devon’s devastating news change anything when it comes to his custody agreement for Dominic? Will Victor get the better of Ashland? The Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans love speculating on storylines. As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for February 14th to 25th, 2022.

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12. “Sadam” Fans Rejoice!

It’s a dream week for fans of the Sally-Adam romance. They’ll have some major hot and steamy scenes in the coming days, as they make their relationship “official”. To boot, added Y&R spoilers (and this week’s preview video) reveal that they’ll not only decide to come together as a couple, but Sally will make it crystal clear she doesn’t want to hide their relationship. Adam will agree, and it sounds like they’ll announce that they are together to everyone soon.

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11. The Moustache Factor

In this week’s Y&R preview video, Adam acknowledges to Sally that he can’t think of a reason as to why he’d want to keep their relationship a secret. Just then, Victor walks into the room and states, “I can”. Sounds like the Moustache won’t approve of Adam’s new girlfriend. This could create a very sticky situation for Sally and Adam. Can Sally “charm” her way into Victor’s heart, too?

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10. What About Chelsea?

Chelsea will likely learn about Sally and Adam hooking up. She’ll be annoyed and possibly frustrated over the entire thing, but will it get to her that much? After the dream she had about Rey last week, she may slowly be getting over Newman and developing a newfound fondness (and attraction) to Sharon’s husband. The two will run into each other in the next couple of weeks and Chelsea might feel a tad awkward about her feelings for her “friend”. She may also start to daydream about Rosales. Will she act on anything?

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9. Sharon And Nick

Fans have been speculating for weeks now that a “Shick” reunion could be on the horizon. That’s hard to imagine, considering that Sharon is “happily” married to Rey. With Chelsea having an attraction to the cop, could she use her con artist abilities to seduce him? This won’t happen overnight; however, fans will see hints of how flirty Lawson can get. She’ll keep things “clean” and on the “up and up” with him… at least for now.

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8. Devon, You Are NOT The Father

Devon’s set to get some devastating news, and there’s a buzz around Y&R spoilers for this week that he may not be Dominic’s bio dad, after all. Uh-oh. How will this change things in terms of the child’s custody agreement? Also, if Hamilton is not the baby’s sperm donor… who is?

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7. Digesting The Information First

Nothing will happen this week. For all the tests that reveal he’s not the baby’s bio dad, Devon will likely ask for them to be redone. Hamilton will first turn to Elena or Nate and ask them for advice around test accuracy and the possibility that this could be true. His whole world will be flipped upside down, but until he gets a second round of tests (or a second opinion), Hamilton will try to remain levelheaded.

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6. Chance And Abby’s Reaction

Would it be terrible if Abby was low-key happy that Devon isn’t her baby’s bio dad, after all? It may seem like an easy way to get full custody of her baby back. With that said, how creepy is it knowing that someone tapered with her embryo before it was implanted into Mariah? Is Stitch behind this? What if the entire procedure was botched, and the egg used was actually Copeland’s? Do any other fans feel as if there are so many possibilities over what could come next in this storyline?

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5. Chance’s Secret

Abby won’t only be reeling from the news about Devon. Added Y&R spoilers imply that she’ll also struggle when she learns Chance has been keeping a secret from her. It’s likely about his PTSD and the stakeout incident that occurred early last week. But what if there’s more to this “secret”. Maybe Chance had an affair during his time away from Genoa City? Between Dom’s health, the Devon news, and now this, Abby might have a mental health breakdown! Nothing has gone right in her life lately!

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4. We All Knew It Was Coming…

Y&R spoilers for this week suggest that Michael Baldwin will return from Peru with more answers and possibly dirt on Ashland Locke. Most fans were waiting for this final card to drop from the moment the Locke-Ness Monster announced he had a terminal illness. Victor will learn about Ashland’s lie and likely concoct the perfect opportunity to release this information to Victoria.

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3. Confiding In Nikki

Victor will likely learn the truth by the end of this coming week. Y&R spoilers for the week of February 21st imply that he’ll confide in Nikki about something, so he won’t strike with this information until the end of next week (or maybe even the following one). How will Victoria react when she finds out about Ashland’s latest secret?

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2. She Knew All Along

Maybe Vic’s been in the know about Ashland all along? Perhaps she had her own team dig up this dirt after Locke’s last secret. Victoria is a smart, strong businesswoman. She also happens to be her father’s daughter to a tee. She might have her own plan in the works to set up Locke for something big, without letting her dad or family in on it. Vicky may have a revenge scheme up her sleeve that will be revealed over the next couple of weeks.

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1. Will Billy Spiral?

Over to Vic’s ex, Billy and his insomnia have taken center stage as of late. Sleep deprivation is nothing to be taken lightly and can create mental health issues. Is Billy on the cusp of another downward spiral? Could a few more weeks of no sleep cause Mr. Abbott to go down a dark path again? Here’s hoping that won’t be the case. Who else loves sane, sweet, hardworking and charming Billy? Maybe he just needs some herbal tea and a warm bath?

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