Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (January 3 – 14, 2022)

Published on January 4, 2022.

Will things get ugly between Chelsea, Adam and Sally in the weeks ahead? How will Abby react to Chance “coming clean” about Dominic and Devon’s bond? Will Hamilton ease up on his shared custody request? The Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans just love to speculate. As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for January 3rd to 14th, 2022.

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12. Gotcha!

Y&R spoilers for the week of January 3rd hint that Chelsea will see Adam and Sally in a “compromising” position. Looks like she’ll catch them canoodling during their “non-New Year’s Eve” celebration. What will Lawson do next? She likely won’t interrupt them, but rather sneak away and start plotting against Spectra.

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11. Why Does She Care?

Chelsea’s laser focused on getting Adam back. She shouldn’t care this much about reuniting with her ex after all he’s done to her, but she does. In fact, she should be running the opposite way. Lawson’s best bet would be to focus on Connor and her career, but she can’t seem to move on from Adam. Y&R spoilers hint that she’ll set a trap for Sally. But will this make a difference, even if Spectra falls for Lawson’s schemes?

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10. This Week’s Y&R Preview Video Adds Perspective 

This week’s Y&R preview video shows Chelsea telling Sally that Adam isn’t into her, and then flips to a scene where Lawson and Adam are arguing. Adam insists that Chelsea needs to move on, and Lawson asks Adam if he’s falling for Spectra. Chelsea is losing her cool. The fact that she’s going to tell Sally that Adam doesn’t see her in a romantic light, not to mention the desperation in her eyes when she asks her ex about his feelings for Spectra, isn’t a good look for her. This will push Adam and Sally even closer together in the end.

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9. Chloe’s Attempt At Helping

During this Y&R preview video, Chloe will warn Adam to stay away from both ladies. She’ll tell him that the two are “ticking time bombs”. But will Adam listen? Sally will extend an invitation to Mr. Newman during the week of January 10th, and he’ll likely accept. He knows he’s playing with fire, but the fact that both Chloe and Chelsea are against a possible romance with Spectra, not to mention his dad, will have him headed in Sally’s direction.

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8. Chelsea Crosses A Line

Could Chelsea cross a line with Sally? Something beyond the typical con artist and scheming stuff? Could she try to have her kidnapped, or try to inflict harm on the beautiful redhead? Lawson seems to be going down a slippery slope. With that said, if she does cross a line, she may not have Chloe in her corner to help her out of it.

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7. Chance And Abby Drama

Across town, Chance will come clean to Abby this week, and it sounds as if he’ll tell her about his insecurities when it comes to Devon and Dominic’s bond. His wife will likely try to reassure him; however, she’ll also head to see Hamilton this week for a little chat. According to teasers, whatever she tells Devon will floor him. Will she threaten her sperm donor, or will she gently tell him to back off?

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6. Cutting All Ties

Then there’s the idea that she’ll decide to cut all ties between Dominic and Devon, for Chance’s sake. Having Hamilton around is hard on her husband, so she may tell her sperm donor that he needs to stay away (even just for a little bit) so Chance can establish a nice bond with their son.

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5. Devon Takes A Stand

Devon’s feathers will likely get ruffled if Abby tells him that he can’t see Dominic anytime soon. Y&R spoilers for the next two weeks hint that Hamilton will take a stand and won’t budge. He may feel as if he was good enough to help Abby with not only his sperm, but also taking care of the baby when she needed it. He may also feel as if she’s brushing him aside, now that Chance is back.

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4. Legal Action Launched

Could Devon launch a legal suit for custody or even simple visitation rights? He is dating a lawyer who could help him with this, although he did sign a very stringent legal document. With that said, Abby left Dominic at Hamilton’s doorstep and then ran off. No one, at that point, even knew where she was. It was during this time that Devon truly bonded with the child. But would this hold up in court? Is Hamilton entitled to visitation rights, at the very least?

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3. Take A Chance!

Speaking of Amanda, she’ll continue to be a great friend to Phyllis this week as she gives her some words of wisdom. As Red and Jack flip-flop about a reunion, it sounds like Sinclair will encourage Phyllis to give their romance another try. But where does she start? Perhaps Amanda can offer Ms. Summers some tips around this, too.

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2. The Beginning Of The End?

Sharon and Rey will celebrate their one-year anniversary this week, and while they still make a cute couple, the chemistry is severely lagging between the two. The honeymoon phase is clearly over; granted, they endured a hard first year of marriage, considering her cancer condition, Adam’s obsession with her, plus everything that Faith went through. Will things rev up for “Shey” in the next couple of weeks, or will they continue to be a married couple that seems more like besties than lovers?

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1. Michael Baldwin’s Next Chapter

Y&R spoilers suggest that Michael Baldwin will explore what his next chapter should be. Could he decide to step away from being Genoa City’s D.A.? Maybe he’ll step away from law entirely? Regardless, here’s hoping this is an indication that fans may be seeing more of the handsome lawyer in 2022. His scenes were far too sparse in 2021!

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