Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (January 31 – February 11, 2022)

Published on February 1, 2022.

Noah’s feelings for Tessa have been the elephant in the room for Sharon, Nick and the rest of their kiddos (well, all but Mariah). Will it all come to the surface in the next couple of weeks? How will Victoria react when Victor brings her into the loop about his suspicions? The Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans love speculating on storylines. As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for January 31st to February 11th, 2022.

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12. Things Are About To Get Real

From the looks of this week’s Y&R preview video, Noah and his feelings for Tessa are about to surface. Will Noah have a wee bit too much to drink at Tessa and Mariah’s engagement party? Will he say some uncomfortable things? How will this affect his relationship with Mariah, and will Copeland’s feathers be ruffled if/when Nick and Sharon come to his defense?

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11. Mariah Will Be Understanding

Even if Noah causes a scene, Mariah will likely understand. She won’t be happy about it, but she’ll try to put herself in his shoes. While she and Noah haven’t grown up together, she has established a bond with her half-brother, and Mariah is a kind and caring person. Even though it’s been years since she stole Tessa out from under Noah’s nose, she will likely validate and empathize with his feelings.

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10. Noah Crosses A Line

Y&R spoilers indicate that Noah will cross a line during the week of February 7th. Will he do something inappropriate? Will he tell Tessa he wants to fight for her love, or even reveal he doesn’t believe she and Mariah make a good couple? Will he convince her to break up with his sister? Could he take advantage of a vulnerable situation if one arises between him and Porter?

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9. Victor Pushes Adam Over The Edge

Victor is set to give Adam an ultimatum. Sounds like he will encourage his son to “play nice” with Victoria, as Newman Media will now fall under Newman-Locke Enterprises. The sad part is that these two siblings could co-exist and work well together if Vic tried her best to refrain from rubbing her position in Adam’s face. The problem is, Victoria will likely continue to gloat about the acquisition of Newman Media, causing Adam to spiral.

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8. Sally’s Given The Pink Slip

With things being so uncertain around Newman Media, Chelsea may believe that layoffs are in order to keep the fashion platform on budget. Who would be the first to go? Certainly not Lawson’s right-hand woman and BFF, Chloe! Y&R spoilers for this coming week indicate that Chelsea will blindside the redhead. Could she fire her?

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7. Adam To The Rescue!

After Chelsea blindsides Sally, Y&R spoilers reveal that Adam will come to Spectra’s rescue. If Lawson cans the redhead, could Adam swoop in with another role for her? This may not only irritate Chelsea, but Victoria and the Moustache as well. Giving Sally a special role would undermine Adam’s ex, but also keep his closest ally in the Newman Media loop.

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6. Mr. & Mrs. Moustache’s Suspicions

If both Nikki and Victor are on the same page about a person and their motives, then said individual should watch their step! Y&R spoilers for the week of January 31st note that the Newmans will question Ashland’s motives over the coming days. In fact, they’ll present a united front and approach Locke about it during the week of February 7th. Will he be able to lie his way out of this one, especially with Michael on the case? If Nikki and Victor confront Ashland, they’ll probably have some evidence on him.

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5. Vic’s Reaction

At some point this week, Victor will approach Victoria with his suspicions about her hubby. How will Vic react to this? Naturally, one would think that she’d fly off the handle; however, if her dad has evidence to support his suspicion, then she may listen to what he has to say. All the other lies exposed about Locke were situations that didn’t exactly revolve around her. If she finds out that her hubby has fibbed about a health condition in the past and could possibly be doing it again, she may ask her dad to gather something concrete to present to her.

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4. She Is Her Father’s Daughter

Many viewers tend to argue that Adam is the Newman child most like Victor; however, some feel that Vic is a carbon copy of her dad. Sure, she’s defended Locke in the past, but if evidence presents itself that she’s been made out to be a fool, she’ll calmly play the charade in order to nab Ashland in the act. Then, she can quash his plan. Fans shouldn’t rule out Victor and Victoria teaming up to bring Locke down.

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3. Chance And Abby’s Parenting Challenge

Speaking of the Newman kids, Y&R spoilers hint that Abby and her hubby will be challenged as parents over the coming days. What will challenge them? Added teasers for February suggest that Dominic will struggle with a medical issue. Is this the start of a new storyline? Will Chance and Abby keep Devon out of the loop if Dom gets sick?

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2. Dominic Gets Sick, Chance And Abby Scramble

What if Dominic gets sick and “Chabby” keeps this hidden from Devon? Maybe they don’t even do it on purpose; they simply get so caught up in taking care of the baby that they refrain from reaching out to Hamilton. Perhaps they end up taking the little one to the hospital, and Devon finds out. He’d be very upset if he wasn’t told that his “son” was admitted.

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1. There’s A Choking Incident

What if the parenting “challenge” involves Dom choking? This could be due to an accident or parental neglect. What if Chance ends up saving the baby, but the reason behind Dom’s choking was because of PTSD-induced neglect? What if Abby does something by accident, which causes harm to the baby, and Chance saves Dominic through first-aid techniques? This might prove to Chance that he is more than capable of “being there for Dominic”, and that parenting takes many shapes and forms when it comes to serving the needs of a child.

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