Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (January 4 – 15, 2021)

Published on January 5, 2021.

It’s a brand-new year in the land of Genoa City, and with holiday celebrations behind everyone, there is sure to be an added layer of drama to focus on. Will Chelsea end up being okay? Will Amanda decide to have a chat with her bio mom after all? What will the Moustache be up to? Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans just love to speculate! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for January 4 to January 15, 2020.

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12. Chelsea Suffers A Set Back

Y&R spoilers hint at some unexpected news for Adam in the coming days, and it sounds like it’ll have to do with Chelsea. She should end up waking up from surgery, but she’ll have to struggle to adjust to a “new normal.” There’s a good chance she may not be able to walk, or maybe talk. She might not be able to perform routine daily activities. She’ll need support from Adam, but it sounds like he’ll try and fail.

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11. Sharon’s Struggle

Y&R spoilers also hint that it’ll be a struggle for Sharon to break away from Adam in the coming days. Newman will either approach her for support, or she may end up reaching out to him. The two could end up “running” into each other. Either way, Sharon and Adam are headed down a dire path if they connect.

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10. Victor In The Driver’s Seat

Victor will be back from London in the coming days and take control of something. Could he decide to boot Vicky from Newman’s CEO spot? Is it time for him to throw retirement to the wind and get comfy in his office chair again? Victoria wouldn’t be too pleased!

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9. Victor Helps Adam

Another idea is that Victor will take control of Chelsea’s medical situation. Could Victor go above and beyond to help Chadam through this difficult time? Could he pull some strings to ensure Chelsea gains access to the best-of-the-best medical assistance that money can buy? Despite the conflicts he’s had with Adam, Chelsea is still the mother of his grandson. He may decide the best place for her is the Newman Ranch.

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8. Marriage On The Horizon For Phick?

Phyllis and Nick keep “talking” about marriage, which might lead to disaster. As Phick tease the idea once again this week, Phyllis will be working overtime to gain the upper hand over Victoria. In the coming days, Phyllis will gather some information on Victoria (thanks to Kevin), and by next week, she’ll take control of the situation. All the while, Nick will have visions of a perfect way to propose. These two are (once again) heading down a slippery slope.

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7. Summer Takes A Road Trip

Speaking of slippery slopes, Y&R spoilers reveal that Summer will head to L.A. this week to dig up some dirt on Sally. Fans of both the Y&R and Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) need to gear up for a crossover storyline, which should be fun for the viewers that are into both soaps.

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6. Jack and Sally

There’s quite an age gap between these two, but could Sally and Jack be headed on a road towards a nice friendship, or something more? Y&R spoilers hint that Jack will aim to “protect” Spectra this week. Will he develop a soft spot in his heart for Sally, or is there something more to this?

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5. Amanda Meets Her Mom

There are some question marks around whether or not Amanda will finally meet her mom, and while she’ll go back and forth on the idea in the coming days, she’ll end up going through with it the week of January 11th. Devon will be there to support her during all of this, which will only help to bond them that much more.

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4. Amanda Learns More

Y&R spoilers hint that Amanda will be stunned the week of January 11th, as she learns more about her past. Could this mean that she has added siblings she doesn’t know about? Or could there be a third child that was born, meaning there are triplets instead of just twins?

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3. Elena and Nate

Elena and Nate will be back on track this week as sparks fly between the two. Seems as if this is on point, as Y&R spoilers reveal that Devon will soon realize that he may have been too hasty in their breakup. Elena may be placed in a situation where she will have to choose between new love, and an old one.

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2. Kyle’s World

Kyle will protect his own interests this week. Does that mean that he throws Summer under the bus? Maybe his dad? In other news, Billy will “steal” a plan of Kyle’s in the coming days, as well. As the two work in very different industries, could this mean that Kyle overhears a marketing or social media strategy that he snags?

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1. Abbott Versus Abbott

Whatever Billy “steals” from Kyle in the coming days, the drama of it all will spill over to the week of January 11th. Kyle will be very upset over a major move that Billy makes. Seems like these two will be at each other’s throats for the next little while. Can Jack help to calm the situation before it gets too big?

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