Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (June 6 – 17, 2022)

Published on June 7, 2022.

What will prompt Victoria to reunite with Ashland? What will Victor’s reaction be when he finds out? What does Billy do this week that has Jill so concerned about him the following week? Will Nate cross a line with Imani? Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans just love to speculate! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for June 6 to June 17, 2022.

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12. Victor THINKS He’s Won

Y&R spoilers for this week hint that Victor will finally (believe) he’s completed his mission by driving Ashland out of town. With that said, the weekly preview video reveals that Victoria will decide to reunite with Locke in the coming days. What goes wrong with Victor’s plan and how does it take “a 180” within days?

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11. Adam’s Revenge

Adam will be up to no good early on in the week. He likely will somehow alert Victoria about Locke leaving town, and this will probably spark Ms. Newman to spring into action and stop Ashland. Vicky will reunite with Locke in the coming days; however, Adam’s manipulation will be behind it all.

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10. The Reunion Fans Have Anticipated

When Ashland didn’t leave town right away, even though he was given $500 million dollars to do so, most fans could see that Vic would likely forgive him for his fake cancer scheme and take him back. Especially after he saved her in that infamous car crash that cost Rey Rosales his life. Vic and Ashland will officially reunite this week, and from the looks of the weekly preview video on social media, they’ll jump into bed to “seal” the deal.

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9. Victor Won’t Back Down

Victor, and the rest of the Newmans, will be outraged by Victoria’s decision to take Ashland back. The Moustache will be very upset about what’s about to unfold; however, this won’t sway him into backing down. If Vicky doesn’t walk away from Newman Enterprises as co-CEO, Victor will likely strip her of her duties and crown Adam as the new CEO.

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8. But Will He?

Victor’s on to Adam and knows all too well that his son is looking to take advantage of his sister’s downfall at Newman. Therefore, it’s iffy if Victor will crown his son the new CEO of Newman. Could he make him co-CEO with Nikki? Will the Moustache turn to Nick for help? His other son hasn’t been overly keen on helping out with the family business in the past. Victor may find himself between a rock and a hard place, looking to replace Vic as CEO.

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7. Move Over, Everyone – The Moustache Is Back

Maybe Victor decides to get back in the CEO chair himself, or at the very least, play a more active role in the office as Nikki and Adam run the company. He may even make Adam sole CEO, give Nikki a break, and spend more time physically at Newman to ensure that Adam doesn’t overstep in his role. 

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6. Victoria’s Big Announcement

Vic sent to announce something major the week of June 13th. This could be anything from walking away from Newman to deciding to have another child, or leaving town for good. What if she announces that she’s planning on starting her own company … one that could rival Newman Enterprises? Could she decide to buy Marchetti? She and Locke have plenty of cash to do so, which would drive the Moustache up the wall!

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5. The Diane Jenkins Factor

Diane and Ashland have become “friendly” as of late. Will this friendship continue over the next two weeks now that Locke and Vic are officially back together? Will he fluff her aside, or look to establish a deeper bond? Should Vicky be worried about their friendship? After all, she may cut ties with her family, but that doesn’t mean she’ll grow newfound trust for Diane considering all she put her mother through.

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4. Phyllis Falls For Diane’s Manipulation

Speaking of Diane, Y&R spoilers suggest that she will continue to place a wedge between Phack. Phyllis is using Jack to get back at Jenkins, but fans know there are feelings there. Will Phyllis continue to fall for Diane’s games or start to take the high road and focus on her romance with Abbott?

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3. The Imani, Elena, And Nate Love Triangle

Things continue to heat up between these three! The problem is that Imani is relentless in her attempts to seduce Hastings, and Nate doesn’t seem to overly mind the attention. Add in the fact that Elena’s insecurities are getting the better of her, and this storyline will likely explode in the next two weeks. Will Nate cross a line?

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2. Imani Gets Sneaky

Imani will stop at nothing. Could she do something where she purposely drugs Nate to sleep with him? That seems a little too much for the lawyer; however, she could get sneaky and possibly ask him out for drinks after work or have a few in the office after a big project is complete. She’ll also encourage him to “drink up” and then move in. Nate will definitely cheat on Elena with Imani at some point. It’s only a matter of time.

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1. More Allie & Noah, Please!

Maybe this is wishful thinking, but here’s hoping that there are more scenes between Allie and Noah in the next two weeks! There likely will be, these two are slowly but surely getting closer and most fans would love nothing more than to see Noah in a romance. Plus, Allie seems like such a smart and kind soul. A perfect match for Mr. Newman! Will these two kiss anytime soon? Probably not, but it’ll still be fun to watch them get closer!

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