Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (March 28 – April 8, 2022)

Published on March 29, 2022.

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans need to gear up for an explosive two weeks ahead! Will Ashland leave Genoa City? What will Michael have to say when he returns? Will Diane reveal herself to Jack? Viewers just love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for March 28th to April 8th, 2022.

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12. Vicky Forgives Ashland

All arrows are pointing to the fact that Victoria will “forgive” Ashland for his recent lies, early on this week. Y&R’s weekly preview shows Billy and Nick at Crimson Lights, watching in horror as Victoria and Ashland embrace. What the actual heck is going on? Could Vic really take Locke back?

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11. The Newmans Are Floored

Victor, Nikki and even Adam will be just as horrified as Nick and Billy are. They will wonder how Victoria is so blinded by Locke that she could even contemplate allowing him back into her life, in light of this new evidence. Perhaps Victor will feel as if it’s time for a new strategy.

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10. Dethroning Victoria Newman

Could Victor decide to dethrone Vicky from Newman-Locke? Is there a legal loophole that could allow him to do so? Could he take charge of his legacy and jump back into the CEO role? Is that possible? If there’s even a slight chance of this, Victor will consider the idea. He may even have plans to promote Adam into that role.

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9. Could Vic Be Fooling Everyone?

Then, there’s the idea that Victoria could be punking everyone. It’s just hard to believe that she could be that gullible to Ashland’s charm and manipulation. She may “forgive” him, but could this be part of a larger plan of hers to “take charge” of the situation and oust him? Perhaps she’ll make him think things are okay, while she figures out a plan to get him out of her company and life for good? It would be far easier to do this with him “on her side” then if there was conflict between the two.

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8. Michael Returns

The good news is that Michael will return to Genoa City this week, safe and sound. He’ll have quite the story for Victor and Lauren, but what will he say? Maybe he was drugged and held hostage in an unknown location, only to be set free. He’ll have no recollection of where he was or who his captors were. Nothing will be linked back to Ashland, even though most everyone will think Locke was behind it.

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7. Coffee Time’s A Bust

Over in L.A., Jack and Allie will set aside some grandfather/granddaughter time, but the situation will remain uncomfortable and awkward between the two. Even in the preview scene for this week, Allie and Jack are finding it challenging to bond or even carry on a conversation. Things will get worse before they get better.

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6. Diane Reveals Herself

Somehow, some way, Diane will reveal herself to Jack during the week of March 28th. Whether it’s Allie introducing the new home buyer to her granddad, or Jenkins unable to escape a situation before she’s confronted, Abbott will see his ex. He’ll be stunned beyond belief (as fans have been), so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

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5. How Will Y&R Spin This?

Diane will have to explain herself, and this will be a hard thing for Y&R writers to spin. Could it be that the woman who was axed by Nikki in 2011 was Jenkin’s twin? Maybe Diane has been “underground” and away from Genoa City for much longer than Jack (or fans) had realized. But why has she remained away from the little town for so long? Was she involved with the mob? Was she working undercover for a super-spy agency? Was she married to a controlling man who wanted her to have nothing to do with her son or past life?

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4. Jack’s Obsessed 

Maybe Diane stayed away from Genoa City to keep Jack safe from something or someone. There’s a good chance that Abbott will not only be intrigued by Diane’s presence, but also become a little obsessed with the ex that he thought had long passed away. Could he see her return as a “second chance” at love gone wrong?

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3. A Rivalry Is Reignited

It’s not hard to see that the Diane/Phyllis rivalry will be reignited, especially if Jack is intrigued by his ex’s return. This should happen as soon as Jenkins strolls into town, which will likely be in the next two weeks. What is Diane up to, and why resurface into Jack’s life now? Phyllis won’t like this one bit.

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2. Chance Is Seemingly Doing Better

Abby will take notice of a change in Chance, and it looks as if he’ll show signs of doing better. Therapy could be working, and Chance may start to be more at ease around Dominic and his domesticated life. Could there be some drama-free living in “Chabby’s” near future? Here’s hoping that’s the case.

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1. Rey Continues To Feel Like He’s #2

Y&R spoilers reveal that Sharon will keep a close eye on Noah this week. She’s an awesome mom but he is an adult, so will her concern for Noah cause her to continue ignoring her hubby? The spark within the Rosales marriage has fizzled. Will Rey turn to Chelsea for more conversation to compensate for the lack of attention his wife is giving him?

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