Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (May 24 – June 4, 2021)

Published on May 25, 2021.

What “secret” does Victor reveal to Amanda? Is there something bigger going on between Phyllis and Ashland? How will things flow between Jack and Tara now that she and Harrison are living at the mansion? There’s nothing Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans love to do more than speculate! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for May 24 to June 4, 2021.

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12. Amanda Is Stunned

This coming week, Victor is set to tell Amanda something that will take her aback. He’ll reveal that her bio dad knew that his girlfriend was expecting and, before he passed away, embarked on a mission to find his child. Clearly, he wasn’t aware that Naya had twins. Regardless, this “news” from Victor will have Sinclair digging deeper into her family’s history.

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11. Ashland and Victoria Get A Little Closer

Things are on the rocks between Tara and Ashland Locke, so this makes the idea of Victoria and him hooking up that much more plausible. Not because Vic or Ash aren’t “above” cheating, but Locke will also have more time to spend with Newman now that Tara and Harrison are not around. How long before Victoria and the Locke-Ness Monster hook up? It could very well happen in the next two weeks.

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10. Phyllis and Ashland

Phyllis and Ashland are at opposite ends of the court right now. Having said that, there does seem to be some underlying tension between these two that could unleash at the most opportune moment. Phyllis is with Nick right now, and Ashland has something going on with Victoria (plus, he’s still married); however, as these two continue to bicker, no one should be stunned if they hook up months from now. There’s something between Red and the Locke-Ness Monster.

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9. Summer Comes Between Her Parents

Phyllis and Nick are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to Summer and Kyle. Phyllis believes that Nick should back off, while Newman is being protective of his daughter. Both are right in their own way, but could Summer’s struggles with Kyle be what pulls Phick apart in the end (or even in the coming weeks)?

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8. Kyle Confesses All To Jack

This week, Kyle will finally tell his dad the truth about Harrison. Sounds like Tara and the little boy will hide away at the Abbott mansion until DNA test results can confirm that Kyle is Harrison’s bio dad. This way, Kyle can fight for the boy and keep Ashland at bay when he demands sole custody of the child. Jack is sure to be stunned to learn the news, but will also be excited about the prospect of being a grandfather. In fact, he’ll welcome the chance at getting to spend time with Harrison.

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7. Tara and Jack Spend More Time Together

As Jack hangs with Harrison, he and Tara will undoubtedly spend more time together. Could sparks fly between them? Tara is younger but very serious for her age. Ashland will offer up a warning to Jack in the coming days when it comes to his estranged wife. Could Tara be a schemer that hides her true intentions very well? Either way, Tara living with Jack opens up a door for something to happen between these two.

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6. Sally Spectra Approaches Ashland

Y&R spoilers have noted that Sally Spectra is about to form a new alliance in the coming days. A preview video clip reveals that she’ll approach Ashland Locke. What could these two decide to do? Sally could offer insider tips for Locke, as it relates to Jabot, while Ashland could make things very difficult for both Summer and Kyle. Sounds like a mutually beneficial partnership.

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5. Billy Proposes?

Billy and Lily are set to move in together this week, which will be a massive step in their relationship. Could Billy pop the question to his girlfriend as well? Sounds like the house they are moving into is “dream home” material. Billy may have a proposal planned, or he could get caught up in the romance and ask her to marry him on a whim! What would her response be?

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4. Victor and Adam Target ChanceComm

While Bi-Li is caught up in romance, the Moustache and his boy will be scheming to bring ChanceComm down! Y&R spoilers for the week of May 31st hint that Nick will be presented with an interesting business proposal. Could Victor and Adam request that he join them aboard their new media company venture? Things are going well between them at the moment, so there’s a good chance that Nick says yes.

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3. Mariah Wants A Baby Of Her Own

Meanwhile, Mariah will learn an important lesson this week, as Sharon praises her for all that she is doing. Could Mariah realize that while having a baby is hard, there are some great rewards in building a family? Could she decide that she wants a baby of her own, once she is finished helping Chabby grow their family?

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2. Abby’s Overwhelmed

Abby will confess something to Devon this week. Could she feel overwhelmed with this entire process? Might she feel a tad bit resentful towards Chance for not being around? Abby is doing all the legwork when it comes to growing their family, and she’s doing it all alone. She, too, has a career, so why is Chance’s mission coming before her and building their family?

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1. Could She Have Regrets?

Abby might admit to Devon that she’s having regrets. What if Chance doesn’t return until well after the baby is born? What if she has to handle a newborn on her own? What if he gets called away at any point after their child arrives? She may have some regrets about moving forward with surrogacy plans. It may all be just too much for one person to handle.

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