Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (November 23 – December 4, 2020)

Published on November 24, 2020.

Will Adam be okay? Will Devon and Nate ever reconcile? Will Billy get pinned for the Adam/Chance shooting? So many questions, so few answers! As fans just love to speculate about all the happenings in Genoa City, below are some Young and the Restless (Y&R) plotline predictions for November 23 to December 4, 2020.

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12. Theo’s Lawsuit

It’ll take some weeks before Dina’s will and Theo’s lawsuit will get resolved, but this week is when Jack and the rest of the Abbotts will be served with papers. Jack will be upset; Ashley will not be happy; Kyle will try and spin this so that everyone is against Theo; and Traci will try to keep the family level-headed and calm.

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11. Abbott Drama

Traci may be the voice of reason. After all, Theo does have the rights to something, and Dina wasn’t really in the best condition to truly think things out when it came to her final will. Traci may try to urge the group to give Theo something to settle this whole thing as quickly as possible. While they all had plans to donate Dina’s fortune to make this world a better place, they all have enough money to still move forward and do this, along with a piece of Dina’s fortune. She may believe Theo is entitled to something more.

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10. Theo Rejects

To add to the drama, Theo will reject the Abbotts’ generous offer. They won’t give him the whole pie, but a substantial piece. Theo will show his true greedy colors and demand more. This is far from over, but the peace offering (and rejection) will be a start. There are sure to be some heated confrontations between Kyle, Theo, and potentially Jack in the next couple of weeks.

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9. Chelsea Tries To Find Adam

Chelsea will confront both Victor and Sharon this week, looking for answers. When she finds out that he’s been committed, she’ll lose it, especially on Sharon. What’s Chelsea’s next step? Finding Adam and trying to spring him loose. The two aren’t married anymore, so she’ll have little leeway; however, she may start plotting other ways to get him out or look for loopholes.

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8. Adam Tries The Unthinkable

Adam may try and end his own life in the coming weeks. Or at least give the illusion that he is trying this so that he can spring out of the mental health facility. Y&R spoilers suggest that Victor will make a distress call, and this could mean that the Moustache catches Adam before or after he tries the unthinkable.

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7. Victor’s Health

What if the distress call is about Victor and his health issues? The Moustache is getting up there in age and he does have problems that require medication. Could all this Adam stress cause Victor to forget to take his meds? Could the distress call be for Victor Newman himself?

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6. Billy Gets Pinned For The Shooting

Across town, Rey is hot on the trails of this shooting case. Seems as if all the arrows are pointing to Billy Abbott, and Y&R spoilers indicate that Lily will defend Billy in the coming days. With that said, the evidence that mounds up will make it undeniable that Billy was the culprit, which may have Lily second-guessing her belief.

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5. Billy Gets Charged

Adam most likely set Billy up for all of this to get back at him for that news article, so the evidence will make it look like Billy was the shooter, even if he wasn’t. Y&R spoilers for the week of November 30th reveal that Billy and Lily’s relationship will take an unexpected turn. Could Lily turn on Billy? She may have to for the company’s sake, and because she’ll feel betrayed.

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4. Wedding Bells

Y&R spoilers hint that the Chabby wedding could happen the week of November 30th. Actress Tricia Cast will reprise her Nina Webster role, and as Chance’s mom, she’ll want to be there. Chabby will continue to plan their wedding this week, despite some cold feet on Abby’s part. Still, fans should expect some chaos to occur … it is a wedding in Genoa City after all!

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3. Abby Gets Locked Up Somewhere

This could be by accident or done deliberately, but Y&R spoilers imply that Abby will need rescuing the week of November 30th, and Ash will swoop in for the save. Could she get locked up somewhere? This also could be about a last-minute wedding detail. Either way, momma bear will help Abby with whatever she needs!

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2. Summer Changes Her Mind

Could Summer change her mind about her new job? Y&R spoilers hint she’ll have a change of heart about something. Could this be about Kyle and their relationship? Either way, Summer’s decision to go another way is sure to raise some eyebrows. Lauren will be devastated if it is about the job.

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1. Sally’s Ready

Y&R spoilers state Sally Spectra will be ready to make her mark this week, so if Summer does decide to decline Lauren’s offer, Sally may step in and remind Fenmore of her fashion experience, plus how much she wants to head Jabot Collective. Summer’s loss could be Sally’s gain. With that said, what if Sally convinces Summer to decline the job, only to snatch it for herself?

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