Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (October 19 – 30, 2020)

Published on October 20, 2020.

What’s on tap for the next two weeks in the land of Genoa City? A character returns with a secret, while a new fresh face arrives on the scene, plus a ton of drama around Devon, Elena, Nate … and Amanda! What will happen? Fans love nothing more than speculating, so below are some Young and the Restless (Y&R) plotline predictions for October 19 to October 30, 2020.

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12. Gloria’s Got A Secret!

Gloria will be returning under the guise that she wants to meet Chloe and Kevin’s baby boy, but it won’t take long for Michael and Kevin to realize that she’s come back to town for another reason. She has a secret that she’s not sharing, but what is it all about?

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11. The Teardrop Necklace

Is it any coincidence that Gloria is set to arrive just as Dina has passed away? Could Gloria be interested in the Teardrop Necklace? Could she even be trying to get a hold of Dina’s money under the idea that she was John’s last wife before he passed away? There could be a link between Dina’s passing, and Gloria’s arrival.

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10. Hello, Jordan! 

Y&R fans will also welcome a new face hopping onto the Genoa City scene! Actress Madison Thompson joins the cast on October 27th, playing of Jordan. Once again, it’s hard to shake that Jordan will arrive on the scene very close to Dina’s passing. Could she be a long-lost relative of Dina’s? Perhaps a grandchild she knows nothing about? Maybe a confidant she met during her travels. Jordan could be someone who also wants to stake a claim on her estate.

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9. Secrets Revealed

Nate and Elena’s secret one-nighter won’t be a secret for very long. Y&R spoilers reveal that there is a good chance that Elena spills the beans during the “businessman of the year” event this week, and all heck is about to break loose. In fact, it seems as if Phyllis will desperately try to do some damage control as the ceremony is taking place in her hotel, but she may not succeed.

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8. Devon Punches Out Nate

Devon is sure to be upset, but will he get so riled up that he crosses a line? He’ll have a confrontation with Nate, and fans shouldn’t be surprised to see Devon punch Nate, or the two get into a physical fight. The drama is about to unleash in a very major way.

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7. Devon Throws Elena Out

While Devon has been the cheater in many circumstances in the past, he won’t enjoy being the one cheated on. Sounds as if his relationship with Elena will be over and done with once he learns the truth. She’ll desperately try to pick up the pieces of her life the week of October 26th, so it sounds like Devon will throw her out of his apartment as soon as he gets the chance.

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6. Devon Turns To Amanda

The drama will reach fever pitch in the coming days, and by the weekend, Devon will end up on Amanda’s doorstep. These two could just talk about what their partners did to them, or they could unleash some passion themselves. It’s hard to say, but they will come together by week’s end.

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5. Adam’s Plan For Rey

Y&R spoilers tease a “dark Adam” that is about to emerge, and his target is Rey. Adam is seething with jealousy right now at the very thought of Shey becoming husband and wife. What will he do? Adam is capable of anything at the moment, but could he cross the line and attack Rey? Or will he concoct a scheme to make Rey look bad, forcing Sharon to dump Rosales and turn to him?

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4. Chadam Breaks Up

Chadam has been walking a fine line for weeks now. Sounds as if there’s a good chance that Chelsea gives up on him this week and the two will break up. Adam won’t care, he’s too focused on Sharon. Adam may also catch wind that Sharon’s feeling better and beg her to take him back on as a client so that he can work on destroying Rey, but also getting closer to Sharon in the meantime.

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3. Faith Spirals

Despite the great news that Sharon is doing better, Faith will continue to spiral. The kid has had a rough go as of late, and while things could be going better, bottling in her emotions could result in depression. She’ll worsen over the next couple of weeks, as Sharon and Nick worry about her.

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2. Billy and Lily Kiss

Will fans see Billy and Lily kiss anytime soon? Sparks have been flying between the two, and there seem to be some hints around this. Plus, Victoria will give Lily a warning the week of October 26th, so something could happen where Vicky feels the need to give Lily a heads up about her ex.

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1. Summer Breaks Up With Kyle

Summer will give Kyle a reality check in the coming days, but does that mean she breaks up with him? Seems like there is a good chance of this. Who would take him back after the way he’s been acting? He isn’t that “head-over-heels” in love with her, or he wouldn’t have turned to Lola and dating sites after she broke off the wedding. Kyle will shrug off Summer’s dis, and turn to Lola full force.

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