Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (September 21 – October 2, 2020)

Published on September 21, 2020.

Will Billy get away with his plan against Adam? Will Traci find the missing piece from Dina’s past? Do Chance and Abby have a real future together? Fans of Young and the Restless (Y&R) just LOVE to speculate! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for September 21 to October 2, 2020.

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12. Adam May Start To Feel Guilty

Adam’s declared war on Victor this week, but will he change his tune? Y&R spoilers indicate that his dad will give him some advice this week. Will it inspire Adam to let go, or will the very thought of his father preaching to him enrage him even more? It could make him feel guilty. Victor does love Adam. Maybe that will shine through this week.

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11. Victor’s Rage

Y&R spoilers for the week of September 28th offer up some interesting information. Seems as if Victor and Billy will have a confrontation. This is sure to stem around Abbott’s plot to bring down Adam; however, with this scheme, he’s technically declared war on Victor too. Things are about to get ugly.

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10. Victoria Gets Involved

Victor will know that Vicky is behind all this, and while they have been on slippery terms, it’s about to get even worse. This will bring Billy and Victoria that much closer. It might even bond them. They may even get down to the bottom of their last breakup. After all, Victor was behind all that. Had he left it alone, they’d probably be together.

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9. Some Heat Exchanged

Y&R spoilers are teasing that there will be some “unexpected” heat between two characters next week. Could it be Billy and Victoria? There have only been co-parenting goals between these two as of late, so it would certainly be unexpected. Then, there’s also a chance some romantic sparks fly between Lily and Billy.

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8. More Speculation

It’s hard to stop speculating on potential couples that the above spoilers refer to. After all, it really could be anyone. There’s always the idea that it could be Mariah and Theo. After all, these two have had a hate-on for each other since the beginning, which can be the biggest indication that a romance is on the horizon.

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7. Some Final Couples

Then there’s the idea that it could be Sharon and Adam? Adam has been acting way out of character. Sure, he and Chelsea seemed to have common ground this week; well, sort of, but there’s still massive chemistry between the exes. The “unexpectedness” of it all is that Sharon would actually cheat on Rey, after all that he’s done for her.

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6. Alyssa’s Missing

Y&R spoilers reveal that Alyssa will “disappear” the week of September 21st; however, there’s a good chance she’s either skipped town or gotten kidnapped. The kidnapping could take place from one of Victor’s henchmen. It might also be an unknown person for Las Vegas. If she skips town, it may be to avoid Victor’s wrath.

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5. Elena, Devon, Amanda, and Nate

Friendship dynamics are certainly going to shift between these three in the next couple of weeks. Amanda and Devon will get a little closer, bond over Hilary, and talk about life. Meanwhile, Elena and Nate may start to sense a transition in their friendship. Sparks will fly left, right, and center between these four. Just with the wrong people.

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4. Phyllis and Nick

They keep talking about past mistakes, and nervousness around their reunion … are they jinxing themselves? Was Phyllis’ comment this week around “self-sabotaging” just something to say, or a premonition? Could things start to go downhill between these two in the coming weeks? The storyline seems to be hinting this in a big way.

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3. Chancellor Park Proposal Event

There’s no ring, but Summer and Kyle are engaged. The plan was to hide it, but things can change fast in the land of daytime drama. There’s a Y&R spoiler hinting that these two will “propose to each other” next week. Could they plan something where they gather their families together, and then pop the news when they both ask each other the big question?

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2. Chabby Wedding?

Across town, Kyle and Summer’s engagement might just inspire Abby and Chance to talk about where they are headed. They’ll chat about their future, so is marriage part of the plan? Could Abby decide to take the plunge and propose to Chance, or vice versa? These two are certainly ready to take that next step.

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1. Traci Digs!

Y&R spoilers tease that Traci will “unearth” some information around Dina’s past! It’s hard not to think that something will lead her to “dig” something out from the ground. She’ll probably stumble on the idea by accident. She may even find the necklace, or find a clue on where to head next. She and Jack are nowhere near what they are supposed to find, just yet. But, watching them discover information is making for a nice little side storyline.

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