Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (September 6 – 17, 2021)

Published on September 7, 2021.

Is there trouble in paradise for Adam and Victor? Is Victoria starting to “see the light” where Ashland is concerned? Will Mariah be okay? Will Abby start to lose her patience with Chance? Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans just love to speculate! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for September 6th to September 17th, 2021.

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13. Cracks In The Newman Media Foundation

Victor and Adam were doing so well! With that said, it seems as if things are about to get ugly. While Y&R spoilers for the week of September 6th hint that Sally and Adam will agree to hit the “reset” button on their relationship, meaning it’ll be all business and zero pleasure, a weekly preview video for the show hints at something else.

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12. The Moustache Lays Down The Law

Y&R spoilers for this week hint that Victor will question Sally’s intentions. With all she’s done to Summer, the Moustache won’t be too pleased that she’s focused on Adam. The weekly preview video indicates that the two will have a chat, and Sally will believe any romantic plans with Adam are off the table. Adam, on the other hand, will have other ideas.

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11. Adam Interrupts

The Y&R weekly preview video shows Adam interrupting the conversation between Sally and his dad. As the next scenes unfold, an upset Adam will let Sally know that his father doesn’t dictate his love life. He’ll reach in for a lip-lock, and the two will share a passionate kiss. Sounds like a lot more could take place between these two in the coming weeks.

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10. More Than Just A Kiss?

Could Adam and Sally hit the sheets? There’s a good chance of that, too. How will this affect Sharon? She’s happily married, so it shouldn’t at all, but Y&R spoilers imply that Mrs. Rosales will “quiz” Adam about Chelsea. She might place it in his head that getting involved with Sally would mean that he couldn’t reunite with Lawson if and when she returns to Genoa City. Will Sharon be jealous about the romance between Sally and Adam? Most likely!

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9. Mariah Struggles

Mariah has been through a lot over the past month. This week, she’ll begin the next chapter of her life as a non-surrogate. She’ll struggle with this. Who could blame her? Add in the fact that Stitch is still on the loose, and there’s a good chance that Copeland won’t only worry about her safety, but Dominic’s, too.

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8. Abby’s Had Enough

Abby will try and contact Chance. She’s bound to grow frustrated over the fact that he’s putting this mission before the health and safety of their family. Not to mention the fact that their baby has been born, and he hasn’t seen his son yet. Still, everything ended on a high note last week when Baby Dominic entered this world and Mariah was rescued but this was no thanks to Chance. Abby will start to grow very bitter over her husband, his work, and his absence.

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7. The Devon Factor

Devon’s already showing signs of attachment towards his bio son. Will this draw him closer to Abby and further from Amanda? There does seem to be some chemistry between Abby and Devon as of late. They are good friends and do make a great team. After all, they saved Mariah together and delivered Dominic.

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6. Abby Turns To Hamilton

Abby will get frustrated, and soon. Taking care of a newborn can take a toll on any mom. While Abby does have the support of family and a full staff, she’ll want to take on those nightly and early morning feedings on her own to bond with Dominic. But sleep deprivation can be the hardest thing about having a baby. She’ll turn to Devon as a “friend” to talk things out. Being on her own, and without any support from a significant other, will cause her and Hamilton to grow closer.

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5. Tensions Between Mariah and Abby

Could there be some tension brewing between Mariah and Abby? Will Mariah try to help Abby with the baby? She’s still recovering from everything. Will Abby awkwardly ask her to move out of the mansion? Will Mariah want to leave? Maybe Copeland will stay so that Abby (and Victor) can keep all three of them safe. It’s easier to watch over one mansion, versus two different dwellings. Still, living under the same roof, will Mariah try to advise Abby on how to care for Dominic? This could create conflict!

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4. Jack’s Confession

Y&R spoilers for the week of September 6th reveal that Jack will “come clean” to Phyllis this week. Could he admit she’s the one that got away? Or maybe that he still has feelings for her? Whatever he confesses, he’ll be “backpedaling” by the week of September 13th. It could be that he states he “will always love her”, and if things get awkward, he may explain that he’s happy she’s with Nick. But will she buy what he’s selling?

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3. An Unwelcome Message

Across town, Y&R spoilers for this week state that Ashland will get an unwelcome message. Meanwhile, as the week of September 13th approaches, Victor will demand answers. Does Victor find out more about Ashland’s past? Does he figure out that Locke schemed against his female “mentor” to acquire her businesses? Will Victor figure out that Locke is lying about his condition? Is he lying about his condition?

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2. Nate Gets Involved

Nate will get an unexpected invite from Ashland this coming week. Could Locke ask him for private healthcare visits? Or could he ask him to write up a doctor’s note as “proof” of his condition, but without an actual examination? Nate will be caught off guard by the invite. While Nate wouldn’t partake in something sketchy, especially against Victoria, will he accidentally become a part of Ash’s scheming?

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1. Victoria Starts To Get Suspicious

Could Vic get suspicious about Ashland, his past, and his current actions? It does seem like she’s starting to, but still remains in denial especially in front of the family, her parents, and Billy. By the end of next week, will Victoria get some concrete evidence that may make her change her mind about getting hitched to the Locke-Ness Monster? Only time will tell!

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