Young And The Restless: Plotline Predictions For Winter 2020

Published on December 18, 2019.

Whether you like the snow or not, everyone can still enjoy wintertime fun! Especially if you are a fan of Young and the Restless (Y&R). While the days are shorter and the weather is colder, the drama is bound to heat up in Genoa City. What will come to be in the coming months? It’s hard to say, but always fun to speculate! Below are some Y&R plotline predictions for winter 2020.

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13. Abby and Chance

Time for a little romance! Who else is excited about the pairing of Chance and Abby? Most fans can agree, Abby needs a spark in the relationship department, and Chance will prove to be a nice addition to her love life over the winter months. It’s always fun watching two soap opera characters fall in love!

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12. Theo and The Abbotts

On the cusp of the holiday season, The Abbott Clan is sure to continue to welcome Theo into the family by including him in gatherings and whatnot. While this will help Theo feel closer to everyone, this could continue to alienate Kyle, which will ultimately increase the bad blood between these “cousins,” not to mention Kyle and the rest of the Abbotts.

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11. Cousin Versus Cousin

Now that Kyle has something to prove as Co-CEO of Jabot, the animosity will continue to heighten between him and Theo over the coming months at the company. It’ll remain at work, where the two will struggle to one-up each other; the two will also work hard to turn the ladies of their lives against the other. Fans should expect to see Lola and Theo get closer, as well as Kyle and Summer. One of these sets of friends may even cross the line heading into Valentine’s Day.

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10. Summer’s Choice

With that said, Summer has been promising to stay neutral between her boss and BFF Kyle, and her other half, Theo, for some time now, which generally means that she’ll eventually choose a side. As the winter weeks turn into winter months, Summer may decide to official jump on Team Kyle. Maybe she sees Theo cross a line at work, or in his private life that turns her off? Regardless, despite all that has gone down between these two, she has a soft spot in her heart for Kyle. These two just may be the first to do something inappropriate to complicate their working relationship and friendship.

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9. Gloria Returns

Actor Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) recently teased that his onscreen mom, Judith Chapman (Gloria) may return to Genoa City during a Global TV interview in October of this year. With holiday spoilers indicating that Chloe may announce she’s expecting soon, there’s a good chance grandma Gloria swings back into town to help with all the baby preparation, which will ultimately create a thorn in Kevin and Chloe’s side (Michael and Lauren’s, too).

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8. Villy Marriage Begins To Crack

While they do seem happy now, many fans can see a crack in the Villy relationship from a mile away. These two have always found it challenging to keep a healthy marriage going, and despite the fact that both are trying (and doing well), Victoria’s work and Billy’s free time may end up creating issues for these two.

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7. Amanda & Billy

Y&R has been teasing an affair between lawyer Amanda and Billy for some weeks now. While they seem like an unlikely pair, the two do have a spark, and there has to be a good reason why Billy hasn’t mentioned their conversation to Victoria. Could they cross the line in the winter months? Most likely.

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6. Amanda’s Past

While many in Genoa City have been iffy about Amanda and her motives, people seem to be coming around. Nate’s smitten with the lawyer, and while Devon is a tad obsessed with her, it seems to be more about a potential connection she could have to Hilary since they look so much alike. Soaps are infamous for “twin” storylines, so there’s a good chance that Amanda ends up being Hilary’s long-lost sister. This will definitely be revealed by the time spring comes.

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5. Elena Comes Around

Elena has been one who isn’t sold on Amanda; however, this should change once the holidays are over. When she sees that Devon really just wants to pursue a friendship, she will come around. In the end, she and Devon will be stronger as a couple, and Y&R viewers may end up seeing Amanda and Elena become Genoa’s City’s newest BFFs.

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4. Chadam Reunion

Connor is calling all the shots right now, as Chelsea and Adam scrabble to do all they can to help their little boy get over the trauma he’s endured as of late. Pair this up with Adam’s manipulative tactics, and a Chadam reunion is in the cards come early 2020. It may even happen over the holiday season. But what if they are “together” for the sake of Connor, and not really “together” in the real couple sense? She’d have to leave Nick to keep up with the charade, and Adam would be okay with the idea, as it would just be one step closer to the real thing.

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3. Phick Comes Together

With Chelsea and Nick hanging on a thread, the straw that will break the camel’s back is a Chelsea and Adam reunion. With that said, there’s no doubt that Nick will turn to Phyllis, and the two will let their emotions get the better of them. Red doesn’t want to be a pawn in Adam’s game; however, she’s got a soft spot for Nick, and an attraction she cannot shake, even after all these years.

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2. Chelsea Ends Up Expecting

But, before Y&R fans get too comfortable with the Chadam and Phick reunions, if Chelsea ends up expecting a child sometime soon, things could get a little sticky with all four individuals. As she’s been with Nick recently, this could very well happen. If it does, this means she may have to choose Connor’s happiness over her unborn child’s (and her own) happiness, which could leave her very conflicted. How can she stay away from a man she truly loves, and who has fathered another child of hers, all in the pursuit of keeping Connor content? She’s only had Connor’s best interests all these years, how will she be able to balance the needs of two kids?

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1. Valentine’s Wedding For Shey

The only silver lining around Adam and Chelsea is that Newman’s forgotten all about Sharon (what’s her name). All joking aside, this has allowed for Sharon and Rey’s bond to solidify, and there’s a good chance these two may decide to take a bigger step in their relationship … marriage! Could Y&R fans be gearing up for a Shey Valentine’s Wedding?

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