Young And The Restless: Spoilers For August 2021

Published on July 28, 2021.

There’s still one more month of summer to go in the land of Genoa City, and August should prove to be explosive! What’s about to go down on The Young and the Restless (Y&Rthis month? A major character exits, while a love triangle heats up, and someone discovers a major truth. Learn about these storylines and others in the below Y&R spoilers for August 2021.

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12. Goodbye Kyle?

There were rumors that both Summer Newman (Hunter King) and Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) would be leaving the show soon. Unfortunately, Michael Mealor (along with a fellow Y&R colleague) confirmed that Kyle will be exiting Genoa City very soon. Expect Abbott to say goodbye sometime in August — unless, of course, a recast replacement is announced beforehand, which is entirely possible!

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11. Hunter King’s Status

While it’s been confirmed that Michael Mealor is leaving Y&R shortly, no confirmation has been made about Summer or the actress who plays her, Hunter King. There have been rumors, but nothing substantial. Things didn’t look so good when Summer headed to Milan after Tara blackmailed her. While most fans would think that a perfect way to close this storyline would be Kyle finding out about Tara and then taking Harrison (and himself) to Italy to be with Summer, who knows what plot twist is looming on the horizon?

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10. Could Summer (And Hunter) Stay Put?

There are some indications that Summer Newman (Hunter King) will likely stay on Y&R the main one being that Summer hasn’t left the canvas or storylines. While she’s in Milan, fans continue to see her onscreen, hinting that perhaps viewers haven’t seen the last of Summer after all!

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9. Phyllis Finds Out The Truth

Speaking of Summer, her momma bear is fighting her battles back in Genoa City. Phyllis has been relentless in her pursuit to expose Tara Locke, Sally Spectra and their true intentions. Y&R spoilers for early August indicate that Red will uncover the truth. Watch out Tara and Sally, your worlds are about to come crumbling down!

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8. Time To Expose Them All

Phyllis knows she needs concrete “proof”. Y&R fans who have tuned in this past week know that stating Tara and Sally are up to no good does nothing, as both Kyle and Jack are (and have been) defending these women. Once Phyllis uncovers the truth, she’ll sure be quick to expose both ladies.

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7. Summer Returns?

With actress Hunter King’s status up in the air, Summer could return to Genoa City if Phyllis exposes the truth about Tara and Sally. There’s also a chance that the Kyle character will be recast so that Skyle can reunite. After all, this role has been played by multiple actors in the past. But will Summer slip back into her role at JVC?

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6. Lauren’s Power Play

Speaking of, Y&R spoilers for August suggest that Lauren will make a power play. Does she learn about what Sally has done and remove her from her role, only to bring Summer back to lead JVC? That’s a pretty big move! This teaser could also be about something else going on in Lauren’s company. Could she be thinking about expanding her corporate legacy?

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5. Some Unexpected News

Across town, the romance continues between Ashland and Victoria. The situation with these two is unique. While they do have chemistry, it seems as if the clock is ticking away when it comes to Locke and his health condition. Plus, Vicky has fallen hard. Y&R spoilers for early August indicate that Vic will have some unexpected news to share. Does this have to do with business or her personal life?

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4. Victor Is Suspicious

Y&R spoilers for August state that Victor will be suspicious of Chelsea, and she’ll give him a reason to be. What will Lawson be up to now? The Moustache’s main concern at this point is Connor, and he might be worried that Chelsea will think about skipping out on her mom, with her son in tow. He may also believe that Lawson is scheming against himself and Adam. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Chelsea and her terrible ways!

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3. Imani Causes Chaos

Soap Central recently sat down to interview actress Leigh-Ann Rose (Imani Benedict). During their chat, Rose revealed that her character is about to unleash some major trouble not only Dr. Nate Hastings (and Elena), but her half-sister Amanda Sinclair, too. What will Imani be up to, and how much chaos can she create?

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2. Love Triangle

As per the interview, it sounds like the love triangle between Imani, Nate and Elena will continue to heat up in August. Rose noted that while she can’t “say too much”, Imani has the type of personality that will let her intentions be known, and leave little to question once she has.

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1. Adam and Sharon

Finally, things will remain complicated between Shadam in August. While Adam is doing all he can to start fresh in Genoa City, and Sharon is doing all she can to stay away from her ex, their paths will continue to cross. It’ll be hard for both parties to resist temptation. Can they finally break free of their past and feelings for each other, or will they throw all caution to the wind?

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