Young And The Restless: Spoilers For December 2021

Published on November 30, 2021.

‘Tis the season for romance, drama and character returns! December is a fun yet busy time of year for residents of Genoa City, and fans expect some incredible storyline twists and turns. What’s on tap for the next month on The Young and the Restless (Y&R)? A major comeback, for one thing! Also, Chance will come home and there may be some Newman family drama. Learn about these storylines and others in the below Y&R spoilers for December 2021.

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12. Chelsea Returns

Chelsea fans need to mark their calendars for Tuesday, December 14th. This is the date when Lawson is set to storm back into the land of Genoa City. Actress Melissa Claire Egan will reprise her infamous role, so what’s in store for Chelsea after she returns to the little town? There will probably be a little drama!

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11. One Of The Team

Y&R spoilers for December hint that Chelsea will join BFF Chloe and Sally to help move Newman Media’s fashion department forward. This means Adam will be working with both a budding love interest and his former flame. Can Mr. Newman juggle these women, as well as work and scheming with his dad at a solid pace? Only time will tell!

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10. Chelsea’s Love Life

While Lawson will be focused on Connor and her job, Y&R spoilers for December also suggest that love might be in her future, too. Now that Nick is single, could a reunion be possible? There’s also the chance that she may be laser-focused on getting Adam back. Will he be interested?

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9. A Possible Love Triangle

There’s a good chance a love triangle is looming on the horizon between Chelsea, Sally and Adam. With the women working together, this could add another nice layer of conflict to the storyline. Mix in the fact that Connor likes Spectra, and there will be an overload of drama at Newman Media this holiday season.

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8. Abby Finds Chance

Abby will finally locate Chance at the very end of November. Y&R spoilers reveal that Jack and Ashley will embark on a search for Abby, but retreat once they realize Mrs. Newman-Abbott-Chancellor has found her husband. Added teasers note that Victor will be taken aback when he learns his son-in-law is alive.

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7. Homecoming Celebration

Y&R spoilers for December state that everyone involved will be over-the-moon that Chance is back, alive and well. Added teasers suggest that Adam will be happy to see his old friend, and the two will have a reunion of their own. In other news, Abby loves nothing more than planning events, so fans should expect a “Welcome Back, Chance!” party sometime in December.

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6. Goodbye Dad, Hello Daddy!

Y&R spoilers imply that once Chance returns home, Devon will give Dominic back to the reunited Chancellors. The good news is that the little one will finally get to meet his “dad”. However, how will Hamilton feel about separating from his bio son, after all the time they’ve spent together? Will he have some animosity towards Chance?

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5. Easing Into Parenthood

Will it be all fun and celebrations once Chance returns? Chance and Abby might certainly have a honeymoon phase, as the new family bonds. However, babies are a handful and can cause an incredible amount of stress on a relationship. It might only be a matter of time before “Chabby” starts to feel the tension that a growing family can bring.

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4. Mariah And Devon Left Out In The Cold

With Chance’s big return, will Mariah and Devon feel as if they’ve been left out in the cold? Mariah is already bitter, after all. However, Chance and Abby may fluff Hamilton to the side (and not purposely). Chance may be eager to bond with the baby boy, and Abby might feel as if both Mariah and Devon should keep their distance until their family of three can adjust to everything. This may make the surrogate and sperm donor resent the couple.

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3. Jill Takes Control

Y&R spoilers state that Jill Abbott will return near the end of November, and by the beginning of December, she’ll take over the reins at Chance Comm. Lily and Billy have done an incredible job with the company and have only fallen into trouble thanks to the Moustache. But, how will it sit with the co-CEOs now that momma bear is making all the decisions?

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2. Jill For The Save

Y&R spoilers note that Jill won’t only return to take over the reins at the company, she’ll be looking to “save” Chance Comm. Will she counter-act Adam and Victor’s scheming with some strategies of her own? Added teasers imply that Ms. Abbott will be around for a longer run than usual, which means that she’s likely in Genoa City until Christmas and possibly beyond the New Year.

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1. Trouble In Newman Paradise?

Y&R spoilers for early December indicate that there may be some tension between Victoria, Ashland and Nick. Added teasers note that Mr. Newman will have a confrontation with the Locke-Ness Monster, and Vicky will do her best to come between the two men. What are Ash and Vic up to now?

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