Young And The Restless: Spoilers For Fall 2020

Published on September 15, 2020.

Fall means Halloween, Thanksgiving, cooler temperatures, and warm sweaters! It also means a ton of drama, romance, and intrigue in the land of Genoa City! What should fans expect this season on the Young and the Restless (Y&R)? Two couples will face challenges after a truth is revealed; a new character will enter the little town; and a returning character will offer up a plot twist. Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for fall 2020.

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12. The Fate Of Two Couples

Most fans know by now that Amanda will learn she is Hilary’s twin very soon. This will send a shockwave between her, Nate, Devon, and Elena. Added teasers indicate a “storm” of revelation, romance, and desire will be set in motion, and a returning character will act as a catalyst for an unexpected turn in this storyline.

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11. Jared Returns

The 18-year-old who was first seen outside the new clinic this past March (and then was helped by the Amanda, Nate, and Elena) named Jared will return sometime in the fall. Played by actor Michael Maclane, he will be the returning character that acts as a “catalyst” between Devon, Amanda, Nate, and Elena. No other information is provided in the teaser, so fans can draw their conclusions.

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10. Amanda and Devon

But what fans can expect in the coming weeks is for Amanda to get closer to Devon. She may seek to learn more about Hilary, and find herself turning to him. Y&R spoilers hint that she’ll let her guard down with Hamilton, and soon. In related teasers, Elena will start to lose patience with Amanda.

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9. Elena and Nate

Speaking of, Elena will also turn to Nate in the coming weeks, looking for support. Will this new-found bond between Devon and Amanda worry the other two? Will they find solace in each other’s company? Nate and Elena are friends, but in the land of soaps, this can always equal out to something more.

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8. New Character Alert!

Little is being said about this new character; however, Y&R spoilers do relay that actress Courtney Hope, former Sally Spectra from Bold and the Beautiful, is set to hit the land of Genoa City! No exact airdate or any other information available just yet, but she should appear sometime this fall. Will she reprise Sally, or will viewers see a fresh character on daytime screens?

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7. Phick Update

Sadly, despite all that Nick has done recently to keep the peace, the “hotel war” between Abby and Phyllis will continue to rage on well into the fall. There is no slowing down for these two, but will their frenemy feud affect Phyllis and Nick’s relationship? Someone needs to back down for this to be over, and Nick may feel as if Red is going overboard.

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6. Abby and Chance

They seem pretty tight right now and have overcome all the drama that has surfaced around Adam and Chance’s past in Las Vegas. With that said, Chance’s need to protect Adam at all costs will be a concern to Abby. Y&R spoilers reveal that their bromance could cause issues for Chance and Abby.

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5. Chelsea and Adam

Things will turn dark very fast as Chelsea and Adam will declare war on each other, and soon. There’s also a very good chance that Chelsea will align herself with Billy, to bring Adam down. There’s nothing worse than an ex whose scorn, and Adam should watch himself very carefully.

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4. Adam and Sharon

With that said, it seems as if Adam and Sharon will continue to be drawn toward each other this fall. While Sharon has resigned as Adam’s therapist, with all that he is dealing with when it comes to Chelsea, she may decide to take that back. These two could be headed for a reunion.

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3. Mariah and Tessa

Closing in on the end of the fall season, as winter approaches, Y&R spoilers indicate some changes that might occur with the Mariah/Tessa relationship. Teasers state that Mariah is set to make an unexpected decision that will impact her and Tessa moving forward. Could this be a choice that affects them positively or negatively?

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2. Kyle and Summer

Summer and Kyle are “pretend” engaged now, but expect some major bumps ahead for this super couple. Y&R spoilers reveal that they’ll hit multiple obstacles over the next few months in pursuit of their “happily ever after.” This might have to do with exes, business, and family.

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1. Baby Fisher

Baby Fisher is set to make his arrival this fall, and Genoa City may never be the same! In all seriousness, Y&R spoilers tease some light drama between Chloe and Kevin as they welcome their newest addition to the family. They’ve never had a newborn together, so the trials and tribulations (not to mention lack of sleep) could offer up some interesting scenarios for the two.

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