Young And The Restless: Spoilers For February 2020

Published on January 27, 2020. Updated January 31, 2020

While pre-emptions have plagued the Young and the Restless (Y&R) all thanks to the U.S. impeachment trial, a new month is upon us, filled with plenty of romance, intrigue, and drama. What will come to be in the land of Genoa City in the next four weeks? Learn more about what to expect in the Y&R spoilers for the month of February 2020.

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12. Amanda’s Past

Y&R spoilers for February tease that Amanda’s past will come back to haunt her in Genoa City. It seems as if she’ll fall upon some upsetting news early on in the month, and this new twist in her storyline will also bring a new character to the Y&R scene. But, will this be a good thing or bad thing for Amanda?

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11. An Ex Shows Up

According to Y&R spoilers, fans will be introduced to Ripley Turner sometime in February. Played by actor Christian Keyes, the name may sound familiar to some viewers as Turner is Amanda’s ex-finance — the very same one she has a restraining order on, and the one who has a restraining order on her (as per the dossier Devon has). What could bring Ripley to Genoa City? Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

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10. Chabby Heats Up

On to some feel-good Y&R spoilers, seems as if the month of February will continue to bring some passion for new lovebirds Chance and Abby. Teasers seem to hint that they’ll indulge in a little romance this month. While Phyllis continues to try and sway Chance, clearly he’ll remain smitten with Abby this coming month.

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9. Nikki’s Bad News

According to Y&R spoilers, there seems to be some bad news in the coming weeks for someone that Nikki is close to. Unfortunately, she’ll be the bearer of the information, and she’ll have to deliver it. Here’s hoping that the person on the receiving end of said news doesn’t take it out on the messenger.

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8. Billy Vs. The Moustache

Y&R spoilers indicate that the Moustache will put Billy on notice in early February. Victor has always been protective of his kids; he’s also never been a huge fan of the Villy pairing. The fact that Billy seems to be causing Victoria stress as of late, may not sit too well with Victor. He may warn Abbott that this is his last chance with Vicky, so if he decides to stray, he will never be welcomed back.

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7. Sharon’s Nurse

Another new character is entering the Y&R spectrum in February, as actress Virginia Louise Smith pops into Genoa City, playing Elyse, a nurse that has been placed on Sharon’s medical team. Sounds like this could be a good thing, and the fact that Sharon has a group of professionals dedicated to her case seems like her chances of beating this breast cancer might seem hopeful.

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6. Sharon’s Condition

The introduction of this new nurse and Sharon’s medical team signals that the Y&R will continue to dive deeper into this storyline that will undeniably help raise awareness around breast cancer, early detection, diagnosis for the condition, as well as treatment options. Sharon won’t only need the help of her medical team, but the support of family and friends as well.

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5. Trouble In Kola Paradise

Y&R spoilers hint that Kyle and Lola will have a disagreement about something. Could Lola learn about the kiss between him and Summer? Perhaps she suggests that the two not work so closely – and Kyle disagrees on this because he and Summer make such a good team in the corporate world.

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4. The Theo Factor

Or, could the two be arguing about Theo, and his friendship with Lola? Y&R spoilers indicate that Theo will continue to try and place himself in Lola’s orbit, which will frustrate Kyle to no end. As the month progresses, fans should expect to see the feud between Theo and Kyle reach new heights.

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3. Adam’s Unfinished Business

Y&R spoilers indicate that in February, Adam will look into some unfinished business he has. Could this be about the woman that has gone missing all of a sudden? He has been up to something, and it looks as if Newman is going to be the one to ensure that any loose ends around this get tied up before anyone in Genoa City finds out what he has done.

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2. Ashley Returns

Y&R spoilers are teasing that fans should keep an eye out for Ashley Abbott in the coming month. Seems as if she too has some unfinished business to tend to in Genoa City. Things could blow up at Jabot, and it may be a power struggle within the company when she does stroll into town.

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1. Devon & Jill

While Devon continues to try and move on from the entire will debacle, Y&R spoilers do hint that he and Jill will still try and stay focused on tracking down Colin. The storyline has settled a tad around this, but it may spark back up in the coming weeks. Devon and Jill won’t let this slide entirely.

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