Young And The Restless: Spoilers For February 2021

Published on January 27, 2021.

It’s almost February, which means it’s almost sweeps time in the land of daytime drama! What drama is in store for the residents of Genoa City? Faith will show a little more attitude while a familiar face will pop in to say “hi.” Also, more of Kyle’s past will be exposed. Learn about these storylines and others in the Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for February 2021.

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12. Sally Sets Her Sights On Summer

Does Summer realize what she’s just unleashed? She took a trip to L.A. to dig up some dirt on Sally Spectra (and do some business for JVC) and accomplished both items on her bucket list. But should she have just stuck to business, though? Y&R spoilers for February hint that Sally will do all she can to mess with both Summer’s business and personal life this month.

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11. Sally Counters

In fact, Y&R spoilers hint that Sally will decide to “counter” what Summer has recently done to her. Seems as if she’ll either reach out to Theo or Vanderway will somehow reach out to her via phone call. Apparently, he has some dirt on Kyle from their New York days, and Sally will happily listen to what Theo has to say.

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10. Theo Returns

Theo will be in Chicago on business when he and Sally chat. According to Y&R spoilers, Theo is set to return to Genoa City sometime during the first week of February when actor Tyler Johnson reprises the role. He’ll spill a secret of Kyle’s that Summer is not aware of, and added teasers hint that what Theo has to say could highly affect the Skyle relationship this month. Sally will use this information against Summer, and Kyle’s “secret” is set to be exposed sometime earlier this month.

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9. Theo’s Run

It’s being reported that Theo’s return to Genoa City is a short-term run. Basically, Theo will spill the beans and head back to Paris. Will he have time to visit his Uncle Jack and the rest of the Abbott fam jam? Will they even want to see him after what he does to Kyle?

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8. Sally’s Romantic Ventures

Y&R spoilers hint romance is on the horizon for Sally, as she pursues some eligible bachelors in Genoa City come February. Could Summer kick Kyle to the curb once his secret is exposed? Could Sally try and help him pick up the pieces? Could the two develop a “close” relationship with him, like she now has with Jack?

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7. Don Diamont Pays GC A Visit

Bold and the Beautiful’s Don Diamont (Bill Spencer) once played the legendary role of Brad Carlton on the Y&R from 1985 to 2009. Sadly, Carlton passed away, which opened a door for the actor to head to the B&B. Thanks to the recent crossover storyline, it seems as if Bill Spencer will visit Genoa City the week of February 8th. While he’ll be there to see Summer, here’s hoping the Y&R does some fun scenes with Diamont and some of Brad’s favorite people like Jack, Traci, Ashley, Abby, and potentially Victoria, Sharon, and The Moustache. This could offer some very interesting and funny moments. Will anyone think that Bill looks familiar?

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6. Faith’s World

Y&R spoilers hint that Nikki will try and help Faith this month, but will Faith listen to what her grandmother says, or fluff it off? Sounds like it’ll be the latter, which could land the teenager in some hot water as February progresses. Added teasers imply that Faith will “balk” at Nikki’s attempt to help, which means she’ll reveal even more teen attitude as the weeks go by.

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5. Chelsea’s Dark Side

During a recent interview with Soap Central, actress Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Lawson) revealed that her character will inch closer to a breaking point. She’s already seeing things and having an internal struggle when it comes to Adam and Sharon’s bond. What could happen next? Without revealing too much, Egan stated that “bad” things could be around the corner for Mrs. Rosales. Chelsea’s a con artist at the end of the day, and if her buttons are pushed, she’s capable of anything.

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4. Vicky, Billy, and Lily

Victoria will continue to find it hard to swallow Billy’s new relationship with Lily. According to Y&R spoilers, she’ll (innocently) use Katie and Johnny to her advantage, but will also be “concerned” over the effects that Lily being with Billy has on them. Either way, it seems that Vicky, Billy, and the kids will be spending much more time together in February.

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3. Victor Takes Notice

Y&R spoilers tease that Victor will come to notice the added “family time” between Vicky, Billy, and their kids, and will start to question his daughter on it. Is she falling back into bad habits with her ex? Is she developing a soft spot for him again? Victor doesn’t like the Villy pairing and is sure to continue to do all he can to stop any type of reconciliation.

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2. Elena, Nate, Amanda, Devon

Across town, Y&R spoilers hint that Elena will have a secret she’s struggling with. Could it be her feelings for Devon, and the recent dreams she’s been having, especially in light of the new relationship she has with Nate? Speaking of Devon, he’ll continue to get a little closer to Amanda in February.

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1. Chabby and Mariah

There’s a very good chance that Mariah will accept Chance and Abby’s request around being their surrogate mother. Copeland has a huge heart, is a good person, and is very fond of both Abby and Chance. Tessa seems supportive of the idea, and February could be the start of Mariah and Chabby’s journey to extend their family.

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