Young And The Restless: Spoilers For July 2021

Published on June 30, 2021.

As June turns to July, things will continue to heat up in the land of Genoa City! Tara zeroes in on Kyle, while the Abbott clan will welcome a visitor to the mansion. Also, could Chance return? Learn about these storylines and others in the below Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for July 2021.

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12. Tara Zeroes In On Kyle

With Summer seemingly off to Italy, Y&R spoilers for early July indicate that Tara will try to sink her claws into Kyle, almost immediately. How will she do this? By “reminiscing” about their past together, of course! But, can Abbott easily forget about the love of his life? Time will tell whether Tara can turn Kyle’s head for the long haul.

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11. A Visitor To The Abbott Mansion

Y&R spoilers for July hint that a “special” guest is set to visit the Abbott mansion. Who could this be? Is Ashley returning to town? Perhaps Abby has a baby shower this month that grandma Ash doesn’t want to miss? There’s also the chance that Ashland Locke could move in. After all, if time is ticking away on his life, he may not want to miss a precious moment with Harrison! Jack would likely oblige this request.

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10. Sally Is Relentless

Despite scoring her dream job as head of JCV, Sally Spectra will still yearn for more in her life. Y&R spoilers note that she’ll be “relentless” in her pursuit of Jack Abbott this month. Could Spectra be the “special” guest invited to the mansion? Even though Jack has made it clear he’s not interested, this won’t stop Sally from extending an invitation to Abbott. Will she ever win his heart back?

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9. Victoria Has News

Speaking of the Locke-Ness Monster, Y&R July spoilers state that Victoria will have some interesting news for Ashland. There’s a very good chance that she’ll speed up the merger between Newman and Locke’s company. Added teasers hint that the push could be to get back at Victor and any opinions he has on her business and personal relationships. Is Vic making the right move here?

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8. Could Chance Return?

There are some hints that Chance Chancellor could return this July. First off, Y&R spoilers back in April noted a casting call for the soap that fit the description of Abby’s hubby. With his name continually mentioned on the show as of late, it doesn’t seem far-fetched to believe that he could come back to town, fresh off a successful mission.

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7. The Stitch Factor

Abby’s ex-hubby Stitch made an unexpected return this past week, which raised many eyebrows among fans. Is he back to win Abby’s heart, or could this all be a plot of revenge? After all, the doctor did note that his son has been “in and out” of mental facilities since his marriage fell apart. Only time will tell if Stitch has good or bad intentions.

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6. Bi-Li On A Roll

Despite Billy’s shenanigans, it seems as if Bi-Li will continue to be strong in July. As of last week, the two will embark on a new investigation together. Y&R spoilers hint that they’ll continue to mix business with pleasure this month. Does this mean a “happily ever after” for these two, or is a breakup on the horizon?

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5. Amanda Continues To Search

Y&R spoilers suggest that Amanda Sinclair will have increased determination to get to the bottom of things this month. She’ll be looking for some concrete evidence around what happened to her father, and who was at the helm of his murder. Will she finally get the resolution she needs to move on?

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4. Amanda Gets Down To The Bottom Of Things

Amanda will likely get down to the bottom of things in July. With so many plot twists in this storyline, the whole truth – and nothing but the truth – is bound to finally be revealed this month. Who was behind Richard’s passing, and was it intentional or an accident? Both Amanda and fans should get some closure on this.

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3. Adam Worries

Across town, Y&R spoilers indicate that Adam will be very concerned over Chelsea’s mental condition this month. Lawson will likely exit at some point in July, as actress Melissa Claire Egan is expecting and set to go on maternity leave soon. How will Chelsea leave Genoa City? Likely with a bang!

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2. Shadam Struggle

Y&R spoilers for this month suggest that Adam and Sharon will realize their connection is far stronger than they believed. It’ll be a struggle to resist each other. If Chelsea exits the picture, could Sharon be drawn closer to Adam? Shey has worked hard on their marriage; however, if Connor returns to Genoa City, Adam may ask Sharon to help with therapy counselling for the boy. He’s trusted her in past, so it may seem second-nature to ask her again.

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1. Kevin’s Concern

Adam won’t be the only one worried about a loved one. Y&R spoilers imply that Kevin will have a concern, which he shares with his wife Chloe. This might have to do with Chelsea especially if Lawson does something drastic and tries to escape the facility she’s in. Could he be worried about his wife’s safety? Maybe this “concern” is about one of their kids?

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