Young And The Restless: Spoilers For March 2020

Published on February 25, 2020. Updated February 28, 2020

Seems as if the land of Genoa City will be a very busy place come March. Two characters return; someone makes an unexpected discovery; and a celebrity might possibly pop into town. Learn more about these storylines and others in The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for March 2020.

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12. Tessa’s Discovery

Tessa is away on tour right now, and sadly, Mariah’s insecurities are getting the better of her. According to Y&R spoilers, Tessa will come across something unexpected, which is sure to leave her speechless. Could this be about Tanner and his true intentions? Or perhaps it has to do with Mariah?

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11. Tessa Returns To Genoa City?

In light of Mariah’s accusations this week, and how she believes that Tanner is making the moves on her girlfriend, could Tessa make an unexpected trip to Genoa City for some quality time with Mariah? Sure, she’s on tour right now, but maybe she can get a couple of days off to pop into town? If Mariah is unaware of the visit, this could very well mean that Tessa finds her in a compromising position.

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10. Victor Challenges Nick

Y&R spoilers hint that Victor will challenge Nick sometime in March. As Vicky lays in that hospital bed, fighting for her life, the Newman men might be picking up her job duties at the office. If Nick makes a decision that Victor doesn’t agree with, this could cause a full-blown fight between the father and son.

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9. Nick Versus Adam, Part II?

The Newmans need to keep a united front right now, especially with Victoria down and out. The last thing they need is fighting within the family. So, perhaps the challenge set before Nick is to work hand-in-hand with brother Adam. Newman Enterprises needs all the help they can get with Vicky out of the loop, and Adam has always been a solid executive.

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8. Reed Returns!

According to Y&R spoilers, actor Tristan Lake, who plays Reed Hellstrom on the show, will reprise his role come early March. What could bring Victoria’s eldest back to Genoa City? His family needing his support. He may want to be there for Vicky and, right now, she’s in a medically induced coma, but who knows what the coming weeks could bring?

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7. Victoria Worsens?

While Y&R spoilers don’t really offer up any information on whether or not Vicky will get better or worse in the coming weeks, all arrows point to the latter with Reed coming back to town. He may be needed for a blood transfusion, or just simply want to be by his mother’s side during her time of need.

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6. Billy & Amanda

When the cat’s away, the mice will play, or will they? As per Y&R spoilers, Billy and Amanda will explore their connection come March. Despite Victoria being in a hospital bed, it seems that the two will take a close look at why they are so drawn to each other.

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5. Crossing The Line?

But, the real question is, will the two cross a line? Billy is technically separated from Victoria right now, and despite her health condition, the two were at a crossroads well before she got stabbed. Not that Billy wishes her to be in that predicament, but with all that is going on, he and Amanda could get wrapped up in passion, and decide to take their “friendship” to the next level.

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4. Unexpected Visitor

Y&R spoilers for this week indicate that Jack will have some devastating news. Could this be about Dina and her health condition? Could she pass on in the coming week with funeral arrangements set for March? Or, could this news be related to Jabot? Teasers indicate that Jack will get a visit from someone unexpected in early March, so the spoiler about “news” and now an “unexpected” visitor could be connected.

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3. Traci Abbott Returns

Could the unexpected visitor be his sister Traci? Could he use her support in an impending crisis? Actress Beth Maitland, who plays Traci Abbott, recently teased on her social media that she’d be returning to the show soon, so fans should gear up for her Genoa City comeback in the coming month.

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2. Jack & Traci

The Abbott children have always had an incredible bond; however, unlike Jack and Ashley, Jack and Traci have consistently been on the same page over the years. Whatever “news” Jack may have in the coming days, Traci will likely help him through whatever may pop up when she returns. If it’s to help with Dina, she’ll lend a hand. While she’s not as corporate savvy as Ashley, if his “news” has to do with Jabot, Traci’s got a sound mind when it comes to decision making.

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1. Green Day In Genoa City?

On to some interesting Y&R spoilers, Billie Joe Armstrong, better known as the lead singer of band Green Day, recently teased an appearance on the Y&R via his Instagram handle. Actress Camryn Grimes (who plays Mariah and Cassie on the show) commented on the post (in caps) that he should return for a visit. Does this mean we could be seeing a special celebrity guest spot in the coming month? Maybe not, but maybe soon! Make it happen, Y&R writers!

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