Young And The Restless: Spoilers For May 2021

Published on April 28, 2021.

May sweeps are just around the corner in the land of Genoa City! What can Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans expect this month? Victor goes above and beyond for Adam, while Chloe and Chelsea’s friendship could start to crack. Also, Shey’s marriage hangs on by a thread. Learn about these storylines and others in the below Y&R spoilers for May 2021.

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12. Victor Goes To Extremes

Y&R spoilers for May indicate that the Moustache will go to extreme lengths for Adam. Added teasers imply that he’ll do all he can to prove his son’s innocence. In other news for next month, Chelsea will realize that Victor will stop at nothing to expose her scheme against Adam. As such, she’ll do something bold to gain the upper hand on him.

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11. Chloe Feels The Heat

Speaking of Chelsea, could her relationship with Chloe be at risk? Y&R spoilers for this month hint that Mrs. Fisher will find out that she’s in hot water, all thanks to helping her BFF. Chloe didn’t exactly “know” the plan, so could she turn on Lawson to save herself? Would anyone blame her for doing so?

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10. Victor Pulls Out All The Stops

Victor won’t only be doing all he can to help Adam in May. Y&R spoilers reveal that he’ll go above and beyond to help his granddaughter Faith. Sadly, the young girl will face a dire medical emergency that will rock the entire Newman family. Added teasers state that Victor will also pull out all the stops for Faith.

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9. Sharon and Nick

Y&R spoilers indicate that Sharon and Nick will endure some conflict over Faith’s medical emergency. They may not see eye-to-eye on treatment options. Regardless, added teasers suggest that Nick will place his feelings aside to do what’s right for his daughter. It sounds like Nick is set to make a major move to save Faith’s life.

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8. Shey’s Hanging On A Thread

Speaking of Sharon, Y&R spoilers note that her marriage to Rey will be hanging by a thread this month. In fact, the couple will wonder if anything can save their relationship at this point. Added teasers imply that Rey will once again confront his wife about her feelings for Adam. In other related news, Nikki will try her best to control everyone’s emotions. It sounds as if May is going to be a chaotic month for the Newman family.

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7. The Lockes Return

According to Y&R spoilers, the Lockes will return to town to tie up some loose ends with business. In potentially related news, Victoria will start spending more time with a new business colleague. This will raise eyebrows all over Genoa City. Vicky will also try to bring Newman Enterprises to new heights. Sounds like Vic will be mixing some business with pleasure in May. Could Ashland Locke be the new business colleague that Victoria is spending time with?

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6. Cracks In Bi-Li

Sad news for fans of Billy and Lily. Y&R spoilers indicate the two will come to the conclusion that they aren’t on the same page with their relationship. With that said, it seems that they will still agree that they make a great pair in the boardroom. Added teasers suggest they decide to come together for ChanceComm and take on any competition that comes their way.

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5. Amanda Uncovers A Secret

Across town, Y&R spoilers for May imply that Amanda will discover a past secret that hits very close to home. She’ll start to have concerns about pursuing a relationship with her bio family. Speaking of Amanda, Devon will do his best to support his girlfriend while also embarking on a new business project.

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4. Sally Targets Skyle

Y&R spoilers for May reveal that Sally Spectra’s need for revenge will take a dire turn. Added teasers hint she’ll target Kyle and Summer’s relationship and try to inflict the most damage that she can. Does this mean she and Jack are through for good? Her focus might be Skyle, but this could be a way to get back at both Phyllis and Abbott.

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3. Jack & Red Aren’t On The Same Page

Meanwhile, Jack and Phyllis will be on high alert. Will they be on to what Sally has planned? Y&R spoilers state that Red and Jack will have different ideas on the ways around “protecting” their kids. Added teasers imply that Nick will be worried that Summer will get hurt again by Kyle’s indiscretions, especially when he thinks about his daughter’s past with Abbott.

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2. Elena and Nate

Will these two try and reunite in May? As per Y&R spoilers, the answer is “no”. The two will continue to have lingering feelings for each other; however, teasers add that they’ll remain “only” friends and give their renewed friendship another go. With that said, how long will that last before they are in each other’s arms again?

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1. Abby Struggles

Finally, Y&R spoilers note that Abby will struggle without Chance this coming month. With their family growing right before her eyes, she may feel a little lonely without her husband to share this with. The good news is that she’ll focus on Mariah as much as possible and give her friend all the attention she needs. Although the bad news is, Copeland will have to make adjustments to her life while carrying Chabby’s baby.

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