Young And The Restless: Spoilers For November 2019

Published on October 29, 2019.

Sweeps month tend to be a fun month in the land of daytime drama, and The Young and the Restless (Y&R) is no exception to this rule! What will come to be in the coming weeks? New characters, new secrets, new romances, and new adventures! Learn more about what will unravel in Genoa City by checking out the Y&R spoilers for November 2019.

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13. Simon Black Is Introduced

General Hospital alum actor Jeffrey Vincent Parise is set to join the Y&R cast come Friday, November 1st. He’ll enter the land of Genoa City as Simon Black, an unknown stranger headed to the little town in the name of revenge. Who’s his target and who is he after? Little information has been given via spoilers, so fans will have to tune in to find out!

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12. Daddy’s At The Door?

According to Y&R spoilers for November, yet another new character is headed to Genoa City as of Friday, November 8th. Eric Vanderway, played by actor Jon Briddell, is set to hit Y&R screens in the coming weeks, and while it is not confirmed that he is, in fact, Theo’s dad, speculation seems to be pointing in that direction thanks to the same last name.

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11. Kola Drama

Speaking of, Y&R spoilers seem to hint some trouble in paradise for Kola this month. First off, the couple will be battling some issues thanks to Lola’s growing friendship with Theo. Other problems may arise for the super couple as Kyle’s Jabot responsibilities will have him spending more time with Summer both in and out of the office.

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10. Dina’s Other Child

Y&R spoilers are suggesting that a storyline around Dina potentially having an illegitimate child may be on the horizon in November. Teasers hint that a secret involving Traci, Jack, and Ashley’s mom will come to light, which will have the siblings struggling to protect their dad’s image. It seems that Dina had affair at prom with Stuart Brooks (while dating John), and she may have given birth to another child.

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9. Nick’s New Venture

Y&R spoilers indicate that Nick will jump into a new venture and run for Genoa City Council. It seems as if he’ll learn very quickly that being a Newman can hurt and help someone, politically speaking. Sadly, Nikki’s past political blunders may come to the surface during Nick’s campaign, so here’s hoping it all doesn’t get too ugly for the Newmans.

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8. The Moustache Keeps Tabs

Y&R spoilers suggest that The Moustache will still work hard to ensure he knows what is going on at Newman Enterprises. This may annoy Vicky to no end, but she’ll have other things to deal with in November. Teasers relay that Vicky will worry about her husband Billy and his dark side emerging now that Adam is back in town. She’ll hope these two can finally get past their differences.

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7. Chelsea and Adam

Seems as if Adam will be placed in Chelsea’s orbit when she falls back on her con artist ways this month. Y&R spoilers indicate that trouble will find her in November, and as such, she’ll turn to Chloe and Kevin to help her deal with a threat. Seems as if Lawson will end up in dire circumstances, and there’s a good chance that Newman comes to her rescue.

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6. Amanda and Devon

Y&R spoilers hint that Amanda’s true link to Katherine’s will comes to fruition this month. As such, some familiar faces connected to Devon’s past come into the picture. Does this mean Y&R viewers will be privy to a romance between these two? Some sparks seemed to emerge when the will drama was settled recently.

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5. Cane Works Hard

Jill seems to think that Colin may be behind all this will business, and Y&R spoilers tease that she may go searching for answers around this come November. Cane will also work hard to prove he’s not behind any of this in the least. Hopefully, with Jill’s help, they can do this.

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4. Phyllis’ World

Y&R spoilers indicate that Phyllis will remain resilient with her success goals come November. She’ll try and use her influence at the Grande Phoenix to pull off a power move of sorts; however, the entire plan will end up having a big impact on not only herself but also Chelsea and Abby.

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3. Genoa City At Risk

Y&R spoilers relay that a dire situation will place the safety of Genoa City and residents at a huge risk. Chief of Police Paul Williams will be called in, but can he save the little town, and those closest to him, from what is going on? Seems like this is going to be a huge storyline come November.

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2. Shey At A Crossroads

Y&R fans should expect plenty of sparks flying between Sharon and Rey come November. Having said that, the super couple will also battle some lingering issues too. Spoilers hint that Sharon will try to sweep her feelings and past with Adam under the rug, while Rey tries to decide if he even wants to pursue this relationship with her.

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1. More Spoilers!

Y&R spoilers reveal that Nate and Abby will remain on shaky ground in November (thanks to his part in Victor’s “fake” death); however, Nate will eventually find a lady friend, who also happens to be a prominent figure in Genoa City. Lastly, Mariah and Tessa gear up to celebrate their one-year anniversary! With all they have gone through, who knew they’d last this long!

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