Young And The Restless: Spoilers For October 2020

Published on September 29, 2020.

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! Wonder what’s on tap for the next month? Genoa City will be reeling from a scandal while Nate and Elena will scramble with a medical crisis. Also, a special delivery may prompt a huge return! Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for October 2020.

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12. The Aftermath

Y&R spoilers tease massive drama around Adam in the aftermath of Billy’s story being published. It seems as if Lily and Billy will have to scramble in early October when it comes to the fallout after the story becomes public. There will be a major conflict between many characters within the land of Genoa City moving forward.

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11. Billy and Lily

As Billy went against Lily’s wishes, Y&R fans should expect some tension between these two. While they will work together when it comes to damage control at Chancellor Communications, Lily won’t be pleased that Billy went against what she wanted. There’s some chemistry between these two, so it’ll be interesting how all this plays out.

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10. Nikki and Victor

Billy and Lily won’t be the only ones scrambling, as Y&R spoilers imply that Nikki will try to do all she can when it comes to damage control. Speaking of, related teasers for October suggest that Adam will come between Victor and Nikki in the coming weeks. The Moustache is Adam’s target right now, he better watch out.

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9. Special Delivery

It’s time for Baby Fisher to make his grand arrival! Y&R spoilers hint that Chloe and Kevin will await a special delivery, and it seems like only a matter of time before they become a family of four! It’s a special time for the entire family, and everyone will want to soak up every precious moment. Including aunts, uncles, and grandmothers!

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8. Grandma Gloria Makes Her Entrance!

Speaking of, Y&R spoilers state that actress Judith Chapman is set for a return, as she reprises her infamous Gloria Bardwell role. Could grandma Gloria return to see her brand-new grandbaby (and cause a little chaos for Chloe and Kevin along the way?) Seems about right! Added teasers hint that she’ll come back sometime in October, which is around the same timeline for Baby Fisher to arrive.

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7. Nate and Elena

Y&R spoilers hint a medical crisis that hits “close to home” for Elena and Nate in early October. With actor Michael Maclane set to return to Genoa City as Jared, could this have to do with him? Could he suffer from a medical emergency that draws these two “friends” a little closer?

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6. Nate Dabbles In The Danger Zone

Y&R spoilers imply that Nate will “play with fire” in the coming weeks. Could he decide to cross a line with Elena? He doesn’t seem like the type that would do something like this; however, this is the land of daytime drama. Anything is possible, and it does seem as if Hilary and Devon are experiencing some sparks.

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5. Sharon and Rey

Y&R spoilers reveal that Rey and Sharon will disagree about something in the coming weeks. They’ll have a difference of opinion, which could mean they have a debate about something small, or it could turn into something more major. Is this the beginning of the end for Shey? Adam might be waiting in the wings.

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4. Sharon’s Health

Y&R spoilers for October indicate that she’ll have another surgery, and she’ll try to recuperate from it. Does this mean that remission is not far behind? Here’s hoping so. In other related teasers, Sharon will work hard to protect Faith from her cancer condition leading up to the surgery. Faith isn’t a kid anymore, but she is Sharon’s “baby.” she’ll want to do all she can to isolate her from any potential pain.

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3. Jack and Ash

Y&R spoilers reveal that Jack will still be struggling with the hidden messages from Dina’s video in early October. Sister Ashley will be around to not only lend an ear but to also offer some advice. In fact, she’ll try and point her brother in the right direction; however, will he end up finding what he’s looking for?

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2. Traci’s World

Y&R spoilers for early October reveal that Traci will be busy trying to find more clues around Dina’s past. She’ll “unearth” a piece of evidence, which means some (literal) digging will be involved. What she finds is the infamous emerald necklace that Dina is wearing in the video. She’ll also get one step closer to learning more about her mom.

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1. Courtney Hope’s Role

The bad news is that actress Courtney Hope recently left The Bold and the Beautiful, but the good news is that she is set to join the cast of the Y&R and soon! No word yet who she will play, or even a name for her Genoa City character. Could she bring a little B&B to the Y&R by reprising her Sally Spectra part?

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