Young And The Restless: Spoilers For September 2019

Published on September 3, 2019.

As summer turns to fall in the land of Genoa City, Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans need to gear up for more romance, intensity, and plenty of drama. Victor and Adam’s feud heats up; Kyle’s new role at Jabot causes issues at home; and there is trouble in paradise for Nick and Chelsea. Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for September 2019.

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12. Adam Versus Victor

Y&R September spoilers hint that the rivalry between Adam and The Moustache will heat up as the weeks progress. Victor will try to build a defense against Adam’s hit-and-run incident, and his son will cross a line of sorts. In fact, teasers reveal a twist will leave fans shocked in the coming weeks, and it shall turn the Newman family’s world upside down.

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11. Summer And Kyle Clear Things Up

Y&R spoilers for September indicate that exes Summer and Kyle will clear the air early on in the month. This is a good thing, as they will have to work together in the coming weeks, so keeping things professional is a must. Plus, Summer is far more preoccupied with Theo these days then Abbott, right? Well, teasers suggest things may turn once again for this couple.

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10. Kyle’s New Gig

As Jack heads out to parts unknown and appoints Kyle as Jabot’s interim CEO, the new role will have the younger Abbott on his toes. In fact, Y&R spoilers reveal he’ll be at the office working long hours, alongside his ex-wife Summer. In other related teasers for September, Lola will become concerned with Kyle’s hours and who’s he’s working with. Seems like she may also come close to learning Kyle’s secret this month.

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9. Jack’s World

Y&R September spoilers suggest that Jack will step away from business to search for a “missing” piece in his life. With Kyle as Jabot’s interim CEO, sister Ashley will run the company from overseas; however, fans should expect to see her hop into town at some point in September for Jabot dealings. Meanwhile, In other related spoilers, sister Traci will also embark on a life-changing project in her own right. The Abbotts will be busy, busy, busy, this month!

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8. Scandal In Genoa City

Y&R spoilers for September suggest that Paul will launch an investigation in town around a scandal that hits GC. In fact, teasers indicate the entire case could shatter a character’s reputation. Could Paul be onto Michael and his “working relationship” with Adam? Or could this storyline be about someone else?

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7. Grand Phoenix Opens

As Abby and Chelsea work very hard to organize their Grand Phoenix venture in early September, Y&R fans should expect a ton of chaos when it finally opens its doors. Spoilers relay that Phyllis will be behind it all in an act of revenge for being pushed out of the business project.

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6. New Character Alert

Comedian and actress Kelly Coffield Park will be joining the cast of the Y&R in early September, and fans should note that the show is remaining very hush-hush about her role, as little information was provided about the new character whose name is Suzanne Fuller. Viewers may remember Park as one of the original cast members from the sketch comedy T.V. show, In Living Color.

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5. Billy’s Struggle

Y&R September spoilers suggest that Billy’s relationship with Victoria will be affected dramatically by his recent actions. He’s continuing to struggle with his darker side, and while Chloe and Kevin are trying to help protect him, the lies will eventually begin to pile up, leaving Vicky quite suspicious. Villy will be in trouble this month.

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4. Jill Returns

In fact, Y&R spoilers suggest that Jill will return to Genoa City in September to help Billy. Well, intervene in the matter seems more like it. Jill is quite the meddling mom; however, in this case, he may need her support to help him through this terrible situation. Plus, we all know how much Jill loves seeing Billy with Vicky, so she’ll do anything to keep the two together.

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3. Love Triangle?

Adam will be all over the Genoa City map this month, but could he insert himself in yet another love triangle? Chelsea and Nick have officially reunited, but don’t count Adam out yet! Y&R spoilers for September state he will be causing a ton of problems in Chick relationship this month.

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2. Chelsea Worries

Despite the fact that the Nick/Adam rivalry will cause issues for Chick, Y&R spoilers tease that Chelsea will worry in September. As Adam renews his bond with their son Connor, Chelsea will be quite concerned about her ex’s dark side. Does this center around what Adam may do next, or the influence of this dark side on her sweet son Connor?

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1. Shey Reunion?

Y&R spoilers for September indicate that Sharon and Rey will find themselves “bumping” into each other a lot in the coming weeks. So much so, they’ll get the sense that they can’t avoid each other, where both will question where they stand and their feelings for each other. Does this mean that fans could see a Shey reunion this month?

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