Young And The Restless: Spoilers For September 2020

Published on August 27, 2020.

New romances, new rivalries, new conflicts, and new characters are all on the horizon as Young and the Restless (Y&R) gears up for another exciting month in daytime drama! Will Adam be okay? Will things get complicated with Sharon? Who’s set to return to Genoa City this month? Get all the answers to these questions and more by checking out the Y&R spoilers for September 2020 down below.

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12. Adam’s Memories

According to Y&R spoilers for September, Adam’s new-found memories will change how he sees himself (and his place) within the Newman family. Added teasers reveal that Chelsea will feel him pulling away from their relationship, and this will place a tremendous amount of stress within their romance.

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11. Sharon’s World

Y&R spoilers indicate that Sharon will believe she is the only one that can help Adam out of this situation, so she probably will continue to support him at all costs. Sadly, as she struggles to help Newman, she’ll also face a major obstacle when it comes to her breast cancer battle, the biggest one she’s dealt with yet.

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10. Character Return

Noah Newman is set for a comeback, as actor Robert Adamson reprises the role this month. He’ll return in early September, and he’s most likely coming back in light of Sharon’s breast cancer issues. He’s tight with his mom and will want to be there for her in her time of need. In other character returns, Amanda’s ex Jared is set to come back to Genoa City.

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9. Things Get Complicated

Jared’s return comes hand-in-hand with a new storyline developing in September that will involve Amanda, Nate, Devon, and Elena. Y&R spoilers for the month tease a “storm” of revelation, romance, and desire. Fans should expect to learn about Amanda’s link to Hilary, and the entire thing has an unexpected twist.

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8. Abby Versus Red

Y&R spoilers suggest that Abby and Phyllis will continue to battle it out, as their never-ending conflict will heat up. Will this affect Nick in any way, and his relationship with Red? Either way, both ladies won’t be able to give up on the hate-on they have for each other, and it’ll only grow deeper next month.

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7. Abby and Chance

Speaking of Abby, Y&R spoilers for September imply that issues are ahead for the happy couple in September, and they’ll stem from Chance and Adam’s friendship. Seems as if Chance will have no issues standing up for Adam, or covering for him, which won’t please Abby one bit. Expect to see cracks in this romance soon.

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6. New Character Alert?!

Y&R fans may be familiar with actress Courtney Hope’s work on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) as Sally Spectra. With Hope recently wrapping up her stint on B&B, she recently announced she’ll be joining the Y&R very shortly. Could Courtney bring a new character to the land of Genoa City come September, and who could she be linked to?

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5. And A Baby Makes Four

Y&R spoilers reveal that Chloe and Kevin’s baby is ready to make an appearance this September; however, teasers also relay that drama is on the horizon. Could the newborn suffer from a medical emergency? Here’s hoping that the “drama” is something insignificant. Maybe he comes before the baby room is ready to go?

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4. Victoria Looking To Make Her Mark

Y&R spoilers hint that Vicky will want to make her mark in September; however, it’ll be separate from her dad Victor. Does she look to leave the company? Change Newman all together? Perhaps legally change the corporation’s name? She may even decide to drive the business off the map altogether to destroy her dad’s legacy.

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3. Romance Is In The Air

While Summer and Kyle, as well as Lola and Theo, will pursue their respective romances, each relationship will face its kind of obstacles. Y&R spoilers indicate that Theo will continue to self-sabotage, so there’s a good chance he pushes Lola away. He can be his own worst enemy at times.

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2. Mariah’s Decision

Across town, Y&R spoilers for September reveal that Mariah will make an unexpected decision that will have implications when it comes to her relationship with Tessa. Could Mariah decide to break up with Tess? Maybe she ponders leaving town for career opportunities (once Sharon feels better that is).

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1. The Abbotts

Y&R spoilers reveal that Dina’s condition will continue to decline this month. As such, the entire Abbott clan (including Traci, Jack, and Ashley) will look for a piece of her past to help bring some joy into her life, during her final days. Seems like a feel-good teaser that also may get some fans a little emotional when all is said and done.

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