Young And The Restless: Spoilers For September 2021

Published on August 31, 2021.

What should Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans expect to see over the next month? In the aftermath of Baby Bowie’s birth (and Mariah’s kidnapping), Victor and Billy go head-to-head, plus some Newman sibling rivalry! Genoa City will never be the same! Learn about these storylines and others in the below Y&R spoilers for September 2021.

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12. The Kidnapping Aftermath

Mariah and Baby Bowie have been saved, but are they both okay? It’s still hard to say this week. Things seem to be pointing in the right direction as of this writing; however, it sounds like the fallout of this storyline will continue in September. Y&R spoilers for next month reveal that Mariah will be haunted by the past, but what does this really mean?

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11. Mariah Suffers From PTSD?

Mariah Copeland’s had a hard life. Since she came to Genoa City, things have gotten easier for the young lady, but living in a cult had her once very jaded. Will Mariah suffer from PTSD after she safely returns home? Could her recent kidnapping also unleash bad memories from her childhood with Ian Ward?

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10. Victor Versus Billy

Sounds like the feud between Billy-boy and the Moustache will re-ignite in September and carry throughout the month. Y&R spoilers indicate that Victor will “gear up” for battle against the young Abbott brother. With that said, does Newman’s plan of attack have a personal or professional focus?

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9. Mixing Business With Pleasure…

Victor has never liked Billy Abbott. While their feud will ramp up in September, has it ever really stopped? Things seem to “slow down” between these two, now and again, only to start back up! There’s a good chance that Victor’s plan of attack on Billy mixes both business with pleasure. We expect nothing less from the great Victor Newman!

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8. Billy’s Caught

Y&R spoilers note that Billy will be caught in a compromising position next month. Could he be snooping around at Newman Media, or does Lily catch him doing something he shouldn’t be? Hard to tell! He may also be placed in a trap. Could Victor set him up and make him look bad in Lily’s books? Breaking up Bi-Li would be the best way to destroy Billy-boy!

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7. Nick Versus Victoria

Speaking of the Newmans, Y&R spoilers hint that Vic and Nick may get caught up in some sibling drama. Sounds like there’s a good chance Victoria will find out that her brother was the one who asked Daddy Victor to look into Ashland’s past. Added teasers suggest that Nick will defend himself, but this could turn ugly as the month progresses.

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6. Victoria May Feel Cornered

With Nikki poking at her, Victor’s investigation, and plus Nick now, Victoria could feel as though she’s backed into a corner. It also doesn’t help that Billy disapproves of Ashland and their upcoming marriage. The more people prod, the more determined she’ll be to move forward with these nuptials and throw all caution to the wind.

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5. Ashland’s Past

Could Ashland’s past come back to haunt him? Things seem sketchy with the Locke-Ness at this point, not only with his “condition”, but also his relationship with the woman who helped him establish his legacy. As Locke tries to convince Victoria there’s nothing to be concerned about, his story could start cracking (even more) as September progresses.

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4. The Newman Media Launch Party

Y&R spoilers promise some major drama as Newman Media hosts a launch party! What’s set to unfold? Well, one highlight is the fact that Sally Spectra will be Adam Newman’s “plus one” for the shindig. Added teasers indicate that heads will turn when these two stroll into the room, arm-in-arm!

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3. Redheaded Catfight!

Sounds like Sally will be very busy that night! Y&R spoilers reveal that Phyllis and Sally will get into a huge confrontation at the party. Added teasers imply that Red will be upset with Spectra over planting a “seed of doubt” in Nick’s mind (this is regarding her casually mentioning to Newman that his girlfriend and Jack have been spending a lot of time together). When all is said and done, an ice bucket will land on Sally’s head, at the hands of Ms. Summers. Sounds like a “chilling” end to a heated face-off.

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2. Newman Media Plans

Y&R spoilers suggest that Newman Media will also announce its “plans” as a company. Seems like Victor and Adam will be on the same page; however, added teasers state that the father and son could land in conflict as the month progresses. The Moustache won’t approve of Adam’s pending friendship with Sally Spectra. Could the foundation crack between these two? They were doing so well, for so long!

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1. Amanda and Devon

Lastly, Y&R spoilers state that Devon and Amanda will share some secrets and bond further in early September. Could these two be headed down the aisle anytime soon? Maybe some baby-making plans? Time will tell! That is, if Abby doesn’t start leaning on Hamilton for baby-help with Bowie, as the weeks go by.

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