Young And The Restless: Spoilers For September 2022

Published on August 31, 2022.

As the weather starts to get crisp in the land of Genoa City, the drama will only continue to heat up this September. So, what should The Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans expect to see unfold during the next four weeks? Some new faces are about to pop up in storylines, while Nick and Sally could turn into a “thing”. Also, are Diane’s days in the little town numbered? Learn about these storylines and others in the below Y&R spoilers for September 2022.

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12. New Character Alert!

Actor Trevor St. John, best known as Todd Manning on One Life to Live, is set to land in Genoa City very soon. He began filming sometime this month, which could mean fans will see him on Y&R as early as September. Who is St. John playing, and to whom will he be connected? Details around his character have been hush-hush so far.

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11. New Character Alert (Part 2)

Actress Zuleyka Silver will jump into an interesting role, playing the new big-wig executive, Audra Charles. According to Y&R spoilers, she’ll be “lured” into town by a Genoa City business icon, but there’s no word yet regarding who that is and who she’ll be sharing scenes with. Audra will debut on the CBS soap Friday, September 23rd.

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10. A New Face For Johnny

In other casting news for this month, Y&R spoilers hint that actor Paxton Mishkind will take over the role of Johnny Abbott. Twins Ryan and Holden Hare have played the part since 2012, but going forward, young Mr. Mishkind will take center stage on Y&R, beginning Friday, September 8th. Will Johnny be thrown into the drama between Chelsea and Victoria? There’s a very good chance of that!

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9. Johnny Deals With His Moms

Will a new recast mean that the Chelsea versus Victoria storyline could explode in September? Although a lot has happened recently, the discussion around Johnny has quieted down a bit. Will Johnny (and Catherine) be more prevalent on the canvas, as the young boy processes his real family tree? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

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8. A Temporary Recast

Starting on Tuesday, September 6th, actress Leigh-Ann Rose will temporarily step away from the Imani Benedict role, as actress Denise Boutte steps in. Boutte will only play the part for a short time, as Y&R’s filming schedule conflicted with other CBS roles Rose is working on. No word on exactly when Leigh-Ann will return, but Boutte’s credits include the dramas Angie’s Cure, The Missing, and an Amazon Prime series called Kombucha Cure.

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7. Things Could Get Messy…

There’s certainly something going on between Nick and Sally, but is it just business or something more? Actor Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) recently revealed during an interview that his character is definitely “intrigued” by Ms. Spectra, adding that “things could get messy”. Any time Nick’s gotten involved with one of Adam’s exes (looking at you, Chelsea and Sharon), things have gotten sticky. What will his brother think if Nick dives into a romance with Sally?

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6. Could Nick and Sally Become A Thing?

Morrow also notes during his interview that there’s some “interesting” stuff on the horizon for Nick Newman with a “new lady” and “corporate dynamics”. Is Nick talking about Sally or someone else? It’s important to note that it won’t be long before Audra Charles jumps onto the Genoa City scene. And if she’s working for Newman Enterprises, Morrow may be talking about her, and not Sally.

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5. Will Phyllis Succeed?

Y&R spoilers for early September hint that Phyllis will settle a debt. There’s a good chance the Talia Morgan story on Diane will run soon. After all, added teasers hint that Nikki and Red will score a major win against Jenkins. But, will Phyllis and Nikki succeed in their plan to drive their nemesis out of Genoa City, or could the aftermath of Morgan’s exposé blow up in their faces?

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4. Some Bad News, Kid

Y&R spoilers imply that Jack will give Kyle some bad news in early September. If an outrageous story is published about Diane, and they discover that Phyllis was behind it all, this could mean Marchetti may have to fire one or both ladies. How will Kyle react? Will Summer be brought into the loop?

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3. A Secret Looms

Y&R spoilers also reveal that Kyle will keep a secret for someone. This may mean he’ll keep a truth from his dad about his mom, but then again, this teaser might also mean something entirely different. After all, he could keep something from Summer. With Audra Charles coming in, could Kyle have another ex he hasn’t told his wife about? Perhaps another child, too?

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2. The Moustache’s World

Speaking of secrets, it seems as if the Ashland Locke case could come back to haunt both Chance and Victor in September. Y&R spoilers imply that Victor is about to get some “troubling” news. With the information that Adam had dug up, the Moustache might be in for a world of trouble next month!

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1. Another Obstacle For Tessa and Mariah

First, it was all the wedding chaos, then it was Tessa’s health condition… So, what could happen to “Teriah” next? Y&R spoilers suggest that the super couple will deal with another obstacle. The two recently informed Sharon that they are back on the adoption bandwagon, so could this be about expanding their family?

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