Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (August 24 – September 4, 2020)

Published on August 24, 2020.

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! What’s coming down the pipe in the next two weeks? Adam will spiral and Sharon will struggle. Also, Villy will come to an agreement, and Kola will share a moment. Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for August 24 to September 4, 2020.

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12. Adam Struggles

Y&R spoilers suggest that Adam will have a disturbing memory that has him reeling this week. So much so, that he’ll take off from Genoa City and not tell anyone where he is. This will have both Chelsea and Sharon scrambling to find his whereabouts. While Lawson believes he’s gone to Vegas, Sharon borrows the Newman jet to head to Kansas, and the sparks will fly between these two ladies as Adam’s saga continues.

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11. Sharon and Adam 

Y&R spoilers tease that Adam and Sharon will head into a sticky zone together this week. Back to the entire Newman jet fiasco, Chelsea too will ask the Moustache for access to the family jet and she’ll find out that Victor gave the “okay” for Sharon to use it. This won’t make her happy at all.

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10. Chelsea Follows

After she learns that Sharon is in Kansas, Y&R spoilers suggest that Chelsea will follow suit, and what she finds will take her aback. Could it be Adam and Sharon in a compromising position? Seems as if this scenario will launch a major confrontation between Sharon and Chelsea, with Adam stuck in the middle.

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9. Sharon’s Condition

With that said, while Sharon is adamant about helping Adam, she might need to also focus on herself. According to Y&R spoilers, Sharon could face a massive setback when it comes to her health. While she’ll continue to show strength, and may not want to give up on helping Adam, she’ll also need to take it easy.

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8. Devon & Amanda

Y&R spoilers reveal that Amanda and Devon will continue to bond this week as the two “run” into each other in the coming days and weeks. Devon will question Amanda on her relationship with Nate, and also fill her in on his past with Hilary. With some secrets set to fall down the pipe in the coming weeks that will change the dynamics between Devon, Elena, Nate, and Amanda, will this “friendship” between Devon and Amanda become a little bit more? In other related news, Elena and Amanda find a mutual interest.

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7. Villy Comes Together

Y&R spoilers suggest that Billy and Vicky will unite over a crisis this week, and it seems to have to do with Katherine and a health emergency. The little girl will get stung by a bee that triggers an allergic reaction, which will help to bring these exes closer to a common ground. In related news, Lily will question Billy’s work ethic.

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6. Vicky’s Confession

As the week winds down to a close, Y&R spoilers indicate that Victoria will admit to something. Could this be about feelings for Billy, or perhaps her recent move with Newman? In some other Newman related teasers, Victor will issue a warning of sorts to Nick, and soon. Seems as if he’ll want his son to choose a side in this Newman-on-Newman war, too.

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5. Phick’s Plan

Speaking of Nick, he’ll also be helping out gal pal Phyllis with a plan she has this coming week. Whatever the two are up to, seems like it’ll be a smashing success as Phyllis will be in a celebratory mood as the weekend hits. She’ll be victorious in whatever she takes on, and be ready to reward her actions.

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4. Summer’s Decision

Y&R spoilers indicate that in the next couple of weeks or so, Summer will start to revert to her old ways, which means very bad news for Kyle. This week, teasers hint that she’ll make a very unexpected decision, so could she be rolling down this dangerous hill sooner than thought? Or is this a sign of things to come?

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3. Kola Moment Alert

Kyle may already be changing his tune about Summer and Lola. As per Y&R spoilers, Lola and Kyle will share a “charged” moment in the coming week. Does this mean both are starting to fall back into some feelings? Teasers for the show indicate that Kyle may have a change of heart shortly.

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2. Lola Tests Theo

But, while Kyle flip-flops between Summer and Lola, Theo very much has his eye on winning Lola’s heart; so much so, it may be too late for Kyle in the end. Y&R spoilers relay that Theo will be tested this week by Lola, and it seems like whatever this is all about, he’ll pass with flying colors.

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1. Traci’s New Chapter

Y&R spoilers reveal that Traci is set to embark on a new chapter this coming week. Could another book be on the horizon, or does this have to do with Chancellor Communications, or potentially Jabot? She may also have something in mind when it comes to Dina. So many possibilities!

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