Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (December 14 – 25, 2020)

Published on December 14, 2020.

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! The next couple of weeks should have some interesting holiday twists and turns! Summer gets a warning from Theo; Billy lands in hot water; and two new characters are set to debut in Genoa City very soon. Learn more about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for December 14 to December 25, 2020.

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12. Theo Makes Amends

Y&R spoilers hint that Theo and Jack will make amends this week. They’ll come to a resolution around the lawsuit, and thankfully everything will be dropped. Seems as if Vanderway will be headed out of Genoa City in pursuit of new and exciting opportunities thanks to his settlement and Jack’s olive branch.

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11. Summer Gets A Warning

But, before he leaves, Y&R spoilers indicate that he’ll run into Summer and give her a heads up about things. Teasers imply that he’ll warn her about Sally, and let her know that she could use Kyle as a pawn to “get” to her. As such, Summer will turn to Kyle and ask him to stay away from Spectra in the coming days.

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10. Jack’s Advice

Y&R spoilers state that Jack will provide Sally with some advice this coming week. Perhaps some words of wisdom are just what Spectra needs at this point. Added teasers for the week of December 21st reveal that Jack will be in the Christmas spirit, spreading holiday cheer! Does he have a present for the Moustache?

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9. Billy’s In Hot Water

Across town, Billy will land in hot water. Y&R spoilers tease that Lily will snoop a little and find out that Alyssa Montalvo is the secret witness in Billy’s case, and when Abbott finds out, he’ll head to the hotel she is staying at to confront her. Rey will catch on, and arrest Billy before he gets to her.

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8. Is Victor At The Helm Of It All?

Y&R spoilers indicate that Billy comes to the reality that he could go to jail for shooting Chance (Adam). A preview video for this week’s show offers a scene where the Moustache visits Billy in jail, and it’s being teased that Newman could be behind the entire frame job. He wants Abbott to pay for all he’s done to Adam, and Victor may have crossed a line to achieve this.

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7. Victor and Nikki

Speaking of the Moustache, despite Adam’s refusal to meet Victor in the middle, Newman will continue to keep tabs on his son this week. Meanwhile, Nikki will lose her cool in the coming days and get angered by Adam’s antics. Expect a Nikki meltdown scene. She’s had enough, and she may let Victor know it.

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6. Li-Bi’s Holiday

Y&R spoilers suggest that Amanda will question Lily when it comes to her feelings for Billy this week. Meanwhile, added teasers for the week of December 21st imply that Billy will go over-the-top to romance his new love. What kind of Christmas surprise does he have in store for Lily?

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5. Amanda’s Christmas Wish

Y&R teasers for the week of December 21st indicate an “unconventional” Christmas gift for Amanda. In potentially related news, the soap is set to debut two new characters – both with the same last name – who arrive in Genoa City on Christmas Eve. Actresses Leigh-Ann Rose and Ptosha Storey will play Naya and Imani Benedict, and not many other details have been offered about the two new residents of the little town.

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4. Nate Finds Out More Information

Over at the hospital, Y&R spoilers imply that Nate will find out more about his hand, and it seems as if the news is dire. Teasers state that he’ll learn his surgeon career could be in jeopardy. Is there any hope that can save him at this point, or has he come to the end of his rope?

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3. Nick Gets Questioned

Y&R spoilers reveal that Nick’s motives will get questioned by Phyllis this week. Could this be about Victoria and his efforts to stop her, or could Red raise an eyebrow around something else Nick is up to? Could he be hiding a major Christmas present he’s getting her? Only time will tell!

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2. Chabby’s World!

Y&R spoilers indicate that Chance and Abby will be taken aback by Nina the week of December 14th. Seems as if their mom/in-law will have something pleasant in store for them in the coming days. Speaking of, Abby and Nina will get to bond this week as they spend some one-on-one time together.

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1. Shey’s Wedding Plans

Y&R spoilers for the weeks of December 14th and December 21st reveal that Sharon and Rey will be busy planning their wedding. Previews for this month reveal the wedding will go on as planned, and the happy couple is still set to say their “I dos” on New Year’s Eve.

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