Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (February 7 – 18, 2022)

Published on February 7, 2022.

Calling all The Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! What’s set to unfold in the land of Genoa City over the next two weeks? Abby and Devon will get terrible news, while there’s a new face (and challenge) for Ashland. Plus, Adam will take control! Learn about these storylines and others in the below Y&R spoilers for February 7th to 18th, 2022.

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12. Some Disturbing News…

Y&R spoilers for the week of February 7th note that Abby and Devon will be given some terrible news. This likely has to do with Dominic and his health. Meanwhile, as the days go by, Chance will also experience a setback. More bad vibes are on the horizon for Hamilton, as teasers for the week of February 14th imply that Devon will be given heartbreaking news.

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11. A New Look For Ashland

Across town, Y&R spoilers indicate that actor Robert Newman (former Josh on Guiding Light) will officially debut on the show as Ashland Locke this Wednesday, February 9th. The Locke-Ness Monster won’t only have a “new look” but a new challenge to deal with, as his father-in-law Victor backs him into a corner.

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10. Ashland Comes Clean

As Friday, February 11th arrives, everyone in Genoa City will be celebrating Valentine’s Day — except for the “Ashtoria” power couple. Y&R spoilers suggest that Locke will be forced to “come clean” to his wife regarding his latest secret. In other news for the week of February 14th, it doesn’t sound as if the Moustache is done with Locke, as he’ll continue to gather information against his son-in-law.

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9. Adam Takes Control

Meanwhile, Y&R spoilers for the week of February 7th reveal that Adam will decide to take matters into his own hands. Could this mean Mr. Newman is about to dive right back into his “darker side”? He might get egged on to do so, as added teasers imply that Vicky will put her brother in his place! Sounds like she’ll continue to rub it in that she’s his boss.

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8. Fighting Temptation

As the week of February 14th approaches, Y&R spoilers state that Adam will do all he can to resist temptation. Could this be about exploring his “darker side”, or will he try to fight the urge to kiss (or do more with) Sally Spectra? She may continue to lay on the charm, and thick! Now that things have changed with his father, will Adam decide to move forward with this romance?

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7. Getting The Last Laugh

Speaking of Sally, Y&R spoilers for the week of February 7th indicate that she’ll finally get the last laugh. Sounds like this might have to do with her current rival, Chelsea. In related teasers, Lawson will be caught off guard by a wake-up call. Does this mean she might finally move on from Adam and her rivalry with Sally?

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6. Sharon And Nick Struggle

Across town, Y&R spoilers for this coming week reveal that Sharon and Nick will struggle to help Noah. Added teasers seem to hint that in helping their son, they could catch some feelings of their own. Noah’s never gotten over Tessa, so could Nick realize that he’s never truly gotten over Sharon?

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5. Jack’s At A Crossroads

Over at the Abbott mansion, Y&R spoilers for the week of February 7th hint that Jack will find himself at a crossroads. Does he decide to take an unexpected turn? As the week of February 14th approaches, Mr. Abbott will find himself feeling more than a tad confused over a cryptic message. Will this come from Phyllis?

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4. Fishing For Intel

Speaking of “cryptic”, Y&R spoilers state that Amanda and Lauren will team up to go fishing for intel. What has these two women coming together, and what exactly is their investigation all about? They’ll likely make a great duo and be able to uncover whatever they are looking into! It’ll be great to see Sinclair and Fenmore in scenes together.

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3. Nikki’s Advice

For one reason or another, Nikki will pay Lily Winters a visit over the coming days. In fact, Y&R spoilers for the week of February 7th indicate that Mrs. Newman will provide the new CEO of Chancellor Industries with some helpful advice. Does this have to do with business or Lily’s relationship with Billy?

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2. Billy’s New Project

Speaking of Billy, Y&R spoilers note that he’ll go outside his comfort zone over the coming days. Does this mean he has a new business project on the horizon, or will he try something new when it comes to his relationship? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

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1. Valentine’s Day Fun!

Valentine’s Day celebrations will start a little early in Genoa City, as couples come together on Friday, February 11th. Y&R spoilers suggest that Nikki and the Moustache will get their romance on, while Billy will do something special to catch Lily off guard. Will he get down on one knee and spring a V-day proposal?

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