Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (March 29 – April 9, 2021)

Published on March 29, 2021.

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! What’s on tap in the land of Genoa City over the next couple of weeks? Nick and Sharon feel as if they are experiencing déjà vu, while Kyle confesses all to Jack, and Victor finds out someone has been lying to him. Learn about these storylines and others in the below Y&R spoilers for March 29 to April 9, 2021.

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12. Sharon and Nick Feel Hopeless

Y&R weekly preview video suggests that Nick and Sharon are in for a hard week. Reeling from the discovery that Jordan pretended to be a boy that was interested in her, plus added cyberbullying, a distraught Faith goes on a drinking spree and also jumps into a truck to go for a ride. What happens next will make her parents (and viewers), feeling like they’ve been in a nightmare-ish situation like this, before.

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11. Faith’s In The Hospital

That Y&R weekly preview video reveals that Faith’s truck will crash, and this will land the young teen in the hospital. Viewers are in store for some scenes that resemble those of Cassie’s passing, as Faith lies listless in the hospital bed, with Nick and Sharon beside themselves in worry. Will Faith be okay? It’s very hard to say at this point.

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10. Kyle’s Confession

Across town, Y&R spoilers hint that Kyle will confess all to Jack. Sounds as if he’ll tell his dad about his past affair with Tara Locke, many moons ago. Added teasers for the week of April 5th imply that Ashland will back Kyle into a corner. Will Kyle end up confessing all to him too? The Lockeness Monster can sense “something’s up”.

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9. Victor’s Vow

Meanwhile, the Moustache is set to have a busy two weeks. Y&R spoilers indicate that he’ll make a promise to Chelsea in the coming days, and also get into a fight with his daughter Victoria as the weekend nears. In added teasers for the week of April 5th, Victor will find out someone has lied to him. Could this be about Lawson’s involvement in Rey’s poisoning or perhaps her rehab progress? She’s been lying a lot as of late.

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8. Sharon Hides Something

Back to Sharon, Y&R spoilers note she’ll do something to “cover” for Adam this week, which will make Rey wonder if she co-conspired with him when it comes to his poisoning. That sounds over-the-top, but with all that Sharon has done with Adam in the recent past, could anyone blame Rosales for wondering this? It also depends on how Sharon “covers” for Adam, and what lies she tells.

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7. Phyllis’s Change Of Heart

Across town, Y&R spoilers indicate that Phyllis will have a change of heart in the coming days. Lauren will be weary of Phyllis and her new attitude, and will even question her friend’s agenda. In other related news, teasers for the week of April 5th suggest that Red will stir the pot.

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6. Bi-Li Headed For Disaster

Lily and Billy have been doing well, but it seems as if they are headed for disaster this week. As per Y&R spoilers, it sounds as if Billy will keep a secret from Lily in the coming days. This can’t end well. Will Billy ever learn? With that said, Lily may be preoccupied with too many other things to notice what her boyfriend is up to.

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5. Moses Comes To Town

Y&R spoilers reveal that Moses Winters will finally return to Genoa City this week, as young actor Jacob Aaron Gaines will be playing the role. Moses comes back on the April 1st episode, and Lily is sure to want to spend some time with her baby brother in the coming days.

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4. Devon and Nate Stand United

The good news is that it sounds as if Moses, much like his late father Neil, will enter the little town and unite the family. Y&R spoilers state that Nate and Devon will place their past differences aside and stand united as the youngest family member comes to Genoa City. Sounds like Moses will make a positive impact for the Winters clan.

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3. Amanda Struggles

Y&R spoilers state that Amanda will struggle with a dilemma this week. Does this have to do with her mom’s request or her relationship with Devon? It’s hard to say. Doesn’t look like things will get better for Sinclair the following week, as added teasers for the week of April 5th indicate that Amanda will also go back and forth around a conflict of interest.

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2. A Hard Decision

Meanwhile, Elena will struggle this coming week, as well. Y&R spoilers state that she’ll be forced into a hard choice. Does this have to do with her personal or professional life? It’s hard to say; however, despite the mistakes she’s made in the past, Elena always (ultimately) does the right thing.

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1. Nikki’s Confession

Lastly, Y&R spoilers indicate that Nikki will have some explaining to do as the days go by. Added teasers reveal she’ll confess something, but considering all she’s been up to as of late, what exactly is this confession all about? Could this be linked to her recent warning to Adam? He’ll be MIA at the beginning of this week.

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