Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (May 10 – 21, 2021)

Published on May 10, 2021.

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! What’s on tap in the land of Genoa City over the next two weeks? The Newman family rallies around Faith and Adam, while Victor works hard to clear his son’s name. Also, two exes make a pact. Learn about these storylines and others in the below Y&R spoilers for May 10 to May 21, 2021.

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12. Faith and Adam

Y&R spoilers suggest that Faith’s transplant surgery will be an all-around success. Both Adam and Faith will be fine and recover well. This is great news for Nick, Sharon, Faith and the rest of the Newman family. However, the drama surrounding Adam, Chelsea, and Rey will continue over this week and next.

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11. Victor Tries To Clear Adam’s Name

Y&R spoilers imply that Victor will work hard to clear Adam’s name. The Moustache will give Chelsea Lawson an ultimatum and it seems as if she’ll accept it. With that said, she’s a con artist, who always has a trick or two up her sleeve. As the days go by, Victor will unleash a very dire scheme. In added teasers for the week of May 17, Victor will keep a secret hidden.

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10. Chelsea’s Change Of Heart

Before anyone believes that Chelsea will surrender to Victor and Adam, added Y&R spoilers indicate that Chelsea could have a change of heart. What will she be up to now? It seems that Rey will be suspicious about her behavior. Could she leave town before she faces any repercussions?

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9. Chloe’s Bold Move

Meanwhile, Y&R spoilers reveal that Chloe will make a bold move in the coming days. Does she stay true to her friend, or sell Chelsea out? After all, Chloe had no clue what she was doing when she was taking orders from Lawson. Her “friend” has placed them both in this predicament. In added teasers for the week of May 17, Kevin will take a stand and defend his wife.

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8. Adam Apologizes

Y&R spoilers suggest that Adam will apologize to Rey in the coming days. Sounds like he’ll have some regrets about how he’s treated the detective in the recent past. As the days go by, added teasers note that Victor will encourage Adam to “wipe” the slate clean. Sounds like he might also encourage his son to officially close the chapter on both Sharon and Chelsea.

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7. Sharon’s Decision

Speaking of Adam, he’ll definitely be on Sharon’s mind this week — not only for saving her daughter’s life, but also when thinking about her marriage. Y&R spoilers reveal that Sharon will consider all the pros and cons of her marriage and make a final decision about whether or not to keep things together or separate for good.

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6. Nikki’s Support

Nikki has been a tremendous support to Sharon as of late, especially where Faith is concerned. Y&R spoilers hint that Sharon will be further taken aback when Nikki has something important to say to her in the coming days. Are these women becoming best friends right before our very eyes? They’ve had quite the history together.

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5. Jack and Phyllis Make A Pact

Across town, Red and Jack will come together for a discussion. Y&R spoilers reveal that whatever comes out of that conversation has these two exes making a pact. Does this have to do with Sally Spectra, or Kyle and Summer? Maybe it’s all three! Still, when it comes to these two exes, this “pact” could be about anything.

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4. Phyllis Shares Words Of Wisdom

Speaking of RedY&R spoilers for the week of May 10 suggest that Phyllis will share words of wisdom with her daughter in the coming days. Will Summer take heed and listen, or fluff off whatever her mother says? In other teasers for the week of May 17, Summer will stand firm on a situation that arises.

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3. Kyle’s Thrown For A Loop

Y&R spoilers hint that Kyle’s start to the week will be a good one, as he and Summer celebrate their engagement with loved ones. Having said that, it seems as if things go downhill from there. Added teasers indicate that as the weekend approaches, something will happen to turn his world upside down!

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2. Devon Shares Concerns

Across town, Y&R spoilers note Devon will have some concerns he wants to share with Amanda, regarding Imani. What could Sinclair’s half-sister be up to now? In added teasers for the week of May 17, Amanda will place her guard up. Does this have to do with her biological family and the case against her granddad?

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1. Victoria Will Play Games

Lastly, a cryptic Y&R spoiler reveals that Victoria will decide to play games. Does this have to do with Billy and his relationship with Lily, or could this be about business? While the Newman family has remained solidified during Faith’s medical crisis, if she knows her niece is okay, could Vic decide to stir the pot with Adam?

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