Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (November 2- 13 2020)

Published on November 2, 2020.

What’s on tap for Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans the next couple of weeks? The Abbott family rallies together against one of their own, while Adam tries to pull off a major scheme. Also, Sally Spectra finally lands in town! Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for November 2 to November 13, 2020.

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12. Dina’s Will

Y&R spoilers for the next two weeks indicate that Ashley, Jack, and Traci will make a vow to protect Dina’s legacy and final wishes. Her will reading takes place in the coming days, and it seems as if Theo will contest it. New character Gwendolyn Garner will appear onscreen as the Abbotts’ lawyer on November 5th, played by actress Deborah Geffner, so expect some legal drama to roll out in the coming weeks ahead.

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11. Brittany Returns

Actress Lauren Woodland will reprise her Brittany Hodge’s role on Friday, November 13th, and as fans are aware, she’s an attorney herself. Could Britt be Theo’s lawyer? Will she officially contest Dina’s will? There are also some hints that there may be more than one will that Dina had lingering out there.

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10. Victor Approaches Chelsea

Before diving into Adam’s scheme, it’s important to backpedal with some Y&R spoilers concerning Chelsea and Victor. The Moustache will approach Lawson early on in the week with an ulterior motive. Seems as if there’s a good chance he may ask her to reconcile with Adam, and what happens next will leave fans reeling.

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9. Chelsea Stumbles Upon A Plan

Y&R spoilers for the week of November 2nd hint that Chelsea will probably decline Victor’s request, and then head to the penthouse to retrieve the last of her things. She’ll then stumble upon a massive scheme that Adam has left on his laptop against the Newmans. She’ll reach out to Chance to give him a heads up, and the two will make a plan to meet so she can go into greater detail. Sadly, Chelsea gets abducted before she’s able to see Chance and spill.

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8. Chelsea’s Abduction

Y&R spoilers reveal that Chelsea will get abducted by someone unknown while she’s at the Chancellor mansion this week (waiting for Chance). Added teasers imply that she’ll be cornered by a masked assailant, then go missing, and Chloe will be very worried about her friend. While we won’t know who has kidnapped Chelsea at that moment, it seems as if the evidence will trickle down the pipe in the coming days.

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7. Adam Hides His Next Move

Y&R spoilers for this week do indicate that Chance will issue a threat to Adam. As the days go by, Victoria will also set a trap for her half-brother. With that said, teasers for the week of November 9th imply that Adam will cover his next move, so is he the one who has Lawson? In other teasers, Paul offers up some terrible news to Victor come the week of November 9th.

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6. Adam Flashbacks

The week of November 9th will also provide more childhood flashbacks for Adam. Y&R spoilers suggest that actor Dane West, who played a young Adam Newman, will re-appear onscreen November 11th and 12th. Expect Adam to flashback to a not-so-good time when he was a kid, as West also played the young Newman during those flashbacks when he hurt AJ Montalvo.

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5. Phyllis and Victoria Reach A Deal

Y&R spoilers indicate some good news when it comes to the Vicky and Phyllis’ rivalry! Seems as if the two women will reach a mutual deal this coming week, which is all thanks to Nick! In other Phyllis news, she’ll stumble on a secret the week of November 9th. Could this have to do with Faith?

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4. Sally’s Here

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Sally Spectra makes her official debut in the land of Y&R this week on Tuesday, November 4th. Actress Courtney Hope reprises the role, as Sally accepts a job at Fenmore’s! This week’s video previews for the show reveal that while Jack Abbott will be familiar with Sally’s work, Summer will not be, and this could create some tension between the two ladies shortly.

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3. Summer and Lola

Speaking of tension, Y&R spoilers for this week reveal that Lola will offer up a warning to Summer, which won’t go down well with Newman. November teasers state that Kyle will do all he can to reassure Summer that she is the girl for him, so whatever Lola says may really get under her skin.

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2. Wedding Plans!

Y&R spoilers for this week imply that Rey and Sharon will continue planning their wedding; however, will these two be the only Genoa City couple making wedding plans? Teasers for this week state that Chance will approach Ash looking for her approval on something. Does he ask permission for Abby’s hand in marriage?

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1. More Spoilers!

While Lily will try and resist Billy’s charm this week, Y&R spoilers hint she’ll lose this battle. Do they cross a line in the coming days? Meanwhile, teasers for the week of November 9th indicate that Elena will be asked to choose between Nate and Devon. Who will her choice end up being?

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