Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (September 14 – 25, 2020)

Published on September 14, 2020.

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! The drama is set up to go up a notch (or two) in the next couple of weeks! Chelsea and Sharon will go at it while Elena will turn to Nate. Also, Amanda will finally find out the truth around her connection to Hilary. Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for September 14 to September 25, 2020.

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12. Chelsea Gets Tricky

Y&R spoilers suggest that Chelsea will set up a trap this coming week, and it seems as if it’ll be directed towards Sharon. She knows there’s a connection between her and Adam, despite the denial going on. Chelsea will probably set Sharon up to prove just how far she’ll go to help Newman, and when she gets caught, Lawson will lose it on her.

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11. Warning Issued

As the days go by this coming week, Y&R spoilers suggest that Chelsea will issue out a warning to Sharon, and this may have to do with Adam (and the trap she set). In related teasers, Sharon will have a dream about Newman in the coming days. There could be a good reason around Lawson’s warning if Sharon is having naughty thoughts towards her ex!

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10. Amanda’s World Will Spin!

Y&R spoilers reveal that Amanda’s world is about to be shook! She’ll find out the connection between her and Hilary, and all arrows are pointing to the idea that she is Hilary’s twin. But is there another twist in all of this? Added teasers for the week of September 21st state that Amanda will confide in Billy about something.

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9. Nate and Elena

Speaking of Y&R spoilers for the week of September 21st, something unfolds that finds Elena turning to Nate for support. These two are friends and colleagues, but could they end up being a little more? What could happen between this week and next to where Elena is turning to Nate, and not Devon?

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8. Victor’s World

Victor will be up to a lot from September 14th to September 25th! This week, he’ll approach Kyle and question him on his commitment to granddaughter Summer. Meanwhile, the week of September 21st has the Moustache taking control of a situation. Could this have to do with Adam or Victoria?

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7. Nikki Uses Her Charm

The week of September 21st unveils some interesting, yet cryptic spoilers. One major one is around Nikki using her charm. Could this be for Victor? Could it be to calm his spirit down, or will she finesse her words when it comes to business dealings? Only time will tell!

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6. Adam Spirals

It seems as if Adam will continue to spiral this week. He’s already pushed Chelsea away; will Chance be next? Y&R spoilers indicate that Chance will present an ultimatum to his friend Adam in the coming days. Adam is causing some friction between Chance and Abby, could Chancellor tell him that “enough is enough?”

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5. Billy’s One Step Ahead

Sharon, Chelsea, Chance, and even Billy seem very preoccupied with Adam this week, all for different reasons! Y&R spoilers hint that Billy will be one step ahead of Newman this coming week, as he continues to plot against Adam. Will Adam even see the storm that is coming? Will he even care at this point? He’s in such a dark place, it may not even matter.

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4. Another Ally

Y&R spoilers hint that Billy will look for yet another ally in his pursuit to bring Adam down. He’s already got Vicky, and just recently Alyssa, who could this other person be? Abby may want to see Adam burn to keep him away from Chance. Then Nick is also a possibility.

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3. Nick Gets The Third Degree

Speaking of, Y&R spoilers suggest that Phyllis will grill Nick this coming week. In fact, she’ll give him the third degree! Does this have to do with a potential partnership with Billy to bring Adam down? If she sees Billy and Nick talking, she’ll be very curious about what they are up to.

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2. Reality Check Time!

Phyllis will be a very busy lady in the coming days. She’ll not only play 100 questions with her boyfriend, but she’ll also offer up her ex a reality check. This Y&R spoiler is rather cryptic, so it’s hard to see if she’ll be harsh with what she tells Abbott, or offer him a pep talk.

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1. Traci and Dina

Some feel-good Y&R spoilers to finish up with, as teasers indicate that Traci will find some evidence around Dina’s past. She’ll undeniably follow up with whatever she finds, and fill her siblings in on what she has discovered. All the Abbott kids are adamant about helping their mom heal emotionally, as she continues to decline with her condition.

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