Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (September 28 – October 9, 2020)

Published on September 25, 2020.

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! What’s on tap over the next two weeks? A couple is ready for a special delivery while a medical crisis brings together two friends. Also, two colleagues reel over a work scandal! Learn about these stories and others in the Y&R spoilers for September 28 to October 9, 2020.

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12. Kevin and Chloe Wait

Y&R spoilers for the week of October 5th promise a little bundle of joy as Chloe and Kevin “wait” for a special delivery. Seems as if their newest addition to the family is set to arrive, and there should be plenty of sweet scenes (and maybe some drama) on the horizon for this couple.

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11. Medical Crisis

According to Y&R spoilers, a medical crisis will hit very close to home for Nate and Elena. Will this bring these two friends “closer” together? While added teasers reveal that Elena and Devon will heat things up this week, Nate will “play with fire” the week of October 5th. Hope he doesn’t get burned!

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10. Billy and Lily

Y&R spoilers predict some conflict headed Billy and Lily’s way next week. It seems as if she won’t want him to run that story on Adam, but he’ll push the button on it anyway. Added teasers reveal that Victor and Billy will have a standoff, and Victor may try and intimidate Billy; however, Billy boy will refuse to back down to Victor, and he’ll prove that in a big way.

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9. Picking Up The Pieces

Y&R spoilers imply that when Lily finds out about what Billy does, she’ll be quite upset. Even worse is that next week, both will be running around trying to pick up the pieces this scandalous article will bring. They won’t be the only ones scrambling, as Nikki will try to do some major damage control the week of September 28th, as well. In other Lily teasers, she’ll find out that Hilary and Amanda are twins in the coming days.

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8. Victor and Victoria

Y&R spoilers for the week of September 28th suggest that Victor will have doubts about his daughter’s loyalties. It seems like the family’s hate-on for Adam will have some spilling effects. Nick will concoct a plan to conspire against Adam this week, while the week of October 5th has Adam placing a wedge between Victor and Nikki. How far will the Moustache go to protect Adam? Or is it that Adam will devise a scheme to separate the two as a part of his plan to bring Victor down?

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7. Sharon’s World

A lot will be going on with Sharon in the next two weeks! This week, she’ll look to protect Faith as much as possible. Meanwhile, she and Rey will disagree over something in the coming days. The week of October 5th has Sharon trying to recover from surgery. Here’s hoping this one is successful in getting rid of her cancer for good.

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6. Summer, Kyle, and Lola

Across town, Jack will have some doubts when it comes to Summer and Kyle’s engagement. Meanwhile, Lola will make amends with Kyle in the coming days. This could be a good sign … or a bad one. Lola has broken up with Theo, so could she be moving on with her life, or clinging onto what could’ve been?

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5. Ashley and Jack

Speaking of Jack Abbott, he’ll get some sisterly advice this week. The good news is that Ashley Abbott will appear on screen this week, as she tries to push her brother in the right direction. Could this be about Dina’s message in the video? These two won’t be the only Abbotts trying to put two-and-two together around their mom’s past.

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4. Traci’s Discovery

Y&R spoilers hint that Traci will dig up a piece of evidence around Dina’s past. In fact, added teasers reveal that Traci will have found out about her mom’s emerald necklace. Does she find it on the Abbott property? Will she be looking for it specifically, or fall upon it by accident?

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3. Phyllis Is A Friend

Phyllis and Hilary were such special friends, which makes this budding friendship between Amanda and Phyllis so special. Y&R spoilers suggest that Red will help Amanda put two-and-two together, so it seems as if she may talk to her about anything Hilary had mentioned in the past about her mom. She may even help her do some digging.

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2. Abby and Chance

As per Y&R spoilers, Chabby will chat about the future, but will this be a step in the right direction, or end in disaster? These two do make a cute couple, and have a great relationship, but will taking the next step be a good thing? Or is the “next step” a potential break up?

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1. Unexpected Couple

Y&R spoilers offer up a cryptic teaser of sorts for the week of September 28th. Seems as if an unexpected duo will turn up the heat! Does this mean flirting, kissing, or more? Hard to say, but the spoiler certainly suggests that viewers might be on the edge of their seats!

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